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I have been a fan of the outdoors for years. Camping, bushcraft, fishing, etc. They are all amazingly fun and and give you the feeling of adventure. There is nothing worse than being stuck inside day after day playing video games and watching tv, however, I admit, I get hung up on watching Nat Geo, Animal Planet, and any form of Survival/Nature show (minus the redneck americans on youtube) which means sitting inside. Kind of an oxy-moron. :unsure:

I started with Man vs Wild as a friend recommended the show, and it was entertaining, but it seemed scripted. Also, there is a tv crew running around filming the "survivor" which makes no sense to me. Turns out most of it was a hoax and written specifically for tv. Yes there were some things to take note of from the famed Bear Grylls, but his style of "Take life threatening risks whenever you can" doesn't sit well wtih me. I enjoy a bit of realism.

In comes Les Stroud in SURVIVORMAN. I enjoy him because he does all the camera work himself. He doesn't have a film crew, unlike the above mentioned Bear Grylls. He takes situations and shows real survival skills, not shoving your manhood/womanhood in the face of the wilderness. A big plus to the show and to Les Stroud is that he is Canadian. :D

I don't know. I can't get enough of the show, and is turning into one of my personal cult classics alongside Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Anyone watch it?

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Watched him a fair bit. He was doing a different show now, living with some isolated jungle type villages. Maybe he ran into some cannibals and they turned him into soup.

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about out dooring. I like high altitude, thus Calgary. I love how this ecosystem mutates my blood. And thus I want to save up to go to Nepal to do some eco tourism-volunteering, to help villages with engineering (ie. Being a ditch digger hippy volunteer). There are some here in America in the Rockies. 


I had an interesting talk with my dental nurse. She and her husband have some very cheap land in one of those mountain villages on the BC, Alberta, Montana border triangle. I've looked up land in America you can get a lot with house and electricity and lake for like 50,000! (this is because of their economic troubles). So I figure. perhaps I get a place in California. So I can become survivor bunker. lol. like she said she got a 6 acre property near lake (like she described it as 20 houses (suburbia). Might be worth the investment, to get one of those lands. 


My brother's ex girlfriend has a cabin her dad and brothers bulit on this ranch land, (complete with creek), it's in Sundre (bear berry). Beautiful land, lots of back country (logger's oil roads those are actually good things, because it allows access to forests for recreation). The foothills of Alberta are nice..... Sure it doesn't look big on a map, but it's big... The Mustard Seed's retreat "Mountain Aire" lodge is in that area. (It suffered a fire accident, and was being rebuilt). It was formerly a truck stop, now it's a motel for workers, a retreat hall, and the HQ of 3 ajoining provincial parks. The intent is to get some of the homeless out of the city, to recover.. 


I think if I had a little bit of land. I'd like to do something like that. or like some of the land used to grow crops for the poor (for homeless shelters). perhaps donate some of it to Scouts. 

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