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  1. after taking a look myself I agree, they really don't have much. I'm really eager to see what the Duchene trade means for Kerkelainen and the Jakcets. Is it an insurance move and the signal to trade Panarin and Bob, while staying competitive or is it a we are all-in move? Though I don't feel that the Jackets are a contender even with the addition of Duchene.
  2. maybe I'm totally out to lunch, but wasn't Abramov one of the top3 prospects the Blue Jackets have?
  3. I took a quick look at their cup wins. In 2010 they traded Cam Barker for Kim Johnsson and prospect Nick Leddy and acquired Nick Boynton for future considerations In 2013 they added Michal Handzus for a 4th In 2015 they traded a 1st and Dahlbeck for Vermette and a 2nd a cond. 4th for Kimmo Timonen So basically only in 2015 did they make big deadline deals that brought them the cup, the other two years were just depth moves. And even if they did big moves every cup winning year, they had something before their 1st cup win that we don't have. And that is going deep the year before(Conference Finals in 2009)! As for the Sharks I'm too lazy to look up what they have or haven't done in the past 20 years, but adding players like Kane at last years deadline and Erik Karlsson this summer are big moves for big players in my books! And I wouldn't be at all surprised if they try to get a better goalie at the deadline, at least I would be doing it.
  4. Yet they made the big move for Karlsson this summer and were supposed to be the lethal powerhouse in the west and a cup favorit by many. And right now our team is better then them.
  5. If our circumstances were different I would agree, but I also think you will get better prices for depth players when the clock is ticking. And I think there is a huge difference between a couple mid round picks and a couple of 1st and a Top prospect or 2.
  6. Why not, personally I don't care too much what other teams do. I mean sure we're playing a very good season and I'm pretty happy about that. But I also realise that we aren't really a contending team, that has been close before. So I don't think we are a team that only needs that 1 top6 player to go all-in for the Cup. Doesn't necessarily mean that I think we aren't good enough to go all the way. Just that I think that we invested quite a few high picks already in recent years to get to the point, where we are right now. And we are not in a situation where our window is closing and we need to get desperate. And when I look at the recent trades of Duchene, Jensen and Hagelin, it looks to me like a seller market this tradedeadline. I'd rather do some depth moves and let this team show me how far they can go, then throwing another boatload of futures for one player only to exit in the 1st or 2nd round.
  7. I like Hagelin as a 4th liner, though he has struggled a bit this season. If it was something like a 5th round pick or a B-C level prospect I'd be okay with that. Antoher guy that I have on my potential deadline list is Magnus Paajarvi from Ottawa. His stats this season don't wow anyone, he has been playing 4th line most of the season. Is a big guy with good reach and speed, plays PK and gives you depth scoring. Has also played well on the PK for team Sweden in the recent WC. Would probably cost almost nothing, like a 6th or 7th rounder or a C-level prospect, so basically similar to the Chiasson trade we did with the Senators. Don't expect much, but might be a nice, cheap addition.
  8. manu11


    You're probably right, if the Rangers preffered the package deal, we couldn't match that at that time. But if a deal would have been possible, I'd much rather have a starter then a second pairing D-man. So back to the now, I think it's a good thing to have 2 young goalies battle it out for the job behind Smith. I think both know that they have to perform better then last year to have a future with the Flames.
  9. manu11


    Tough to say as it was a package deal, Raanta and Stepan for the pick and D'Angelo. So I wouldn't say Raanta had the value of a top 10pick, maybe it would have been for our mid 1st rounder. Not sure, if the Rangers preffered making 2 seperate deals over the one with the top10 pick, so that's anybody's guess. I think back then the talk was mostly a 2nd and a B-prospect for Raanta from the guys here, I was probably one of the few who would've been fine with dealing a mid 1st for him.
  10. manu11


    I still think we missed the boat big time on Raanta, to at least get 5 years or more before we'd have to worry about a rookie goalie turn starter. Now we have what 1 maybe 2 years of Smith and no one looks ready to take over ATM. Was Rittich really that bad last season, personally I think he played as good or bad as many other hopefuls in the league. Mrazek, who some wanted here was 90.2%, the highly regarded Korpisalo had a sub 90% season, even a guy I thought could be target for Smith's succession Tristan Jarry had only a 90.8% with PIT. Someone mentioned Pickard, the guy was just the Nr.4 in Toronto after Anderson, McEllhinney and Sparks. Even some younger starters had not great seasons: Allen 90.6, Talbot and Lehner both 90.8%, Matt Murray 90.6% The only backup under 25 who had a really good season is Juse Saaros and I think he is not going anywhere.
  11. ah my bad, I totally overread that. Had still yesterdays talks with CAR in my head
  12. just for fun: to TOR: Faulk, 2019 3rd CAR, Lazar to CAR: Brodie, Mangiapane, 2019 1st TOR to CGY: Lindholm, Kapanen I could live with that actually
  13. If he becomes available, it's probably teams like the Hurricanes and Islanders that take a bigger look at him.
  14. When trading for a 1st round pick is that difficult and the price is high, maybe it would be smart to get a couple of 2nd and 3rd picks instead?!
  15. manu11


    I would stay far away from Mrazek, the guy isn't good anymore. Rittich has at least played pretty well in the world cup even if his numbers weren't anything spectacular. He played against some tough competition in close games against Sweden and Russia and made some great saves in the latter game. Had a shutout in his 3rd and last game against France, though he couldn't really show his stuff there, as he got only 10 shots on goal.
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