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New Forum Suggestions & Issues

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For the keystrokes, just put a : in place of the ; in the second 'column'.

The List

thumbdown.gif ;boo;

biggrin.gif ;grin;

blink.gif ;blink;

huh.gif ;huh;

lonely.gif ;sad;

censored.gif ;bleep;

thumbsup.gif ;kudos;

wink.gif uh... semicolon)

wavehello.gif ;wave;

blush.gif ;blush;

ashamed.gif ;drop;

rolleyes.gif ;rolleyes;

ph34r.gif ;ph34r;

smiley-kiss.gif ;lips;

banana.gif ;banana;

sadbanana.gif ;sadbanana;

smiley-cry.gif ;cry;

wth.gif ;grumpy;

cool02.gif ;smoove;

scared.gif ;eek;

grouphug.gif ;hug;

nono.gif ;nono;

heart.gif ;heart;

laugh.gif ;lol;

rockon.gif ;rock;

lol.gif ;lolsign;

sleep.gif ;zzz;

ohmy.gif ;ohmy;

dance.gif ;dance;

sad.gif colon(

dry.gif ;hmph;

sleep.gif dashunderscoredash

smile.gif colon)

tongue.gif colonP

wub.gif ;wub;

mad.gif ;mad;

mellow.gif ;mellow;

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If the third box labeled "HTML signature" does not include a box which looks like a picture frame, or a picture of a tree, or mountains, you can still add an image to your signature.

Here's what mine looks like:


See? No picture-frame icon, or much of anything else.

Why it is different for some users is beyond me at this point. Maybe I will find out later.



  1. Go to the image in a browser, right click and select "copy" or "copy image" (not the image URL with the http, simply the picture as if you were going to paste it into Paint instead.).


  2. Right click on the HTML signature field, and paste into the window.


  3. Claim victory. Also, make sure to hit "Save Settings".


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I think these may be the remaining issues but I haven't tested all of them myself. If someone can confirm whether these have been addressed (preferably the original suggestor) please let me know.


Ability to view new posts since last visit.

Re-enable the bad language filter (with amusing replacements)

Ability to multi-quote several posts.

Advertisements are hidden for members beyond XXXX # of posts.

Some way to change the user name back to what it was before.

After posting, direct back to the bottom of the thread page instead of to the top.

Make forum expandable to full page and option to be seperate from the main web site.

Ability to search inside of a thread.

Limit the number of quotes to avoid "quote pyramids"

Chat room?

Flood control of about 5 seconds; to stop double-posts with accidental double-clicks on "reply"

Minimum post count to start a thread.

Bring back "merge posts" function. (I think this kind of works)

Add function where if you want to switch from a "quick reply" to "full reply" (for extra features such as formatting) the text entered remains present.  Or just add the formatting toolbar to the "quick reply" box.

Layout Suggestions / Issues:

Random appearance of buttons & advertising in middle of posts (appears to be an Internet Explorer 6 issue? can one of the developers confirm this?)

Would like to see more of the title of new threads, instead of just the first few words (maybe get rid of the "re:"?)

Introduce horizontal lines between user's posts. (kind of there now; slightly different backgrounds?)

see: http://kingsforum.nhl.com/directory and http://community.iamaranger.com/directory

Put the countdown clock to the next game (start of the regular season) and put that clock above the ads - possibly in place of the weekly poll (which could actually be included in the message board now?)

Forum / topic buttons appear in mid-screen instead of at the top of page (appears to be a problem in IE V6)

Stuff that flat out doesn't work:

Some remaining bugs for some users with an underscore/dash/space/number(?) in their user name.  These include an inability to edit profile, view other profiles and leave comment/be a fan, loss of post count/post history.  Also the apparent logging out when viewing profile pages. (partially resolved - some users have post count back & ability to create avatar, others don't)

Some aspects of personal profile pages not working (age).

Personal Messaging not working. (only for some users - would be nice to get a pop-up on the forum page to alert of a new message)

some swears not being picked up by the swear filter (ie: the word BS)

polls not working

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Request to the developers:

Please make the forum compatible with IE6, for those who's haven't converted from Windows XP to Vista and have stayed with IE6 for security / personal / professional reasons.

IE6 makes the forum looks like this:



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I would like to suggest a forum for prospects/draft picks. The Heat forum is OK for prospects on the Heat, but it seems to be a catch-all for all prospects which I would like to see separated for ease of access. Thanks for your consideration.

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I have a suggestion for the flames site (which I hope reads this).

On the homepage, when you click on the "standings" tab about half way down the page on the far right hand side, I would much rather see the conference standings instead of the division standings. Most nhl sites have it like this. Please consider changing it...


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