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Ufc 154 - St. Pierre Vs Condit

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What a fight it was! WOW! Best fight I've seen in a while. I thought Condit was done after round 2 and then he made it interesting. GSP was better overall, but it was a lot closer then what I imagined. If you didn't see the fight, you missed out on an EPIC one!










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too bad the superfight will never happen. Gsp is way to small to move up a class and silva walks around at light heavy, he has to cut something like 20 pounds on average just to make middle. Eventually we will get to see silva and bones jones, that should be an interesting fight but silvas gonna retire the champ of likely two classes.

Condit needs a rematch against gsp because that was the closest fight since gsp has regained his belt. henderson or diaz could also be an interesting matchup against gsp. Gsp's young so its impossible to say what will happen in the next 10 years but at this point he is unstoppable.

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