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  2. Yup that Tampa winning the cup with their depth. Had nothing to do with having an elite goalie, number 1 center and Norris Caliber dman. Nah.... I can't tell if it's comical or depressing to be a fan of this organization. Just so stuck in the past.
  3. NOTE - not direct quotes, but essentially what he said. Interesting press conference with Sutter post practice. "Size and grit wins championships" "Having size and grit on your 3rd and 4th line wins...." Asked about Phillips' assessment. "I seen him play 1-2 times, so can't give a fair assessment". Asked about size versus speed in today's game "Vegas came in 3 years ago and are big and fast. Just finished playing for the President Cup. Went to the Cup Finals. Big and fast wins chanpionships. Tampa brought in big and fast last year". The way I read that is your 3rd and 4th lines are grinders and gritty guys.
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  5. As liable to trade for or sign a starter in 3-5 years as draft one. We've drafted a few 1st rounders in G. Name one we had much success with. The majority of our 1st round picks at C, F and D have become everyday NHL'ers, Feaster not withstanding. Let's just go down the road a bit with drafting Cossa (assuming it's not a wasted pick at 10-12). His body of work is really 1.5 seasons at junior. Only this year has he gotten over .921. We get an equivalent player to Mangia[pane or Dube at F, you would be disappointed? Sheesh, tough to please. Is one of the D-men available at 10-13 trending towards being the next Jones? Would you really draft a D-man rated well below the forwards because you want a D?
  6. Well when you said our D situation is in even worse shape, we have lots of common ground there. I would not be disappointed about drafting a D. Particularly rhs, but really any D. I mean to be blunt, our F,D,G pipeline is bleak all around. Not much different than a blank slate. Given that, I think you ideally build it from the net out. We already know we're going to get great forwards in 2022-2023. But not so sure about D and G. That's why I actually see this draft as an opportunity. And if we got a D, I would not be disappointed. Forwards....I would be.
  7. I am not a great judge of up and coming talent for the most part. I just don’t really follow juniors as much as others. If this draft is as shallow as many are projecting, and the ideas around best goalie available at Flames draft spot being a usual 2nd or third round pick, I would seriously look at trading down, likely multiple times, to gain more ammo this year or next. If there are really only 3-5 likely game breakers, why settle for an 8-12 pick in a weak draft when you can drop down 2 or 3 times, grab someone in the mid 20s and then pick up 2 or 3 more 2nd / 3rd round picks. The other option would be to trade up. Use extra picks we have and bigger names (Gaudreau, Monahan, Tkachuk) to move up in the draft. I would prefer trading down and think it is more likely, but if we could move into top 3, it could be worth it. From what I am reading on here, 8-12 range is just not that great this year.
  8. I think it's important to look at what you have in the pipeline and take a step back before you use a 1st on a goalie who might go 2nd round in other drafts. Our pipeline for forwards is shallow. Have to hope that Phillips or Ruzicka or MEP make it from the current pro stock. Zary, Pelletier, Francis from the junior players. That's a 1-3 year timeline with not much else beyond that. I would also be more inclined to go after a D-man this year. than a goalie That's even worse shape. Sure, we may have a few that surprise us, but at this point no foxes. Maybe Kinnvall, but I think he is less of an all-round guy, more an offensive guy. I don't think we are talking about a Valilevskiy level goalie available here. Maybe not even a Spencer Knight. Maybe a Koskinen.
  9. This whole the Flames overdraft LWs things is pretty overblown. Under Treliving Flames have drafted 27 forwards: 14 Centers 4 of which were RS 5 RWs 8 LWs 1 Step further.. 12 Dmen 4 RS This is very in line with the breakdown at the NHL level. So while sure you can make the argument the Flames don't prioritize it (which I think is weak personally because it depends on how the board falls) this idea they don't value RS is false. RWs and in particular RS RW is he shallowest position in hockey. I understand the counter argument is if it's shallow then overdraft it but in order to consider that strategy you have to weight that you overall ability to find players in the draft is going to go down. So at the end of he day do you want assets and players out of the draft or do you just want RS? Further more in considering this year's draft the LW depth of the Flames: Gaudreau is 1 year away from UFA Tkachuk is 1 year away from needing a 9 Mill Qualifying offer. Mang just as productive on either wing Dube comfortable on both wings but yet to establish himself as a top 6 Lucic aging and up in 2 years After that: Pelletier Emillio Petterson end of list IMO the Flames need the best available player/Asset (whatever term you want to use) to add to their stable because all positions are of need.
  10. I think Green said he can't play all the players he wants to because of recall restrictions. Somehow, I don't think that is being enforced. If that's the reason why we can't see player X, then I get that. The comments sound nothing like that. The players on the ice give the impression that some or all will get their shot. Frankly, if we get 3 wins with Yelesin, Mackey, Phillips, Philp, Gawdin, and Zagidulin all on the ice, so be it. At least it lets them know they may be close to NHL. The "vets" can play in those games and understand they are the reason we see a bunch of young guys playing meaningless games. The vets had the chance to go to the playoffs. By vets, I mean all of the guys that played the season, not a few that sat a lot.
  11. For sure. I would shut down all our regulars. This is an opportunity to see what some of these kids can do. For example, let's see if Mackey has improved enough to bring him back next season.
  12. Gaudreau didn't enter the picture. Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube was the default 1st line. The 2nd line made less sense with Gaudreau-Monahan-(Simon, Leivo, Bennett, whatever). I've never liked Bennett on RW; he gets too cramped and moves to middle to try to beat everyone. Bennett got a slight bump after he asked for a trade. But really, at that point Gaudreau-Monahan was completely stagnant. Should have moved Monahan to a different line to get him going. And move Lindy back to RW. Tkachuk-Monahan-Dube Gaudreau-Bennett-Lindholm or Tkachuk-Monahan-Lindholm Gaudreau-Bennett-Dube Not that there was evidence those would work, but really nothing else was. We knew there was chemistry between Bennett and Dube. We knew you could fit Monahan and Lindholm together. We knew we could use Gaudreau and Lindholm together. Blame Wardo for screwing up the lines, but part of that came from BT. MUST USE LINDHOLM AT C. But a real coach uses that as a guideline to get a winning formula.
  13. Lysell, Stankoven (shoirt but built like Debrincat), Lucius, McTavish (C), Bolduc (C), Svechkov (C), Sillinger.... BPA is hard to quantify if you have a lower rated goalie vs a high ranked forward or D. So, if you are comfortable with picking from a small list of goalies (bust probability higher) than a number of players with lower bust potential, have at it. You want to pick Cossa at 10, I get it. Waiting till next year to load up on RHS prospects is a pretty risky strategy. Only have 1x1st next year, right?
  14. I don't view it that way. While it is cool as a fan to see them, and I think that should be part of this, ultimately I believe its more prudent from a development standpoint. I view it most as put the kids in a pressure situation and see how they react. Let them talk away the speed of the game at the NHL level and the little things that are different between NHL and AHL. Let guys like Valimaki and Dube play 20 mins plus and see how they react. You should not react to small sample sizes and that's not the intention. The intention is put players in situations they have experienced before and see how they react and what they can learn. It just sounds like excuses to me and really outside of Gio why should that matter to anyone on the roster? I don't care if Gio plays a bunch the rest of the way but you can do that and still play more kids.
  15. It was a home game for us so... I know no fans in the seats but still. I suspect the Canucks will go with a competitive roster for both of their home games. Then Flames may bring back their veterans for the final home game in Calgary.
  16. Yeah, I just don't really view these games as much. I almost hate them because they can give false impressions. We talk about how we screwed up in 2013 with a 3 game winning streak near the end, but look who was playing or who was playing well near the end Baertschi finished that year with a 7 game point steak, we were playing guys like Hanowski, Cundari, Reinhart. Baertschi didn't carry that over and the rest played their way out of the mix the next year, Spencer Foo also a few years back scored goals in garbage games. Roy Halladay threw a near no-hitter in his second start on the last game of 1998 against the worst team in the league, built up a lot of optimism for him but he got hit hard the next 2 years and had to reinvent himself. It gives more incentive to watch the games, but not a great measuring stick for analyzing what we have IMO.
  17. Can't blame him. Even during the playoffs, that Lucic - Bennett - Dube line was on fire. But can't have that. Must break them up to get Gaudreau going.
  18. This interview is really worth a listen. I recommend everyone listen. I hope Calgary radio is playing it.
  19. But exactly the argument I'm trying to make. Name the RW, RHS's, RD, C's at pick #10/11/12. It's not there. Take a goalie now so we don't need to take one in the next two years where the drafts are stacked with better RHS options.
  20. As hopeful as that sounds, it's just a practice for players not generally practicing. What was the point in trying to get Markstrom another win in a meaningless game in garbage days? Get him another couple of games in Vancouver, so he can win there? I get it. The players want to play. They want to pad their stats. They want to win games. But honestly, I can see no good reason to play Ricthie and Nordstom at the least. They have done enough to prove their future value here. Gio and Tanev are two guys that could easily draw out to give some guys a chance.
  21. I don't think it is necessarily just a Sutter/Flames thing but I don't think that matters. It's just not smart IMO. with the Canucks I can understand it because Green is coaching for an extension or a new job. There is no rationale for Calgary to be doing what they are doing. At least it looks like it won't continue
  22. That is the crux of the argument against taking them with your only 1st round pick. Honestly, we have bigger needs in the next 5 years than a goalie. We should be filling up on RW, RHS's, RD, C's....
  23. I'm hoping that VAN goes on a winning streak so they can feel good. Would rather them pass us than us battling CHI for a worse pick. What bothers me more about winning now is that it sets up some belief that we are close and this season was somehow an outlier. That's the wrong thing that should happen. If injuries are the reason, then shut them down. Take an honest look at the player performances and decide if you expect them to continue that way or return to normal.
  24. Generally speaking yes. That's why you see so few goalies taken in the first round. Goalies are a gamble. For me, the lack of strength in this draft plus our goaltending depth is why I feel we should go with a goalie this draft. If Wolf doesnt pan out and Markstrom declines due to age, then we are scrambling to add goalies via UFA or trade. It's hard to get a good one that way. Cossa and Wallstedt do not look as good as Askarov last year and both have reasons they will bust. Still, we should. I don't think we are in range to draft Wallstedt so it's Cossa.
  25. Yups. We will likely pass them. I'm hoping we drop one game against the Canucks so we don't also pass Chicago.
  26. One thing I didn't take into consideration, Arizona lost it's draft pick. If we pass them, I don't think that changes our ranking.
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