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Bombs Go Off At Finish Line Of Boston Marathon

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I like this ladies suggestion for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev...



There are large groups of people in Canada that seriously espouse the "hug a thug" treament but unfortunately not the way this woman means. In their eyes all criminals are merely misunderstood.

In Mb. when a gangbanger with a life long rapsheet is killed by a member of a different gang currently out on his own recognicience the friends, family & the various mothers of the children of the deceased always talk about him being a good person who was working hard @ changing his life around & leaving the criminal life. When the accused goes to court his lawyers talk about how he's making progress in leaving the gang life (easier while in custody :) ) to become a contributing citizen. If removing another criminal from the face of the earth counts as his contribution he's made a good start I guess.


There is a 1 shot injection guaranteed to remove all criminal/terrorist urges & the recipient needs no monitoring nor booster shots. It does need to be administered by a trained professional but our armed forces & large city police forces have trained snipers available. :D

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That is a crazy link.  Got to love conspiracy theorists.  To bad some people actually get so distracted in the detail they miss the magic trick.  I mean really, is it more likely that:

  1. Two mentally unstable individuals used household goods to create explosives to bomb a public event.  Then in the attempt to apprehend them one was killed and the other was incapacitated? Or, 
  2. A democratic government bombed its own citizens in an attempt to pass legislation that violates civil rights.  They then frame the crime on two individuals and convince 100s of people to go along with the cover-up.  They kill one of the 'suspects' and capture the other who they decide to nearly kill (rather then kill outright for some reason).  To cement the frame they also stage a number of car chases and gun fights.  Fortunately for them they do it so well, and the 100s of people involved stay so quiet, that no legitimate police organization or media outlet gets a whiff.    

Considering the US government couldn't even keep their presidents sexual indiscretions a secret I somehow doubt they took a gamble on a cover up of this magnitude (and then succeeded).  That is if you first grant the ridiculous assumption that anyone in their right mind would endorse a terror attack on their own country to pass a law.  


Got to wonder why common sense is so uncommon to some people.  


Speaking of magic tricks,




There's no question in my mind the two brothers are the bombers.  To me, what I watch out for are the politicians trying to spin this terror event into personal gain or push forward personal agendas.  I'd like to hear Dzhokhar in court to understand his side of the story, objectively and unbiased.

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