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  1. ^Yeah that was a pretty sad thing for a canucks fan to do. But I am sure, there would be such fans for every team, who would drop to such lows to help their team. Canucks might have more of these type of fans, but I am sure a few flames supporters are also capable of falling to such levels.
  2. I really hope the canucks improve as the season goes on. There is no fun in a one-sided rivalry.
  3. I've gotta feeling. woohoo. That tonight's gonna be a good night. That tonight's gonna be a good night. Oh wait, I got carried away with I've gotta feeling. I have a feeling that Regehr and Phaneuf are getting used to each other and obviously Sutter is liking (or not minding) what he is seeing in practice and wanting to see them be successful in the real game scenario. Hence giving them another game (or a few) together.
  4. [quote name='TheAce wrote: DL44 wrote: TheAce']Interesting scheduling notes...... Vancouver has a 5 game, 2- 4 game and a 14 game road schedule. Calgary's longest road trip is 3 games and they do this 4 times. Vancouver also plays Calgary twice when they are on the back end of consecutive games whereas Calgary starts there back to back games against Vancouver but dont have to play back to back against them. If the 14 game road trip wasnt bad enough, they have 3 back to back series during that stretch. For a team that already battles injuries, this wont help! Big advantage for Calgary when it comes to schedules....... Actually when it comes to schedules, Vancouver actually has a significant advantage over Calgary this yr... Calgary is the highest travelling team in the league.. Vancouver doesn't even crack the top 5 this yr! a list they have routinely topped yr after yr. Vancouver does have the 14 gamer... but it broken up into 2 sevens... in terms of travel overall, Gillis met with the league and has minimized his travel by making the away schedule more concise - for example... (I think) 2 back to backs in LA where we visit both Ana and LA (no travel)... as well as being at home for a few back-to backs unlike calgary... the back-to-back comparison was earlier in the thread where it showed van's advantage. Despite the facts you've pointed out in the schedules... our east coast trips are much better.... no more NY, Minny, Pitt trips.. Another Gillis offseason/off-ice priority that will benefit the canucks going forward.... like personal chefs, personal trainers, sleep studies, fatigue studies, hockey's version of moneyball, etc.... the guy is an innovator.... and it's paying dividends (or it will). Calgary has a higher travelling schedule because there road trips are broken up in 3's. But if you take a look at there overall schedule, I'd probably take there's. There road trips are set up the same way ( Montreal, Buffalo, Toronto) home ( Detroit, Columbus, Nashville) . The travel between those cities are very minimal and its only 3 games then back home. 7 game road trips are horrible even if it has a break. Especially considering we will have 8 players playing big roles during the Olympics. I know Gillis spoke to the league and has brought in many people to help ease things with players. He is getting a good reputation and is bringing some class to Vancouver. Maybe its because of our road trips that he decided to bring in the extra d-men..... especially knowing that a few of them are injury prone Who would the 8 players involved in the Olympics be? Sedins(sweden), Luongo(Canada), Demitra(Slovakia), Ehrhoff(Germany, Samuelsson(Sweden) and?
  5. Or number of consecutive playoff appearances? Gillis - 1 Sutter - 5 Just thought I would join in
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