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Account Issue - NHL email regarding account

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Many people have received an email from the NHL, regarding changes to the security on NHL websites (if you haven't received one yet, you will).  The email looks something like this:





This is a valid email.  The NHL, in conjuction with MLBAM, are working on updating/upgrading many things on NHL webservers this summer, and this message is a result of one of them.  All accounts that log in to any NHL-controlled website (these forums included) will be impacted.


UPDATE - 08-Aug-16:

My contact with the NHL recommends using this link -->


As has been experimented with at least one user (FlyerFan52), this link works the way we would expect it to.


If you have experienced issues in resetting your account (or have deleted this email without updating your NHL account), you can take the following steps (I personally followed these steps to reset my account):





These steps seem to only work some of the time.

  1. Delete any and all cookies from your web browser related to (this will allow you to "start fresh" in this process).
  2. Click this link, and try to log in. login:
  3. Enter your username and password (the one that you would use for the Flames boards).  Chances are that you will get an error message of some kind.
  4. Click this link: (Forgot password link: and enter the email address you used to create your NHL.COM account.  NHL.COM will send you a numeric validation code via email, and the page *should* re-direct to a page that tells you to enter the validation code, and a new password.  NOTE: the webpage re-direct has been known to take users to the Rogers GameCenter Live website.  This is not the website you want/need.  If this happens to you, use this Forgotten Password link.
  5. If you get a validation email, but don’t get a new page to enter it in, use this link: Reset with validation code:<code you recieve in the mail>
  6. Enter your new password.  You can use your previous password if you wish


This is related to the Account Login Issue - SQL Error, posted in this forum.

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It has been brought to my attention that the instructions I provided above may be more complicated than necessary.  Here is a simplified version:


  • Forgotten Password Link: click this link ( and enter the email address you used to create your NHL.COM account (this should be the email address you use for these message boards)
  • NHL.COM will send you a numeric validation code to this email address


Once you get the validation email

  • copy this line to Notepad --> / pub/ resetpassword?validationCode=
  • remove the spaces in the line
  • add your numeric validation code to the end of that line
    • Example:  My validation code is 12345.  I add this to the line I just copied above, and now it looks like / pub/ resetpassword?validationCode=12345
    • make sure the spaces are removed from this new line
  • copy this new line from Notepad, and paste in the URL bar of your web browser
  • Hit enter/click the arrow at the end of the URL bar/however you would normally make the web browser go to a new URL
  • Enter your new password.  You can use your previous password if you wish.


If any of these steps don't work, feel free to shoot me an email

kulstad [at] shaw dot ca

and I will do my best to help you out.

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I have just sent an email to my connections up the chain (Calgary Flames contact, IP.Boards contact, NHL contact, and MLBAM contact).  Here is exactly what I sent them:



Hello, everyone.

For those who do not know me, my name is <none_of_your_beewax>, and I am one of the Admins on the Calgary Flames forum ( I am the one who raised the issue about users not being able to reset their passwords correctly, or not being able to log back in to the Calgary Flames board with their accounts once they have changed their NHL passwords with

As one of the first users on the Flames’ forum to encounter this issue (as well as being the “main tech guy” over there), I posted a how-to guide for all the other users who may encounter this issues.  It can be viewed here ( If <representative_from_NHL> and/or <representative_from_MLB> would like to review this and suggest any corrects, or point out anything that I may have incorrectly stated, please feel free to let me know so that I can make the necessary changes, and everyone can live happily every after.

Some of the users of the Flames’ board have followed these instructions, with varying levels of success.  The main issue that I have heard is that once a user changes their password with, they are no longer able to log in to the Flames board like they did in the past (there is a LOGIN link on the main forum page that points to this URL ?

As an outsider who has no working knowledge of the mechanisms between and IP.Boards, this sounds to me like there may be an issue between the NHL database and the IP.Boards database (or something else in the authentication chain) that is preventing users from login in at Location B once they have updated their information at Location A.  This has caused some users to create a brand-new account so that they can continue to participate on the Flames forums (and, presumably, wherever their NHL account have been used in the past).  I have worked with one or two users who have had this issue, by updating their passwords on the IP.Boards database (using the IP.Boards Admin Console) to what they changed their password to be, but I don’t believe this was a successful endeavor (I have not heard back from these users since, and I have not seen them on the forums [under their “regular” account]).

I have started an additional forum thread for users to post their results of attempting to change their password, so that other users may learn from others’ mistakes/successes.  This forum can be reviewed here ?

If there is any way that I can assist in troubleshooting this issue, or any information you can/need to pass along to the users regarding this issue, I am more than happy to oblige.  I would hate to lose even a single forum visitor over this issue (and I am certain that this issue is something that can be resolved easily).

Thank you for your past-and-future efforts, and I look forward to hearing and working with you in the future.


I will keep everyone posted with anything I hear.

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The NHL has provided a solution.  Whether or not this works for everyone remains to be seen, but it is worth a shot.....



Good morning -
Regarding the instructions, this is the simplest page to direct users to:
<NHL Contact>

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