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Found 1 result

  1. During the off-season, my favourite hobby is fishing. It allows me to forget all about hockey (and nearly everything else in life) for the time that I'm on the water. How many of you are also fishermen? How old were you when you first began? What is your favourite type/style of fishing? Which species do you enjoy catching? Where do you usually go fishing? What's your favourite fishing story? How big was the largest fish that you have ever landed? Personally, I began fishing when I was just 6 years old. No rod or reel, just 10 feet of line with a single hook tipped with a small piece of a worm. I caught literally hundreds of small Yellow Perch and Lake Trout minnows before I ever owned a rod and reel. These days, I normally fish with a 6' 6" medium weight rod, with a spinning reel loaded with 6 - 8 pound test line. We make our own spinners at a quarter of the retail cost. For the last 40 years, I've really enjoyed fishing the Bow River, mainly for Trout (Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat, Lake, and Bull), but I've also landed many Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Northern Pike, and Burbot out of this world class trout river. I was employed as a professional fishing guide for 4 seasons during the early 1990s. My main fishing partner currently owns an 18 foot ex-Alberta Fisheries fibreglass boat with a 70 HP jet motor. We mainly use it on the Bow River and some lakes near to Calgary (Ghost Lake, Crawling Valley Reservoir, McGregor Lake, and Badger Lake). One day, I was fishing the 4 km of beaver ponds located on the upper section of the Highwood River. It was pouring rain, but I was getting a bite on nearly every cast. I caught and released over 100 Brook Trout (6" to 12") in just 4 hours. The largest fish that I have ever landed was a Striped Marlin that I hooked into last November in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We released it without measuring or weighing.