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Who will win the Super Bowl Part II.

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great game?  I don't think we watched the same game.  I thought the 2nd half was terrible and boring.

I agree, except I thought it went down hill after the first quarter. Too many short screen plays on both sides, ball fumbling, horrible. Still how did Manning win MVP when he only threw a completion over 20 once.

Oh yeah forgot, Golden Boy.

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yeeeeaaa... here are those American commercials for those who weren't lucky enough to catch them on tv:  

My top 5 favorites:

1. Evil Mapasaurus

2. Hitchiking Hops

3. Snickers Kiss

4. Doritos Distraction

5. What's in a Name?


Some of those are soooooooooo funny, I like the Bud Light Immigrants one :lol: or K-Fed's front.

"What?! Rollin' VIP..."


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