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Flames @ BJ's 5pm Dec 4

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Unfortunately I will miss at least most if not all of the game and end up watching it on the PVR later...   An old friend and longtime hunting/fishing buddy is going to come down from up North so we can eat some *special* brownies and check out the latest and greatest in virtual reality in The Void at The Rec Room in West Edmonton Mall...   https://www.therecroom.com/west-edmonton/games/the-void   Scroll down and click the buttons just under VIRTUAL REALITY GAMES where it says STAR WARS, NICODEMUS and RALPH BREAKS VR for more info and video clips if you are curious about where VR is at these days...   We are going to do the Nicodemus experience...   There are only 10 of these Voids, and just 2 of them are in Canada...   It should be a blast...   :)


If someone can update any changes for the line combo's/goalies later that would be great...


One more thing...




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It would be nice to see them using Jankowski a bit more, even a swap between him and Ryan would be nice. I would also like to see a line of Tkachuk - Bennett - Lindholm, even if just for a PP. I think they could be dangerous.

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1 minute ago, The_Snowbear said:

Hey Td i figured it out if We Trade you to Columbus we can Watch You Jump out of your Skin Everytime that Cannon goes off


Naw, I grew up in a city that we had the noon gun go off every day.

Similar to theirs.

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