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U F C - W W E Spoilers / Results Previews

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Just watched the post fight presser... 

Man.. Diaz is just on a different plain...

Again, you can tell where he's going and what he's trying to say and what he means(and what he's trying to set up)... but his delivery and execution is hilarious.

Entertaining tho.. and easy to cheer against. 'wish i had to coach to tell me when to sleep.'.. heh..


(GSP joins the presser at the 21 min mark... Diaz joins the presser at about the 41 min mark)



Now i guess we wait to see if Diaz passes the drug test, and whether the IRS takes issue with him.


More of the same antics from directly after the fight. 


"I'm not making excuses....but no one came to help me train, my trainers couldn't train hard...." 


"Why am I thinking of retiring? Because I haven't had much time off, you know, but I've set out to fight everyone I believe I needed to, buy hey.....Anderson silva, or a rematch cause I think I could beat you....."


"My sleep deprevation....blah blah..." 


I guess even though he's losing, he expects the big fights.  If Nick couldn't do anything standing up against GSP (a known wrestler), what makes him think he could trade with Silva?  What a joke.

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Changed the Topic from UFC #158 to just UFC. I don't see changing it to a MMA thread hurts its ability  or popularity.


#158 was a good place to start mostly because of the main attraction. George came through in that one. Lets see where the thread goes as the events come on board.

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Wrestlemania Tonight


For me I suppose the CM Punk vs the Undertaker (20-0)streak would have the most appeal.


Cena vs Rock.. Same as last year but Rock has a title now. Even so just doesn't do much for me.


Money in the bank briefcase is supposed to be cashed tonight. Hope so Ziggler has pussyfooted around long enough with it. Way too long.


Nothing else of interest to me. They mock the tag team titles with how they develop things and with throw together teams. Same with the Womens titles seems like after thoughts to fill time.


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Jon Bones Jones defeats Chael Sonnen to retain the title with stoppage due to striking, but there is a catch...


During the fight, apparently Jonny Bones snapped his big toe in half...(extreme images below, not for the weary)




Jones didn't notice the toe until his afterfight interview in the ring with Joe Rogan.


I laughed my grass off so hard, I couldn't stop for about 6 minutes.  Jonny Bones reaction was priceless, especially with the double takes.  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Between the crowd laughing and Joe Rogan wanting to continue the interview while Jonny Bones is literally turning from black to pale white, it just made for a great comedic production. :lol:

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