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Message Board Rules And Guidelines

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Welcome to the Calgary Flames official discussion forum!

Please carefully read the rules and guidelines below. By registering to post in this forum you have agreed to abide by these rules. The rules and guidelines apply to posts, threads, user profiles, signature fields, custom profile fields, profile comments, and blog comments.

While we will moderate the board we would also ask that you, the users, help to maintain a high-quality, high-integrity message board. Some items are subjective and at the discretion of the Moderators. We ask you carefully read and acknowledge the board rules listed below and respect the feedback provided by the moderation team.

New users are welcome and encouraged to introduce themselves in the Introductions thread in the General Discussions Forum. You should also read Pinned Threads at the top of each forum.

Message Board Rules

Acting as a Moderator

If a thread or post violates the rules, please help the mod team with the "Report" feature found at the bottom left corner of the post. Enter a description of your concern into the comment box and submit the report. A moderator will be made aware of the report and attend to the matter as soon as possible.

Please also conduct yourself with good internet etiquette and refrain from comments on the value of a thread or post, such as "useless thread", "in before the lock", "this thread should be closed", etc.

If you're interested in becoming a moderator please contact the moderating team once you've been a member for six months or longer.


Posting or soliciting through the Private Messaging system to sell, buy, or trade products or services, links to auctions, affiliate links, links to promote personal or commercial websites, blogs, other forums and so forth is not allowed anywhere on this form, without explicit permission.

The only exception is the approved ticket sale threads - however please remember that tickets are to be sold for FACE VALUE (or lower) only - scalping tickets will result in immediate ban.

If you have a website or business, you may include a discreet link to your site in your signature ONLY, subject to the signature rules.

Copyright Material

If you want to post something you found on the internet, you must post the link, and provide a brief summary in your own words or a brief commentary - do not post the entire article . If you must post some of the article, ensure that it is contained within quote fields, with appropriate credit to the author and link to the source material.

Posting or requesting links to online rebroadcast of hockey broadcasts that are not supported by the NHL is strictly prohibited and appropriate action will be taken against the offending user.

Threads or posts discussing how to obtain "free" (pirated) copies of software, television shows, movies, music, etc. will be immediately deleted, and appropriate action taken against the offending user.

External Links

The Calgary Flames and flames.nhl.com do not endorse and are not responsible for the content of external sites - links will open in new window. Members will be held responsible for posting links to external sites that contain offensive material and may be banned or suspended.


You will be tolerant and respectful of your fellow visitors. Constructive criticism of ideas and opinions is welcome, but you may not slander or attack members in any way. If you deem yourself more savvy than another user, please respond constructively. Hostile, insulting, or condescending comments directed at another member will not be tolerated. This includes the act of flame baiting, which is a post that is intended to provoke such a response. Posts may be edited / deleted at the moderating team's discretion to remove perceived personal attacks, intended or not.

Ignore Function

An ignore user feature is available for each member’s peruse and can be found via the pull down menu to the right of the member login status at the top right corner of the webpage. Simply open the pull down menu and select “Manage Ignored Users” and you will be prompted with instructions.

Moderator Abuse

If you disagree with actions taken by a moderator for any reason, please refrain from public complaint and speak to the moderation team for a clarification on the actions taken. Public complaints will be removed without notice.

If you want to dispute a warning and/or ask for a warn level decrease, then please refer to your warn level history and contact the warn issuing moderator for a review of your infraction. Your Warn Level can be found via your member profile page just below your profile picture and can also be found in each of your posts just under your Profile/Avatar.

Multiple Accounts

Starting another account to circumvent a temporary suspension will result in permanent suspension.

Off-Topic Posting / Thread Jacking

We ask that members stay on topic when posting. Please refrain from deviating too far from the main topic of a thread when making replies. Posts that are deemed too far off topic may be moved and/or removed without notice at the moderator’s discretion. Deliberate thread hijacking may result in a warning or suspension. When appropriate, please continue discussions via the Private Messaging system and/or start a new topic to continue.

Offensive Material

A very strict PG-13 rating is in effective for this entire website. A swear filter has also been applied on the message board to automatically censor bad words. Any deliberate circumvention of the swear filter will result in a warn/suspension/ban as per moderator discretion.

In addition, you agree not to post discriminatory material that targets someone, or a group of people, based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, and cultural background. Images or comments conveying aggression toward landmarks are also restricted and will be deemed as discriminatory material as well. Users who violate this rule will be banned or suspended.

Religious images are also not permitted in Avatars and Signatures.

Respect Privacy

Please respect the personal privacy of all league players, management and families. Discussions or photos which are personal in nature are strongly discouraged and maybe result in a permanent ban from the message board at the moderator's discretion. Use common sense to decide what is appropriate or not.

Any posts libeling players, prospects, or hockey personnel is prohibited. Do not post information that can be considered defamatory without a link to a credible media source. Other forums, personal websites, hearsay, and personal testimonials are not considered credible. You are also discouraged from having discussions centering around personal lives of these individuals, such as who they are dating, what bar you've seen them at, or anything else which may be considered inappropriate.

Spam / Cross Posting / Redundant Posts

Your posts should be meaningful, well thought out and add something of substance to the discussion.

Posting the same message in multiple topics, regardless of whether the topic theme is similar, is considered spam. Not only does cross-posting your message actually end up discrediting your thoughts, it will result in posts being deleted at the moderating team's discretion.

While not spam per se, one/two word or emoticon only responses are considered redundant and may be deleted without notice. If you agree with someone then you must at least offer a short explanation or commentary.


These rules apply to content of signatures, especially flaming, flame baiting, and/or trolling.

The maximum size for a signature is 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels high; or eight lines of regular sized text; or any combination of the two, at the moderator's discretion.

Thread Creation

Before you create a thread, you must ask yourself three questions: 1) Am I posting in the correct forum? 2) Is this topic not being discussed yet? and 3) Is the title of my thread clear and self explanitory? If the answer to all three questions is "yes" then feel free to start your thread. Remember: It's always better to post in an existing thread than start a new one!

Trash Talk

Trash talk is not tolerated on this message board. Violators may be banned or suspended without warning. This includes trash talking opposing teams.


Trolling is prohibited and will result in an immediate suspension or ban without warning.

A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

"Feeding a troll" is responding to trollish posts, generally encouraging more posts by the troll. This is now a warnable offense. The proper course of action is to report the post, and immediately add the user to your ignore list.

Rival team fans are welcome and will be treated with equality under the message board rules. It should be noted that not all rival team fans are trolls but instead, many provide the message board with important insight from an opposing/different perspective.


This is a long but non-inclusive list of rules, which may not cover all situations. All posts in general are reviewed and will be subject to actions at the moderation team's discretion.

Message Board Guidelines

These are not rules, but are included here to help make your message board experience a good one.

Read the message board for a while before participating

It's best to browse a board for a while -- just reading -- before you post your first message. Read a couple week's worth of messages the first time you visit a board, and then read new messages for another couple of days. You'll see what topics are hot and which are cold, you'll get to know some of the key participants, and you'll become familiar with the demeanor of the board.

Communicate clearly

Write clearly when you compose a message. Review your message carefully before clicking "submit"; typos are confusing. Remember, if your message can be misunderstood, it will be. This also means that using "text talk" will do nothing to enhance your reputation - others will not take you or your posts seriously. Also, please double check the spelling of names of people before posting, especially player names.

Refrain from using ALL CAPS

Typing in all capital letters or using excessively large font in your posts is frowned upon; it's the equivalent of screaming at everyone. It also makes your message more difficult to read.

Use Paragraphs, Formatting, and Punctuation

It is very difficult to read a large wall of text or a six line run-on sentence, so nobody will. Don't waste your time typing it, because nobody will read it. At the same time, don't publicly correct someone's spelling and/or grammar either - we have users from all over Canada and from around the world, and english may not be their first language.

Quote from the post you are replying to

Include a small section of text from the post you're replying to, so others will have a quick reminder of the topic.

Revised: March 19, 2011

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