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Fantasy Expansion Draft Game

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Inspired by this: THN Proteau and this: Expansion Topic

I was waiting for someone else to jump on this, but since all of you suck I had to make do with organizing it myself. (BTW, you guys don't really suck. :P)

32 open slots are available. All 30 NHL teams, plus two expansion franchises. But that's pretty boring, so to spice it up a bit we're going to cut down the 4 lowest ranked current NHL franchises by operating income. Those franchises are similarly subject to protection rules, but they will join in on the expansion drafting fun after the two new teams fill out until they have the same amount of players.

Players who wish to sign up must post a list of up to 5 teams, in order of preference. Each player will receive their top choice based on order of registration, with each player guaranteed one team. After deadline passes, teams will be filled out to a maximum of 3 per person, except for expansion franchise GMs.

Players who choose one of the 6 drafting teams can choose to relocate and/or rename their franchises if they so wish. Keep in mind that by signing up for one of the new franchises, you can only hold up to 1 more NHL franchise (and are unable to sign as one of the other expansion teams).

Team managers must submit a list of protected players before the game starts. Following the previous NHL format, there are two possible options for your list:

1. Protect 1 goalie: may protect up to 9 forwards and up to 5 defensemen.

2. Protect 2 goalies: may protect up to 7 forwards and up to 3 defensemen.

Lists that do not follow these guidelines will be considered invalid. Lists MUST be posted on the topic thread, either by editing a previous post or by submitting a new one. For relocated franchises, the prospect pools of your previous franchise will follow you to your current one.

Players that are ineligible to be selected include:

1. Players who have not yet been NHL-draft eligible

2. Players currently on their entry-level contracts who have not fulfilled one of the following conditions:

----i)played 40 NHL games in a single season (12 for goalies)

----ii)played an aggregate total of 60 NHL games in their career (18 for goalies)

The game will be played with current rosters, so players who are free agents by July 2013 are eligible to be selected, as well as current free agents and prospects who have not been tendered an entry-level contract and are not draft property of any NHL franchise.

Signups may be conducted via this thread or via PM (if you want to try and grab any advantage you can get by being secretive, you can choose to not have your name shown immediately). For the list of NHL franchises ranked by operating income, click here:

The winner of the game will be decided by vote after all players have submitted their NHL roster and concurrent assets, including notable prospects and 2013 draft picks. More details will follow in the coming days.

Available Teams:

Expansion Franchises:

Expansion Franchise #1

Expansion Franchise #2


Columbus Blue Jackets

New York Islanders

Phoenix Coyotes (what a shocker)

Tampa Bay Lightning

Regular Franchises:

Anaheim Ducks

Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres

Calgary Flames

Carolina Hurricanes

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche

Dallas Stars

Detroit Red Wings

Edmonton Oilers

Florida Panthers

Los Angeles Kings

Minnesota Wild

Montreal Canadiens

Nashville Predators

New Jersey Devils

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

San Jose Sharks

St. Louis Blues

Toronto Maple Leafs

Vancouver Canucks

Washington Capitals

Winnipeg Jets

If the demand is not high enough, then I will have to request for the thread to be locked/deleted, so let's not have that happen. It's a long winter. :(

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