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Ball Park Dogs

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So this is an off week for Stamps, the Flames don't appear to be poised to be making any grande announcements and the Blue Jays aren't doing much to turn around and move out of the basement of their division. So what to do????


Lets have a Ball Park Hot Dog Poll of sorts.. Take your pick. Which Ball Park would you most like to visit, watch a game and try their Signature Hot Dog ?


Here is a link to the 10 finalists/choices:



I think I will be headed to Progressive Field to watch one of the Cleveland Indians games and try the








Where are you headed?

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Tough call, but since one of the ones I make on the BBQ at home is similar, I went with...


Cincinnati Reds @ Great American Ballpark's 513 DOG:


Hot dog, country ham, grilled on a crusty baguette and topped with Mr. Red’s Pulled Pork, shredded cabbage, pickled red onions and mustard seed mustard...   Paired here with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, and you can skip The Whip, a white wine blend, unless you are a woman, because unless you are, you just don't drink wine with a hot dog...     Especially at a ball park...   :)




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