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Actual performance

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Well I cant say Ive watched our players, but I think I know a bit about them. Ive listened to some of their games on the radio, and kept a pretty close eye on them. Id rank them like this right now:

Mitch Wahl:  Playing very well for the Spokan Chiefs. Arguably playing on one of the best line in the WHL with Kyle Beach (The current WHL goal scoring leader with 48) Has been put on my radar the last 10-20 games absolutly tearing it up, bumping himself up to 6th in WHL scoring.

T.J Brodie:  Playing on one of the best teams in the CHL, the Barrie Colts. Good defenceman, has been playing average of late, but has kept himself in the top 10 scoring for Defenceman.

Greg Nemisz:  Has struggled since returning for team Canada. I believe he has been dealing with Injuries, back and forth out of the lineup. Hes kind-of droped in my mind a bit.

Ryan Howse:  Plays for the Chilliwack Bruins. Was really looking forward to seeing this kid at camp in the offseason. Playing on a less than impressive team in the Bruins. Was leading the WHL in goal scoring, but has since droped off his production, and has hurt his team in that respect. In his earlier years with the team he played with such players as; Oscar Moller of the LA kings, and Mark Santorelli(Highly valued Nashville prospect) witch I think really boosted his game.

Those are the players that ive followed. All very important players to their teams. Im waiting to see what they do come playoff time.

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I havn't been able to see alot of these players so unfortunately my comments are minimum.

Ryan Howse is a guy i've seen a few times now, and I still view him as a steal in the 3rd round. Marc Habscheid, who I view as one oft he better junior coaches, has really helped his game. He has started killing penalties and making defensive zone coverage a prioirty. He made several nice defensive plays which I watched him which is nice because that was considered a deficiency when he was drafted. Habscheid does not stand for one way players.

Brodie: The trade to Barrier hurt and helped Brodier at the same time. The colts have a stacked D core including Pietrangelo and another already drafted dman whose name escapes me.Brodie's offensive numbers have dropped, but from what i've read he is playing a more complete game now and being more defensivly reliable. His pp time has also dropped given the amount of depth on the Colts blueline.

Wahl: I havn't seen him play this year, but hes a guy I really like. Very good skill and visiion and really makes defensive play part of his game, as all spokane players do. Bit of a perimeter player at that level so that will have to change but should be a nice well rounded center.

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