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    i take it you did not listen to his press conference then. He literally said all these things. People.. the off season hasn’t even started yet. I get he’s burned the faith of some and that’s fine but the amount of anger and frustration that is backed up by no actual facts or logic is crazy to me.
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    I'm good with how it has panned out so far. I view the Flames a little differently than others I think. Had we have rolled out the dough for a top RW and LD, that's where I would have been annoyed. The whole, "Brett Ritchie's cheap and fine for the 4th line" mentality is clearly not mine. No he isn't. The biggest problem I have with the Flames is the bottom 6 and lack of G prospects and prospects in general. 2 big names aren't making the base of the problem go away, which imo is not icing a full roster of NHL-quality players. Prospects end up making this team because the roster is so bad. Or worse, camp invites of guys who almost made the NHL. Having a great penthouse view in this league means nothing when your kitchen and living room are a disaster. I'm all for cleaning up the messes first, then move on to improving the view. So I like the Pitlick, Coleman and Lewis additions, because all 3 bring work ethic. Something this team sorely lacks. I'm fine with Zad the Impaler being added on D. Good. Destroy some people. Get ready to see teams always throw the puck to his side because they fear getting hit by him. Long time since we've seen that. 2 young G prospects...gotta walk before you can run. And be patient, because there's a lot more ailing this team than making giant trades and signings imho. The compete level was in the toilet, that HAS to be addressed.
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    Could be but i'm not as concerned. I think what has to be understood about Coleman, and why he is different than other FA targets the Flames have signed, is how well rounded he is. This is not a player who can only score goals (Brouwer, Neal) and he isn't a player like Lucic, who even in his prime was not fleet of foot. Coleman has speed and is a very good skater, impacts the game in all 3 zones, can play special teams (more pk than PP) and still is a good shooter. I think this is a player that even if his offense starts to dry up in 3-4 years you will still likely like because of how intelligent he is, he can still impact the other parts of the game at a very high level even if he is not scoring. In terms of his scoring he is a very consistent 5 on 5 player. Whether or not he can be a 45+ point guy likely would come down to PP time and utilization but his scoring rates at 5 on 5 and very similar to Backlund and over the last 3 seasons his goal scoring rate at 5on 5 would put him 70th in the league. I get the counter argument that you are betting against father time and father time is mostly undefeated. However, at the AAV they gave him I feel it's a really reasonable bet for the Flames even at the term they gave him because of how solid a player Coleman is.
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    Without question. Coleman's a terrific player. Helluva forechecker and boards player. $4.9 is what it is in the current market. We want to be harder to play, he certainly helps with that.
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    I would say you don't have a very good handle on who Coleman is as a player if you are going to argue that he is not much of a step up from Lucic. This is a significant step up from Lucic
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    Lol. Surely you jest. He has Huberdeau on one side of him, at worst Owen Tippett on the other side, sound dmen and good goalie behind him... You're forgetting he doesn't play for the Flames anymore, he's skating with players that aren't stuck in mud and can easily keep up. It's an entirely different world. It isn't small sample size, it's what happens when a good player goes to a team that isn't deathly lazy.
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    Even with Giordano taken in the expansion draft, the Flames only have 18.625 million in projected cap space with only 14 players signed. When you consider that there is a need for at least 20 contracts, most teams carry 22 or 23, the Flames need to use a good portion of the space just to ice enough players. RFAs Dube 1 mil +. Say 1.5 Gawdin 800k Valimaki (over 1 mil) say 1.5 Kylington 900k Mackey 950k Leaves about 13 mil cap space That gives the Flames Gaudreau Monahan?? Tkachuk Lindholm Mangiapane Dube Backlund Pitlick Lucic Gawdin Ritchie Froese Hanifin Andersson Valimaki Tanev Kylington ?? Mackey Markstrom ?? So to ice a team, Flames have 13 mil for a top 6 RW, Bottom pair RD and a backup G. Should be easy enough to do. G and D could be fairly easy holes to fill signing UFAs, but not really a top 6 RW. Palmieri and Armia are likely best options, but both are more middle 6. This team doesn’t scream improved to me, more like downgraded. Ryan > Gawdin Giordano > Kylington Unknown top RW and Backup G Not really filling top RW Unless Treliving finds the perfect RW for Gaudreau and Monahan, I just don’t see the Flames even competing for a playoff spot, let alone the cup. A combination of Nemeth and Montour would improve the D significantly but that will eat up likely around 7 or 8 mil of the cap. Palmieri likely in the 4 - 5 range and Armia in the 3 - 4 range. If we really want to improve, we need to trade out a good player (not a high cap, low output player) in order to get a high end RW in exchange. This likely means one of Gaudreau or Tkachuk needs to be moved. Monahan would be preferred but I think the return for him with injury history means his value is less. I don’t know which RW to target as it depends who is traded, but I just don’t see the Flames improving enough without trading something of quality. Gaudreau Lindholm RW Mangiapane Backlund Palmieri? Dube Zacha Armia Lucic Ruzicka Pitlick Hanifin Tanev Nemeth Andersson Valimaki Montour Mackey Markstrom G This lineup is much stronger on the back end, improves the bottom 6, allows for more cap to afford trading in the 2 top 6 RW that could be had in trading Tkachuk and Monahan. Monahan would likely get Zacha+, at 2.25 and even signing all of Palmieri, Armia, Nemeth and Montour to upper end numbers (17 mil), subtract Tkachuk (traded for RW) and Monahan (13.375 combined) and the difference is 6 million more spent on 5 players than 2. Dropping Gawdin and Kylington contracts means the Flames would have about 9 mil for the top RW and backup G which is very reasonable to achieve. Just my opinion but the second lineup looks much stronger and more balanced while still giving at least 1 young guy a shot. If out of playoffs at TDL, can always trade Gaudreau as a rental if he hasn’t signed extension and bring up a young guy like Pelletier to finish the season. Some ideas to consider anyways.
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    Yeah, there have been a lot of posts these past few days that have been pretty unfair in my opinion. It is a drag losing players for nothing, but I don't think that it is at the sole discretion of the GM. I don't think that Darryl Sutter was a Treliving hire, and I suspect that it was a mandate that came higher up the chain. I would suspect that they also would not have permitted him to trade the captain for futures when they believed that they were in the playoff race - despite what fans may think. They were never going to go out quietly, and they played right up until the end of the season. They missed, and it cost them. They'll probably lose Giordano, and their draft position is not optimal. We've seen this movie before, but the ownership group has the same mandate every year. They didn't hire Darryl Sutter to rebuild, and they're probably going to pay the price for that. The other thing that I have a hard time with when it comes to the asset management debate is that sometimes a player retires. I suspect that Mark Giordano would have happily played out his entire career in Calgary, and while I'm sure that he isn't totally stoked to (probably) be going to Seattle, he might have been even less excited about having been moved at the deadline for a second and third round pick. The guy doesn't owe us picks from Florida or Carolina, he gave us his entire career. I don't have any problem with these guys riding off into the sunset with some grace. Losing Gaudreau for nothing during his prime would be terrible asset management, but allowing a guy to play out his career in the colours that he loves is good for business, good for fans, and good for the organization. Love.
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    This. Full stop. I do understand the desire to fill out RW, and I do see that Hyman was once somewhat productive. But we need to get past signing 30+ guys, small guys, to huge boat anchor contracts and "well Edmonton did it" is NOT a good counter-arguement. Do 3 PTOs. One of them will become just aa good a producer at league minimum cost. Depth problem solved. But our real problem is the quality first line guys. If we are ever to have any kind of hope of solving the actual problem then we can't blow our cap on stuff like this because we're too lazy to come up with in house solutions. We have development minutes available at RW, use them to develop some guys.
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    I don't think it's accurate that only Nashville has been successful developing goalies. If my memory serves, you have to go back to Tim Thomas in Boston as the last time the starting goalie for the Stanley Cup champions wasn't drafted by the winning team. I agree that the Flames are not the only team that struggles in this area. I also agree that great goalies have been found outside of the draft. But I do think great teams often have goalies that came through their system. That all said, I don't think it's all about the Flames failure to develop goalies. Injuries have impacted some of best prospects (Gilles, Parsons), some just didn't pan out (Irving), and we haven't been stacked enough in the prospect pool to draft goalies higher up in the draft. The Flames going in on players like Rittich, Berra, etc is a reaction to not having NHL ready goalie prospects, not the cause.
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    Go for it. If not because we haven’t had a bonified #1 C since Nieuwy, do it because clearly this team isn’t rebuilding given the recent acquisitions. So go for it. Push all your chips in. Screw these half-measures that only make us a middling team in the league. If we ain’t rebuilding, we going for it.
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    I was never a Parsons fan and had the eye test enough watching the Knights. Whoever spotted Rittich should be our main goalie scout. Even if Rittich fell off the earth, at least you could see the solid attributes. Never saw much in Parsons. Just that he was cocky because of the all-star team in front of him.
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    In all honesty I hope neither end up in a Flames uni. Both are too big a risk for the asking price.
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    Welcome to Calgary, Blake Coleman! Like the signing or not, he has the most term of any Flame player, probably deserving of his own thread. I think Flames fans will really enjoy his game.
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    Wouldn't mind Stone back tbh. He looked pretty good in the limited viewings this past season and still has a cannon.
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    We don't want Ceci at all. He's going to be a trainwreck on the Oilers backend. I'm thankful they signed him and paid him as much as they did.
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    By the looks of it, they wanna stop being soft and lazy, finally.
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    He was at a near 50 point pace pro-rated this year playing on a 3rd line. It's 600K and one year less than Hyman who benefits from playing with superstars. Not a great deal, but for someone who complains about speed and effort, this is your guy.
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    I agree, but I think that it’s the previous years not getting D in last year’s draft or enough in others to make up for “the now” that we are in need of today. It’s no different than when we lost Iginla and Kipper. There has been no succession plans. I am happy Giordano was taken in the Expansion Draft. Glad we got a bit for Bennett. But we now have a big hole or two in the top2D. We have a hole in bottom pair RD if we use Tanev or Andersson in the top pair… Bottom pair is easier to fill, but then we’d typically like that spot for a young up and comer D to gain experience (maybe). Then RHS wingers or forwards, no plans there either, nor one for a #1C. we can say all we want that Monahan would be that, i always saw him as a 2C and only got the 1C for playing with Johnny and Hudler. He’s a 45-50 point guy without them, sort of a better scorer than Langkow, without langkow’s two-way game. He’d have gotten there if he’d shut things down once injured… so I agree with the lack of planning…
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    Virtanen has had a rough career so far. Called out for lack of focus on the game over the past few years, coming into training camp out of shape. That alone is a reason that his buyout makes sense and why he should be avoided. Initially he was being sued for sexual assault in May but is now being investigated by police for criminal charges. While not in court yet, it is a red flag. If he was at the level of a P. Kane, might be worth a look, but not with the combination of factors currently against him. Once his legal situation clears courts, he is likely headed overseas, even if found not guilty. Either that or heading to a small market, not hockey focused team like Arizona.
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    Yikes! Maybe a good way to keep Johnny here to have a #1C to play with. Just so worried about the price. likely next years 2022 1st rounder and I would bet it wouldn’t be Lotto protected. Then we lose out and win the lotto we are screwed! I just can’t see it being worth it.
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    I love the one payer we got Cameron Whynot well Whynot
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    When teams know it gets him off his game, they keep doing it. Double edged sword. He should know by now he has to play through it and stay focused on the task at hand. He tries to do too much alone when he’s pissed off.
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    I like a lot of what the Flames did in the draft. Only thing I'd have liked to see would have been more RHS. Only 1 of 8 selections shoots right. The reason the Flames have had to pay a premium for Hamilton and Hamonic is because they just haven't drafted enough RHD in the past decade. It also leads to the team having to pay big money to Tanev. Right now the RHD depth beyond the NHL roster is Kinnvall and a project in Jake Boltmann. It's not quite as dire in the forward ranks, but far from ideal. Gawdin/Phillips/Tuulola/Philp/Zavgorodny as well as the newly signed Duehr in Stockton. Coronato and another project in Josh Nodler playing college hockey. Ryan Francis in the Q. Again, I do like how the Flames have drafted under BT and I totally get that the reality is more players shoot left than right, but when you hardly draft righties, you end up having to pay a premium to acquire them.
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    That’s my bad. I was actually asking this from a truly open minded standpoint. I thought I read the laws a while back, and read them as I had posted them. I was wondering from a genuinely concerned standpoint. Good to know, and it helps shed light on the situation for me personally.
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    Bummer. I have all these plans for today, and I'm waiting on this pick so that I can get started. Bastards... Love.
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    agreed. I like Stankoven and Pastujov the most.
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    The way the board is shaping up, I think the Flames have a shot at a really good player in the 2nd. Likely one that you could argue is a 1st round talent. Personally, I'd love Stankoven.
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    Back in 2014, a lot of time was spent arguing “which Sam”. Florida looks to be getting both
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    Yzerman really does have a plan. That’s how you plan ahead to the future. Plus if Cossa ends up a player they can move their current young goalie to make room for Cossa.
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    Y'know, I'm pretty excited about this pick. He's New York Italian, and I've got James Pietragallo in my head. He'll definitely have the boys over because he cares deeply about his sauce, he's got a cool nickname, and he wears my favourite number. Love.
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    "Good strong wrist..." Phrasing, Bro. He's a teenager. Love.
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    Don't mind the Pitlick deal at all. I was really hoping they could keep both 3rd's in 21 and 22 and they did. I'll tell ya what, I'd rather have Pitlick for 1yr at 1.75 than Goodrow for 6 at 3.6.. Pitlick has also played less games and has a slightly higher pt/g than Goodrow.
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    What's rhymin' with Hyman? Love.
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    5 years ago when we re-signed Gio to a 6 yr $40.5M deal not many liked the 6th year of that deal except Gio. If we had known then that an expansion team would take him off our hands the final year of his contract then it was a slam dunk re-signing. If Gio stayed this season he would have still been good value here while leading the team one more year. Gio is a leader, seeing him show up live on the Seattle stage was not surprising, he is a solid dude. The Kraken have added a great dman this season. We had to give up somebody. The team will definitely miss Gio but the Flames were forced to turn the page. All the best Gio and thank you for the great many years.
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    Appears to be official. End of an era
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    Zach Hyman mutual interest in Calgary, Kevin Lebanc talk - NHL Rumors: Zach Hyman Possibilities Plus the San Jose Sharks | NHL Rumors Also: Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman is trying to create the roster space to be able to add Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones. They were trying to move RFA defenseman Nikita Zadorov. NHL Rumors: Expansion, Calgary Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning and the Winnipeg Jets | NHL Rumors
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    So guys, with Danault not signing in MTL, do you think they’d be interested in Backlund as a replacement? Same role. Similar contract to what was offered to Danault. in return we ask for the rights to Danault and a pick? I think Backlund would waive to go to recent cup contenders. And I think it’s time we move on from him.
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    If $7 x 7 is a reasonable deal for him, what I was trying to say is on a sign and trade I’d rather go $6.125 x 8, same money, we just get one more year with less cap. And yes I know the QO for Tkachuk is a bit of an anchor for this team, not the player, but the cap hit. But going back to what brew said, I’m not willing to part with 12OA if that’s the ask from Buffalo
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    These boards are kind of all over the map right now, and I know there is a lot of Hyman Hype right now. But if we’re talking $6 mil / year on a long term contract. Wouldn’t that money be better put to someone like Reinhart? What is the trade ask for him right now? Would Dube and a 2nd be enough? Could we do a sign and trade and do something like $5.5 x 8? I feel like it could be a second Lindholm for the team? Does it make too much sense for the flames to make a move like that? Please let Vancity or the Coilers give big money to Hyman.
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    Oh, just for one upsmanship, Carty gave me my Yzerman game-worn jersey. lol We met when I took him to a game just because, never met before. But he gave me the jersey on my 3rd visit, I brought 420, whom we'd never met. It was a blast. If I were still in Calgary, I'd promote that a lot more, not sure what took me so long.
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    I’ve said this before but I could see the flames doing a full court press of Hyman. He checks literally every box of what they need and are looking for in a player. It won’t be a good deal, no high profile UFa signings are, but I could see them doing it. I don’t think he’s going to get anywhere near the term that’s being thrown out there thought. That feels like an agent leaking that.
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    Here's how I see the teams that Friedman mentioned. ANA- He mentioned on 960 yesterday that Buffalo wants the 3rd overall pick +. We'll see what happens prior to expansion, but the closer it gets to draft day, the less likely I see ANA moving that pick. This is the time of the year where teams fall in love with the prospects they will draft. MIN- They have two prospects in Boldy and Rossi that are likely better than any kids the Flames can offer. I would wonder how the Sabres feel about Rossi though, they picked Quinn over Rossi. They also have two later 1st's this season. I VGK- Krebs and Brisson are pretty similar prospects to Zary/Pelletier. Vegas needs to jump through a lot of hoops to make this happen. They also have a lot of NTC's, and like TB, nobody wants to leave that team. BOS- I think they have almost no shot at landing Eichel. First of all, why traden him in division? Second, they have spent so much draft capital trying to win-now. I struggle to see how they get it done. NYR- They could get it done, but I have a hard time seeing BUF sending him cross-state. Probably takes Lafreniere for the Sabres to send him there. LA- I don't see them doing it. Byfield may well be better than Eichel. I also don't see the Kings spending 30mill on 3 players. I actually think the Flames have a shot at Eichel, unlike others. - Aside from ANA, they can offer the Sabres the highest 1st of any of those teams. Again, I'm not convinced ANA is moving the 3rd pick, we'll see though. - In the 21 and 22 draft Calgary has 9 picks in the first 3 rounds. Most of any team that Elliotte mentioned. BOS has 4 ANA has 6 MIN has 8 VGK has 5 NYR has 6. If Buffalo wants to truly tear it down, the Flames certainly have the ability for BUF to stock up on top 100 picks. Then there's Tkachuk. While I don't think Tkachuk fits with the Sabres trajectory, if they acquired him, they are getting a heck of an asset. If the Sabres were to flip Tkachuk, they could get even more assets. I think the interest in Tkachuk would be very high.
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    id be pretty happy with that deal actually and honestly that trade is better than I would have expected. Your getting younger, faster, more upside and the best thing is your saving a bunch of cap space. If the flames trade Monahan I would assume they would need to take on a bunch of money in return so if they can get some good young assets without doing that, that’s a big win for me. Not big on Jones but there is upside there that is enticing but I do like Chytil. I think a Chytil could be ok the cusp of being a really good two way center. Not sure the gap from Monahan to a Chytil is as big as it looks on paper.
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    My fear here is that the Flames ownership group is looking closely at the Habs success, and are feeling validated in their assertion that, "All you need to do is get in!" Love.
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    Lol....the tanking debate never gets old lol Seriously, Tampa tanked and Tampa rebuilt from the ground up. They did a lot of development and they made far smarter decisions. They didn't just miss all their first round picks, they have multiple franchise players from those first round picks. Vasilevskiy, Stamkos, Hedman literally define them it's absurd to mock their first round returns. Not even including the bank they made on DeAngelo, Druin, and many of the other active NHLers they got in the first round. Yes, you need to do well past the first round. And this gets into where they succeeded and Edmonton didn't. If you take all of Tampa's first round picks, but they fail past the first round, you don't have a cup winner. You have an Edmonton. If you take all of Tampa's later picks, but exclude the first round, you have yourself an average team. Not a cup winner. There's no point in fingering where they got lucky, you win cups this frequently you have to be firing on all cylindars and they were doing just that. Would Tampa have won these cups without tanking? Not a chance. Would Tampa have won these cups without great trades? Not a chance. Would Tampa have won these cups without great drafting and development in later rounds? Not a chance. A rebuild isn't the solution, it's just the starting point. Fail to take that step and just accept being average forever IF you manage to get everything else perfect. ps....I won't go through the whole list, but again those picks aren't just luck. Remember when we picked Wotherspoon, for absolutely no good reason at all? Remember who was picked next? Kucherov. Who was literally already succeeding in the KHL. That's not luck. That's us and a bunch of others being dummies. Then you've got development. When's the last time we drafted a player like Kucherov? Backlund is when. So we take him and promote him and throw him on the fourth line and let him rot. Tampa made sure Kucherov never played a single minute away from the first line. As soon as it became clear that the KHL didn't know how to develop him, he was in the QMJHL, first line. Then, the AHL, first line. He was developed to succeed. We have no idea what this is.
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    The guy was 21 years old at the time of the trade, from a pure production standpoint he wasn't far off what Hedman did in his first 3 years. It seems odd with young players, when Bennett wasn't panning there are a million excuses, Hanifin develops slow in a position that generally develops slower and he's just crappy. Theres always the alternative of losing for nothing. If the Flames went out shopping his rights teams are going to clue in that there are signing issues. I believe Carolina made the deal knowing his intentions. Maybe he gets hurt his junior year, the ball was really in the Rangers court the whole time do you take the gamble that the Rangers want him after his junior year, because if they were going to wait for his senior year the Flames aren't getting anything by that point. I didn't love the trade at the time and was a big Dougie fan, but we did pretty good in that trade, as much as we think we could get a kings ransom for him the fact Dougie was being shopped around for the 2nd time at the age of 25 I do think that might've raised some red flags, maybe not in terms of teams interested, but in what they are willing to give up. People need to get over this one.
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