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Ahl To Be Revamped?

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"Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose, Phoenix, Colorado, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary attended a private meeting with NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly earlier this month, where the group conceptually talked about the introduction of a western wing to the American Hockey League to ease the burden of travel on prospect players, as well as provide NHL teams with a more hands on approach in day to day development."

Seems like an idea that is long overdue, although Brian Burke did suggest this several years ago. I think the Flames have started something that could become bigger, like getting more AHL teams into new markets (that aren't big enough for the NHL). Any thoughts on other cities? Salt Lake City (tried once), San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle?

And please, nobody start arguing that the 'Nucks farm team should be in Abbotsford. We know your thoughts. There's nothing new there.

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Seattle would be a good spot for an AHL affiliate. (Anaheim)

Salt lake city did not work the first time so I doubt they try again.

While popularity for hockey has grown in California, I don't think San Diego is the right spot for a team, especially not an AHL team.

Vegas would be interesting to see. So many people go there on vacation and for entertainment that an AHL hockey team might actually draw a decent crowd. (Maybe for Phoenix)

Just looking at community size alone is not a good enough reason to get a team, you also need to have a population that will watch Hockey.

Cities I would point to in the west who already have successful and popular Major Junior teams in close travelling distance to some of the Main teams would include:

Regina (Calgary for my own personal benefit), Saskatoon (Edmonton), Red Deer, Kelowna (Vancouver), Kamloops in Canada

Other cities which I could see in the US are:

Spokane Washington (Los Angeles), Portland Oregon (San Jose), Tacoma Washington, Boise Idaho and Billings Montana (Colorado).

These centres are large enough to handle an AHL team and all but Boise and Billings already have thriving Major Junior teams. Tacoma had Junior teams for a while. The cities are relatively close to the big clubs and are more likely to be hockey friendly communities.

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