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Calgary Flames Preview

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that looked like a mock report from a troll...

Kipper won't carry the load this year... I like both backups, but they won't get to play anyway... umm, what?

Projected record 12-35-1 for 25 pts. Ummm, what? And somehow you think that's only going to be 14th?

I am guessing this was written by a teenager

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I can see why they only have 112 followers for the whole website.

The first order of business for them should be to find a decent spellchecker. However when you take a look at the OLN Staff section you realize they may not be able to figure out how to actually use it.

They are Ontario based and have this disclaimer at the bottom something about opinions may not be TSN's or CTV's or bellmedia's or something, leaving one the impression they may be employed with them.

They show Hudler as playing left wing. I know he can play both wings but I don't think I have seen anyone who knows anything about the Flames who has ever said it is a position he would be playing for us.

I could go on but do I need to???

I would recommend you put that website right where it belongs.


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Ok, let us look at this with some clarity.

First off, Teenager's do not often use the word alas, so I doubt it is a teenager, but it definitely NOT someone who has done much research OR followed the Flames games other than through basic stats.

First of all, Reinhart is not likely on the call up list for this season unless there are some SERIOUS issues at centre. It is FAR more likely that the Flames would convert Tanguay (which is the most recent discussion by the Flames) or Cammalleri to centre and slot in another winger than call up Reinhart. At 6'1, 180 and 20 years old in his first pro season in the AHL, he still has some developing to do. He definitely has potential but I don't see much reason for his name to be on that list. Kolanos is also not really needed on the list. While he is decent as injury filler, he did not do enough last year to warrant the call up over some other players as injury replacement.I would put Piskula in the same boat as Kolanos. He plays very well in the AHL but did very little during his shot at the NHL. If you have Piskula on the list, why is Breen not there?

Kipper has never gotten much rest so his performance didn't drop because of it. Sure he played tired, but how is it different from any of the previous seasons?

Calgary has added youth, creativity, speed, offensive talent and stabilized the secondary scoring. While the grit has dropped, it is not entirely lacking. Given the overall analysis of all teams that the Flames will be playing and competing against in the standings, no other team has really done more to effectively fill holes or stabilize positions than the Flames.

I would still put Vancouver (spit, spit) as a top notch, highly talented team in the conference. L.A., San Jose, Chicago, Minnesota and some others will be pretty tough to play against. That doesn't mean the Flames can't or won't beat them.

Nashville took a HUGE hit this year losing Suter. Their back end, save for Weber is patch work veterans and very young players. Gil at 37, Hannan about to turn 34, Klein 28, Weber 27, Ellis and Josi both at 22. The defence looks VERY patchwork so Rinne will REALLY need to be on his game. They also have not added a ton of offence or young talent to their forwards. I expect Nashville to have a rough season.

Edmonton added Nail and Schultz. 2 more young guys who are talented offensively but really untested at the NHL level. They never really had issues at offensive minded forward positions anyways and Shultz sort of solidifies a weak D but when 1 of your top 2 D men is an NHL rookie, something seems a little off. Also the Goalie situation is still weak in Edmonton. Dubnyk has never had a pro season with a GAA under 2.50 and he is going to be their starter. Unless Edmonton can score an average of 3-4 goals per game, don't expect them to climb the standings.

Phoenix will be a bubble team along with Calgary, Dallas, Anaheim, Columbus, Colorado, St. Louis and Detroit.

My prediction:


San Jose


Los Angeles








St. Louis




Calgary squeaks in to the playoffs at 7th but beats the San Jose playoff chokers in the first round but sadly fall to Vancouver in the second round in 7 games on a penalty shot by one of the Sedins drawn by a dive.

This is just MY theory though.

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