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Juuso Valimaki

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2 hours ago, cross16 said:


If he wins a job in training camp and comes in ready then by all means play him. I'm not suggesting Valamaki can't play, but I do disagree with the idea of trading Brodie in order to play Valamaki. Typically you need to shelter young D and it would just make Peters job of sheltering him pretty difficult when 3 of your bottom 6 D would be an inexperienced as Valamaki, Kulak and Andersson.


Not impossible, just not sure that's the best idea for a team that wants to win. I'd rather not put that much pressure on a 20 year old dman. 


Trading Brodie and Valimaki should be different conversations.

You do the trade to make you better as a team, not do it to make room for a player.

The obvious thing is trade Brodie and pick up a one year deal on a guy that can play up as required.

This mitigates the need of the prospects to play above their heads.


Graduating Andersson is a no-brainer.  He's ready for full time work, maybe not 20 minutes a night, but ready.

That gives you Gio, Hammy, Hammer, Kulak, Andersson if you traded Stone and Brodie.

Need one more D.  Stone is not the right guy, IMHO.  He's a downgrade from Andersson.  And he's a RHS.


So BT trades Brodie and Stone.  We have to sign a FA D-man, not an expensive one, for a year.

Valimaki comes in and beats out that guy, then we have depth.

Valimaki doesn't win the job, then we have 6 NHL D-men.  7th D-man could be a farm hand.

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