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Just make your pick(s), and make a post with what game(s) you wand to do a GDT for...   Include the name of the opposition and the date...


Hopefully we see some of the people that have done them before do some more games, and let's see some new blood take a shot at it too...   Feel free to be creative and make it using your own style or go ahead and copy the format you like that you've seen someone else do...   Whatever works for you...   


If you have never made a GDT before, take a look at the thread pinned right below this on called "Game Day Thread Creation 101"...   DirtyDeeds made that thread a while back, and explained in detail how to do it so it would make it easier for anyone who wanted to make one...   If you want to make a GDT and have any questions after reading Deeds thread, there are a few of us around that can answer any questions you might have, so just ask someone who has made one before...   Once you have made one, the next one gets easier, so go ahead and give it a shot...


2018-10-03 Calgary Vancouver 7:00 PM
2018-10-06 Vancouver Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-10-09 Calgary Nashville 7:00 PM
2018-10-11 Calgary St. Louis 7:00 PM
2018-10-13 Calgary Colorado 8:00 PM
2018-10-17 Boston Calgary 7:30 PM
2018-10-19 Nashville Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-10-21 Calgary N.Y. Rangers 7:00 PM
2018-10-23 Calgary Montreal 7:30 PM
2018-10-25 Pittsburgh Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-10-27 Washington Calgary 2:00 PM
2018-10-29 Calgary Toronto 7:00 PM
2018-10-30 Calgary Buffalo 7:00 PM
2018-11-01 Colorado Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-11-03 Chicago Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-11-07 Calgary Anaheim 7:30 PM
2018-11-10 Calgary Los Angeles 7:00 PM
2018-11-11 Calgary San Jose 6:00 PM
2018-11-15 Montreal Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-11-17 Edmonton Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-11-19 Vegas Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-11-21 Winnipeg Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-11-23 Calgary Vegas 3:00 PM
2018-11-25 Calgary Arizona 1:00 PM
2018-11-28 Dallas Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-11-30 Los Angeles Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-12-02 Calgary Chicago 6:00 PM
2018-12-04 Calgary Columbus 7:00 PM
2018-12-06 Minnesota Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-12-08 Nashville Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-12-09 Calgary Edmonton 7:00 PM
2018-12-12 Philadelphia Calgary 6:30 PM
2018-12-15 Calgary Minnesota 1:00 PM
2018-12-16 Calgary St. Louis 2:00 PM
2018-12-18 Calgary Dallas 7:30 PM
2018-12-20 Tampa Bay Calgary 7:00 PM
2018-12-22 St. Louis Calgary 2:00 PM
2018-12-27 Calgary Winnipeg 7:00 PM
2018-12-29 Vancouver Calgary 8:00 PM
2018-12-31 San Jose Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-01-02 Calgary Detroit 7:00 PM
2019-01-03 Calgary Boston 7:00 PM
2019-01-05 Calgary Philadelphia 1:00 PM
2019-01-07 Calgary Chicago 7:30 PM
2019-01-09 Colorado Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-01-11 Florida Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-01-13 Arizona Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-01-16 Buffalo Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-01-18 Detroit Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-01-19 Calgary Edmonton 8:00 PM
2019-01-22 Carolina Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-02-01 Calgary Washington 7:00 PM
2019-02-03 Calgary Carolina 2:00 PM
2019-02-07 San Jose Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-02-09 Calgary Vancouver 7:00 PM
2019-02-12 Calgary Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
2019-02-14 Calgary Florida 7:00 PM
2019-02-16 Calgary Pittsburgh 1:00 PM
2019-02-18 Arizona Calgary 2:00 PM
2019-02-20 N.Y. Islanders Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-02-22 Anaheim Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-02-24 Calgary Ottawa 7:00 PM
2019-02-26 Calgary N.Y. Islanders 7:00 PM
2019-02-27 Calgary New Jersey 7:00 PM
2019-03-02 Minnesota Calgary 8:00 PM
2019-03-04 Toronto Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-06 Calgary Vegas 7:30 PM
2019-03-07 Calgary Arizona 7:00 PM
2019-03-10 Vegas Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-03-12 New Jersey Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-15 N.Y. Rangers Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-16 Calgary Winnipeg 6:00 PM
2019-03-19 Columbus Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-21 Ottawa Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-23 Calgary Vancouver 7:00 PM
2019-03-25 Los Angeles Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-27 Dallas Calgary 7:30 PM
2019-03-29 Anaheim Calgary 7:00 PM
2019-03-31 Calgary San Jose 5:00 PM
2019-04-01 Calgary Los Angeles 7:00 PM
2019-04-03 Calgary Anaheim 7:30 PM
2019-04-06 Edmonton Calgary 8:00 PM
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I'll do one up for tonight's game against the Avs...


But I won't be able to do the game against the Bruins next Wednesday Oct.17th, and quite possibly won't be able to for the game against the Preds on Friday Oct. 19th either depending on how the weather holds out in Jasper...   Been waiting for a good weather window to head out that way and next week looks pretty good...   Time to go hang out in Jasper for a bit,  and take a couple of runs down the Columbia Icefields Parkway...

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Just got back from Jasper...   I can put one together for tonight's game against the Preds, but it will be a few minutes late...

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