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Whos Next for: GSP

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He might be to big a bite for GSP. Silva walks around at 215 is, fighting light heavies and has about 4 inches on GSP. GSP is probably a better all around fighter but Silva is too big. He'd go into a middleweight fight at over 200 lbs and GSP would be 185. For Gsp to train his body to fight Silva would take at least a year of diet and training and in the end i think Silva would still be too big. Alves was heavier but same height and Penn moved up and couldn't do anything against gsp because gsp was bigger and heavier. I think Silva will try for the LH title within the year, Hendo will get a rematch and beat him for the middle title. I don't think gsp can beat Hendo either. Both would be good fights but bad for gsp.

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