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  1. After seeing the review of the goalie interference, Fleury should also have gotten a penalty. I've got no issue with him giving Tkachuk a shot for the interference, but he smacked him 3-4 times. Way too much.
  2. Man those jackets the Vegas guys in the studio are wearing, are ugly as hell.
  3. Can they please return to use 2 dman on the 2nd unit, that's the only time it was useful. Yes, Travis!!!
  4. Are these refs the same clowns we had against Toronto, you know the guys with the Leafjerseys under their stripes?
  5. I have no issue with this rule when you're already standing close to the net and get a rebound, or driving hard to the net through traffic. But Marner was on a breakaway and Hyman basically skated all the way behind him from the blueline for a potential rebound and can't put a stick on the ice? I'm not liking that goal one bit.
  6. BSD man of the game, whish he would get the start on Saturday, but he probably won't.
  7. He managed to do that against the Islanders as well.
  8. I agree, probably a bit tired since it's the 3rd game in 4 nights
  9. I'm watching the Devil's feed, and former NHL D-man Bryce Salvador, who is sitting in their studio, has some high praise for our captain.
  10. Our captain aka Mr. Norris showing the league again how good he really is.
  11. yep, league leader amongst forwards
  12. And he's oozing confidence since his big goal against the Ducks
  13. That was certainly a lucky one, but I will take it.
  14. I think teams like ARZ, MIN and COL are very beatable. My guess as 1st round opponent is DAL who haven't the depth we have, but their topline and especially Bishop could make them a troublesome matchup.
  15. Personally I think reaching the conference final will be an improvement and something I would be satisfied with. Of course I 'm certainly not against beeing in the final or winning the cup.
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