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Anyone know a good sports news site minus the politics?

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm really sick of half the articles on SNET, TSN, and The Score being about politics. I don't care what the mayor of Pittsburgh thinks about Trump, what Gregg Popovich thinks about whiteness, the ratio of #takeaknee to #boycottNFL hashtags on Twitter, what political parade players are marching in, or how Auston Matthews is too privileged because he wants to stand for an anthem. I'm just absolutely sick of every sports writer out there trying to beat fans over the head with what we're supposed to believe when we just want to watch some gosh darn sports. I miss when sports were something to unite us - a place where all anyone cared about was the game.

So where do you guys go for sports news? I'd even be happy with just a sorting option to filter between politics and the rest.

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I took out a yearly subscription to The Athletic a couple of weeks ago. I think it was$25-$35, can't remember, I'm old, lol.

You get access to every team, but you can list your favourite sports/teams and they send emails to let you know there's a story you might like based on your settings.

Pretty much a start-up. If I remember correctly, is SI reporters that grew tired of how sports are being reported and crossing too many lines between sports and everything else so as to be fashionably current.

Building a really strong cast of writers while trying to expand.

I like it, alot. Well balanced, respectable sports journalists they keep gobbling up, for the most part.

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