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Confirmed: Ben Walter To The Swedish Elite League

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I'll admit this:    Ben Walter probably isn't worth extending this discussion to 3 pages. 


There are a lot more players than Knight, but that's beside the point.


I do find it interesting that we're taking opposite stances on the same concept, between here and the Ortio thread.


We aren't though.  Ben Walter is a 29 year old career AHLer who has bounced around teams.  Reta Berra is a 26 year old just getting his shot at the the North American game.  The former isn't going to make the NHL full time.  The second might.  It isn't the same argument.  


I am under no delusion that Berra has a high chance of being an NHL full timer.  But I don't think any of our tweener goalies do (Ramo, Berra, Ortio) so I think having more chances is better then less.  So I think he was worth a shot as a cheap add in on the Bouwmeester trade.  


Goalies come out of nowhere all of the time.  I have learned not to write off goalies. 

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