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      It's great to see the boys earning their way into the playoffs this season (barring a Colorado-would-be-proud collapse).  What a night-and-day difference from way back in November.   With the playoffs, we typically see more traffic/visitors on the site, usually from the opposing team's fanbase (especially from the Oilers).  This is just a reminder that stating your opinion is fine (it's exactly what these forums are for), and friendly, good-natured ribbing is OK, however, name-calling and insults will still be a major no-no and cause for the Banhammer to warm up.  This applies to all new guests and visitors as well: you're more than welcome to join the party, but civility is house rule around here.   All insults/name-calling will be met with a zero-tolerance approach, regardless if you are a new person to the forums, or have been around since these forums began.   First-offenses will be met with a moderator-needs-to-approve-your-post for 3 days Second offenses will be met with a week-long suspension Third offenses will result in a perma-ban   If you have any questions regarding this policy, or would like to voice your concern about it, you are absolutely free to contact me directly.   We all love this team, and this game.  Let's all hop on the Bandwagon, enjoy a few beverages, and ride this wave of excitement as far as we can.   --  Kulstad

Brandon Hickey

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3 hours ago, cross16 said:

Maybe it does..


could also mean that he just didn't want to turn down a chance to captain a team that is a perennial contender for the National Championship and will likely have a very good team again next year. Stockton is deep too so you either be a top guy on a really good NCAA team or play a 3/4 role at best on a team in the A?


I think people make way too much of the whole NCAA free agency thing. Not many players in the grand scheme of things have exercised it. 


I prefer that he spends another year in college.  Free development.  I think that the AHL could be really clogged nxt season with all the guys we have "close" to an NHL job.

Maybe that changes due to letting a few guys go, but really, there is nothing wrong with seasoning a few guys another year.  I don't think we graduate more than one or two at most next season.  Kylington is still so young.  Andersson maybe ready.  Perhaps they bring up a shutdown guy like Ollas-Mattsson.  Kulak is ok, but I'm still not sold on his ability to play a full-time role here.  Also have that Healey guy, not sure what he is like. 

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