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  1. I think teams like ARZ, MIN and COL are very beatable. My guess as 1st round opponent is DAL who haven't the depth we have, but their topline and especially Bishop could make them a troublesome matchup.
  2. Personally I think reaching the conference final will be an improvement and something I would be satisfied with. Of course I 'm certainly not against beeing in the final or winning the cup.
  3. It's a bit offtopic, but I don't get why a team trading for potential UFA is adding a cond.1st based on him re-signing. I mean why would you include that. Is the team trading the guy handling the contract extension fro the acquiring team or what? EDIT: according to Eklund looks like Simmonds is a Predator
  4. good deal for Nashville, I think Granlund is quite a bit better then Fiala
  5. So we traded a cond. 2020 4th for a 6/7 D-man that can play on both sides. I wonder what the condition is, hopefully not an upgrade on the pick as I don't think a player of his caliber warrants that.
  6. Looks like Buffalo added Brandon Montour from Anaheim for Brendan Guhle and a 2019 1st.
  7. If we trade for Stone, I hope it's with the intention on re-signing him. As a pure rental it's just not worth the price at the stage the team is in, unless of course we win the cup. Frolik is probably the player that should be going the other way to clear some salary. I think when he's not playing with Backs he looks like a lesser player on most nights. Doesn't mean that I think he is awful or anything, just that I think that he hasn't shown real chemistry with our bottom 6 players when playing there. Add to that, that I still don't get why our coaching stuff is using our best Pker barely if any on special teams and that Stone would certainly play on both special teams. I think it would make some sense. I like Nemeth a lot, but have no clue what he would cost if he's available. Another LD who could make some sense is Niklas Kronwall, who has plenty of experience. Though I don't know what his value at his age is.
  8. Thanks for the link td, haven't seen the hit before. I actually like that they show different angles and explain the reason for suspension in detail.
  9. after taking a look myself I agree, they really don't have much. I'm really eager to see what the Duchene trade means for Kerkelainen and the Jakcets. Is it an insurance move and the signal to trade Panarin and Bob, while staying competitive or is it a we are all-in move? Though I don't feel that the Jackets are a contender even with the addition of Duchene.
  10. maybe I'm totally out to lunch, but wasn't Abramov one of the top3 prospects the Blue Jackets have?
  11. I took a quick look at their cup wins. In 2010 they traded Cam Barker for Kim Johnsson and prospect Nick Leddy and acquired Nick Boynton for future considerations In 2013 they added Michal Handzus for a 4th In 2015 they traded a 1st and Dahlbeck for Vermette and a 2nd a cond. 4th for Kimmo Timonen So basically only in 2015 did they make big deadline deals that brought them the cup, the other two years were just depth moves. And even if they did big moves every cup winning year, they had something before their 1st cup win that we don't have. And that is going deep the year before(Conference Finals in 2009)! As for the Sharks I'm too lazy to look up what they have or haven't done in the past 20 years, but adding players like Kane at last years deadline and Erik Karlsson this summer are big moves for big players in my books! And I wouldn't be at all surprised if they try to get a better goalie at the deadline, at least I would be doing it.
  12. Yet they made the big move for Karlsson this summer and were supposed to be the lethal powerhouse in the west and a cup favorit by many. And right now our team is better then them.
  13. If our circumstances were different I would agree, but I also think you will get better prices for depth players when the clock is ticking. And I think there is a huge difference between a couple mid round picks and a couple of 1st and a Top prospect or 2.
  14. Why not, personally I don't care too much what other teams do. I mean sure we're playing a very good season and I'm pretty happy about that. But I also realise that we aren't really a contending team, that has been close before. So I don't think we are a team that only needs that 1 top6 player to go all-in for the Cup. Doesn't necessarily mean that I think we aren't good enough to go all the way. Just that I think that we invested quite a few high picks already in recent years to get to the point, where we are right now. And we are not in a situation where our window is closing and we need to get desperate. And when I look at the recent trades of Duchene, Jensen and Hagelin, it looks to me like a seller market this tradedeadline. I'd rather do some depth moves and let this team show me how far they can go, then throwing another boatload of futures for one player only to exit in the 1st or 2nd round.
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