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2013 Nfl Season Prediction And Discussion Thread

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The NFL preseason is in full swing and the regular season will begin soon.  Here are a few predictions to make for the season:


1) Division winners

2) Playoff seeding (division winners + wildcard)

3) League MVP

4) Superbowl representatives & winner

5) Surpise team of the season (either good or bad)

6) First overall pick (the worst team in the NFL)



1) Division Winners


AFC East- NE Patriots

AFC North- Cincinnati Bengals

AFC South- Indianapolis Colts

AFC West- Denver Broncos


NFC East- Dallas Cowboys

NFC North- Chicago Bears

NFC South- Atlanta Falcons

NFC West- Seattle Seahawks


2) Playoff Seeding



1-Denver Broncos

2-Cincinnati Bengals

3-NE Patriots

4-Indianapolis Colts

5-Houston Texans

6-Pittsburgh Steelers



1-Atlanta Falcons

2-Seattle Seahawks

3-Chicago Bears

4-Dallas Cowboys

5-Green Bay Packers

6-San Francisco 49ers


3) League MVP


Matt Ryan- Atlanta Falcons


4) Superbowl


Denver vs. Seattle

Winner: Denver


5) Surprise Team


Bad- Redskins miss the playoffs.

Good- Chiefs have a good record (9-7 or 10-6) but just miss the playoffs.


6) First overall draft pick in 2014






Who you got?

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I used to be all over the NFL...

Just faded for me...

Something happened....

Oh yeah.. had kids -

- destroyed my vegetative Sunday viewing pleasure, disabling me from indulging in what used to be a 10am - 4pm lockdown in a blanket on a couch with a 1.5 hr break to sh++, shower, eat, and then then get back in time to said couch for the night game.

- Had the FTA dish too so i was popping over to see bits of every game... It was definitely god's day.

Fricken kids.

But isn't one thing a constant still Red? The Skins disappointing? Isn't that like being surprised the Leafs miss the playoffs?

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^ Yeah there's some truth to that.  When I first really started getting into the NFL the Redskins were a perpetual threat.  They had Gibbs coaching the team in his prime, Darrell Green on the corner, Monk at receiver and some nasty defenses.  It didn't really matter who they had at QB it seemed, they would also do well enough.  As a matter of fact, I vividly recall Mark 'Fricken' Rypien shredding my Broncos in the Superbowl only to quickly vanish into the ether shortly thereafter.


In terms of the Leafs comparison, I'd say the Jets are probably a little closer.  They haven't won a title since the 60's, they are perpetually overrated, they reside in the center of their leagues universe in the biggest market and their fans are delusional.


I think, at least, just about everyone can agree on one thing:  the Raiders suck!

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Division Winners.


AFC East - Patriots - obvious choice, even without Welker and Hernandez they will still probably find someone to fill their void.  Always do, plus the rest of the division is a complete joke.  Only thing stopping them would be having to rely on Tebow to throw multiple passes.


AFC North - Bengals - I would say there is a changing in the guard from the Steelers and Ravens dominance in the division and the Ohio teams are going to take control, but it's really hard to think the Browns will ever be good.  I do like what the Bengals have done.


AFC South - Texans - Don't know if they really improved over the offseason, but don't think they got worse either.  Running game should still be great and defence is scary.


AFC West - Broncos - Hard to predict how this season will go, Welker with Thomas and Decker on paper is the best trio Manning has ever had and should scream improvements to a 13 win team, but with the loss of Dumervil and Miller's 6 game absence will hurt what was an incredible pass rush, still weak division they should take it easy.


NFC East - Giants - Throw names in a hat and see which one comes out, all decent to good teams and no great teams.


NFC North - Packers - D and Oline may be questionable but have been in the last 2 years also which didn't stop them from winning this division, I do think Minny could challenge if Ponder actually shows something now that he has weapons, maybe Detroit bounces back, but I don't see Chicago at the top of this division.


NFC South - Atlanta - I see them repeating, but also see more fight from the Saints, Panthers and Bucs so I think 9 or 10 wins takes this division.


NFC West - Rams - Just want to be bold and make a dumb guess, I liked what they did with the what would of been RG3 trade, and even though everybody is on the Seahawks or Niner bandwagon I could see this team slip through the cracks of what might be the best division.


Playoff Seeding

1) Texans 2) Bengals 3)Broncos 4) Patriots 5) Ravens 6) Chiefs

1) Packers 2) Rams 3) Falcons 4) Giants 5) Seahawks 6) 49ers


League MVP

Logical choice - Peyton Manning

If my predictions fall through - Sam Bradford

Guy who will actually be the best player in the league - Megatron


Super Bowl.

Houston vs. New York (if any team is ever to play in a home Superbowl it just seems like it has to be the Giants)

Winner: New York - Eli somehow does it again.


Surprise teams.

Bad: I agree with you Red on the Skins, but I'd double with both RG3 and Luck and the Colts having a down year I don't think Luck has the supporting cast around him to continue to climb, they are in the right direction but I would call them overachievers last year and a team that rallied behind Chuck Pagano's illness and the man that led them through that is now gone.


Good: Think I stated that one earlier with the Rams.  I also threw the Chiefs in the playoffs, but I wouldn't call them a surprise team if they did as they did have somewhat lofty expectations last year, what killed them a year ago was play from the QB position, Alex Smith won't provide them anything Manning, Brady or Rodgers like but he will likely cut down on the amount of turnovers and is a definite upgrade over Cassel and Quinn.


2014 #1 - Agree with Jacksonville


And yes the Raiders do suck.

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