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T J Brodie - Too Early To Discuss A Contract?

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It's great to have hockey back and despite our lowly position in the standings, there are so many positives for this team going forward. One of the most promising stories has to be the continued improvement of T J Brodie, a real home-grown talent on the blue-line showing great skill and maturity in his sophomore year, already surpassing my high hopes. He has to be a keeper and a key piece for the future. His contract is up for renewal this year. It will be interesting to see what kind of contract he is after, especially considering the cap tied up on the blue line already.

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it'l be small, something along the lines of 1-1.5 for a year or two and then he'll be in line for a potentially bigger contract after that.

After this season he still dosn't have a full NHL season under his belt to properly evaluate his impact and that's going to limit his ability to negoatie. Plus he is an RFA with no arbitration rights he basically has no negotiating power. He'll get a smaller deal and then if all goes well he'll be in line for a bigger one next go around.

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