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On 4/12/2019 at 10:47 AM, travel_dude said:


It's not that I doubt you, but I was reading about Rafi and Karni, both drafted by the Flames, and their rights were due to expire.  Rafi a year ago and Karni this year.  Maybe there is some quirk in the rules of reserve lists or the KHL has some things built in, but I don't think they are Falmes property.  Neither will come back IMHO, unless they have a real shot at the NHL.  AHL pay is too little.


420 is right. 


Because there is no transfer agreement between the NHL and the KHL the rules are different for those players. Teams retain their rights under the "defected" status and retain the rights indefinitely. So basically the Flames will never lost the rights to guys like Karnokaov or Rafikov if they ever want to play in the NHL (which i would agree is not likely). 

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