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  1. [indentTwo games in and back to back. The Flames have shown marked improvement in the first two games of this the Lockout shortened 48 Game Season. With the next tilt coming Wednesday in Vancouver what is next for the Flames? What can we take away as fans from the previous two games? First of all with barely a training camp some new additions and a new coach and system I feel the Flames are just on the verge of putting it together. Second this is not the whole puzzle there are yet some pieces to be added in the form of Roman Cevenka, and Jiri Hudler. The San Jose Sharks came in prepared, virtually the same team iced a year ago and the same system with some tweaks. Big Bodies strong to the net we have seen and heard it before. The Flames came out on Fire! pressuring all over the ice and perhaps just burnt out falling into the second and third. The potential however was evident from the drop of the puck that the Flames are Faster and more skilled than we have seen in recent years. They are not big but they are gritty and determined. Anaheim, game Two, improving upon the 20 mins of solid sustained inspiring Hockey from the San Jose Game the Flames put a solid 40 min effort in against the Ducks. take away the first period which saw the Flames in quicksand and Anaheim capitalizing on every opportunity I thought the Flames were not only in that game but out playing the ducks in many aspects. Something that can only improve with the nice week long layoff coming after the Edmonton game on Saturday. Chalk it up to Pre-Season, only one that counts on the scoreboard. If and when the Flames put together a 60 min effort with the squad expected to be iced in the near future the Flames have no where to go but up, and look around the League the Flames are not the only team off to 0-2 but Flames fans know that if this team can put together a run we have seen in recent years that the Flames are far from out and just getting Warmed up. That being said I will say one thing more keep doing what your doing Flames put it all together and of course "Go Flames Go!!" 7deuce_kid
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