Oil @ Flames 8pm Nov 17

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21 minutes ago, Carty said:


I hear ya...   Frolik does a lot of good things quietly...   Things that benefit who he is on the ice with, and also benefit the team...   Often they are not the flashy moves that get the attention, but more like they are strong fundamental components of a good solid hockey skill set...

Frolik was a constant source of agitation, imo. Great forecheck.

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I still think Zack kassian needs to watch that video i linked lol lol and oil fans so they understand why he got a triple minor

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On November 17, 2018 at 8:09 PM, Cowtownguy said:

Not kewl at all. The Rogers commercial is going to be irritating if we fall behind too. The one with the daughter calling her dad about the vehicle breaking down. At times, I mentally rewrite the commercial where she does get out of the car when the truck passes by her.

Bruh!...I can't stand that commercial lol. Thought I was the only one annoyed by it..been rooting for that truck since the 1st time I saw it.  :D

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Just got to watch the game as was blacked out here for 24 hours. 


Old style hockey got to love the emotion in a BoA game even though we were not pretty in the first and second.


Valimaki keeps giving the puck up but he is a rookie so he gets a pass at this stage of his career but like to see him cut that out.

Good intelligence by Tkchuk not to fight Kassian. 

Double minor to Backs at the start of the second what a crap make up call. 


Nice come back but jeez they need to stop those goals in the first 5-10 minutes.

Rittich had another solid game.

Rough night for Gio but Brodie, Hammy, and Hanninfan had good games.

Loved Bennet & Frolik in this game.

Frolik Nean and Ryan line looked good in the 3rd.


2 fanatasitc divisional points.




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