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Favorite Stampeder


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  1. 1. Who was your favorite Stampeder of all-time?

    • Doug Flutie
    • Allen Pitts
    • Mark Boerigter
    • Dave Sapunjis
    • Kelvin Anderson
    • Vince Danielsen
  2. 2. Who would you choose?

    • Wally Buono
    • John Hufnagel
  3. 3. Which cup win was more memorable?

    • 1992 win over Blue Bombers
    • 1998 win over Ti-Cats
    • 2001 win over Blue Bombers
    • 2008 win over Alouettes

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The Grey Cup one was hard. The blue Bombers was the more memorable run, but if you want to talk specific game I had to go with 1998 due to the dramatics of the drive/game winning field goal.

Buono/Hufnagel is tough. I think at the end of Huff's tenure he could easily be remember for greater things than Buono, but right now it's impossible to argue against Wally's tenure here.

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For players I went with Pitts because out of that list I liked him most. Should of thrown some d guys on that list as the Stamps have had some pretty good ones over the years, AJ, Marvin Coleman, Joe Fleming to name a few. As for my favorite all time Stamp, I'd go with a current guy in Reynolds. Just always liked his approach to the game, his attitude and his results.

For coach it was really a toss up but went with Huf, because he is still going. Wally deserves a lot of credit for his wins, but I consider him the CFL's equivalent to Marty Schottenheimer. Wally's a 4 time champion coach, but in reality his teams in both BC and Calgary could have gotten him around 10.

As far as Grey Cup's go, 1992 was the most impressive that the Stamps have played, the score was a little flattering to Winnipeg. 2008 game was pretty lackluster, score was close but overall boring game. 2001 I thought was a pretty decent game, but I wasn't sure if Winnipeg ever focused on playing the game, or if they were measuring there ring finger, because I thought they took them lightly. I liked the '98 game, it wasn't the most dynamic game ever, but still an enjoyable game with McLaughlin's game winning fg in a year he had a brutal start and was close to getting cut, and Garcia's emergence as a big game qb only to depart right after.

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It can't be easy to put together a Stamps all time favorite player or list. Only one of yours listed has had his number retired.

Retired numbers

5 Harry Hood

10 Willie Burden

13 Mark McLoughlin

18 Allen Pitts

22 Tom Forzani

55 Wayne Harris

67 Jamie Crysdale

75 Stu Laird

That list is short and would fit your poll but there are those Stamps who have made the Canadian Football Hall of Fame who should be considered too:

* Tony Anselmo

* Willie Burden

* Doug Flutie

* Dean Griffing

* Wayne Harris

* Herman Harrison

* John Helton

* Alondra Johnson

* Jerry Keeling

* Earl "The Earthquake" Lunsford

* Don Luzzi

* Tony Pajaczkowski

* Allen Pitts

* Rocco Romano

* Paul Rowe

* Harvey Wylie

Yes Doug Flutie and Allen Pitts deserve to be on your all-time list. The others? Well lets just say there are many more deserving than your offered choices.

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