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    Opening night 2021/22 season. Round 1 Battle of Alberta @ SATURDAY 16 OCTOBER 2021 8PM MT CBC SNE SNO SNP SPORTSNET FAN960
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    I've been seeing this a lot around here lately, so I did some Javascript for you using the List of Calgary Flames draft picks Wikipedia page. This code will get you the entire list, and you can sort it in the console (if you don't know how to do that, if you hold CMD-option-J, it'll open up for you in Chrome, and, an important point - if you want to run any of these, you'll need to run this one first): const rows = Array.from(document.querySelectorAll('table.wikitable.sortable.jquery-tablesorter tr')) let players = [] rows.forEach(row => { const cells = Array.from(row.childNodes) const player = { draftYear: cells[1].innerText, round: cells[3].innerText, name: cells[7].innerText, position: cells[11].innerText, } players.push(player) }) console.table(players) For the sake of this exercise, I have limited the data to only include the draft from 2011 until the most recent draft using this snippet: let range = [] players.map(player => (player.draftYear >= 2011 ? range.push(player) : null)) console.table(range) Of course, that snippet can be modified to show any range that you would like. If you want to filter by position, you can run this code: const lw = range.filter(player => player.position.includes('LW')) console.log(lw) And if you want to narrow it down even more, you can use this one to filter by position, and by round: const lw1 = range.filter(player => player.position.includes('LW') && player.round === '1') console.log(lw1) If you run the code, you'll see that since 2011, the Flames have selected 71 players. Of the 71, 12 have been LW (which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect based on six positions). Of the 12, four of them were selected in the first round. One way that the data could be manipulated to suit your narrative is that since 2011, the Flames have selected four LW with 11 first-round picks - better than 1/3 (although, they've chosen four C as well). Also, interestingly, the Flames historically don't value LW as much as you might expect. At least, not at the draft table. Out of the exactly 400 Calgary Flames draft picks, only 59 have played LW. The math suggests that you'd anticipate it'd be a much more Satanic 66.6 left wingers. Not surprisingly, in Alberta, there's always been a tendency to lean to the right... including at the NHL Entry Draft. The Flames have drafted 72 right wingers. Here's the code: const allTimeLW = players.filter(player => player.position.includes('LW')) const allTimeRW = players.filter(player => player.position.includes('RW')) console.log("LW: ", allTimeLW) console.log("RW: ", allTimeRW) Love.
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    Thought a thread tracking the NCAA prospects would be handy. Mitchell Mattson -C - Michigan State - 2016 5th Round Pick - Senior Mitchell Mattson - Elite Prospects 21/22 - 1GM 0G 0A 0 Pts 0+/- Outlook: With only 5 points in over 50 career NCAA games, Mattson is having difficulties cracking the Spartans lineup in his senior season, I'm 99.9% certain this is the end of the road for him. Demetrios Koumontzis - LW - Arizona State - 2018 4th Round Pick - Senior Demetrios Koumontzis - Elite Prospects 21/22 - 6GM 2G 0A 2 Pts -2 +/- Outlook: Koumontzis had a decent freshman season with 20 points, Koumontizis stock has fallen drastically with only 8 and 10 points in his sophomore and junior seasons. A big season is likely needed to earn a contract, my guess is it is also the end of the road for him in the organization. Josh Nodler - C/RW - Michigan State - 2019 5th Round Pick - Junior Joshua Nodler - Elite Prospects 21/22 4GM 1G 3A 4 Pts 1 +/- Outlook: Nodler is off to a solid start to his junior campaign, coming off a sophomore season which on the surface 11 points in 27 games leaves a lot to be desired, his 11 points were still only 2 points off the team lead on an offensively challenged Spartans team, which he also managed to be an even player on a team with a -38 goal differential while often being tasked with playing oppositions . I believe Nodler will be in the system, possibly as early as next season. Jake Boltmann - D - Notre Dame - 2020 3rd Round Pick - Sophomore Jake Boltmann - Elite Prospects 21/22 3GM 0G 2A 1+/- Outlook: Originally committed to Minnesota, Boltmann switched to Notre Dame midway through last season, after not recording a point in 19 games with the Irish last season, he has recorded 2 early on this season. Still don't know much about Boltmann and is still early, but he should be viewed as a project and may take all 4 years. Matthew Coronato - RW - Harvard - 2021 1st Round Pick - Freshman Matt Coronato - Elite Prospects 21/22 0GM 0G 0A 0+/- (First game October 29th) Outlook: Given the first round status, much should be expected. We should get an early glimpse of Coronato over the holidays during the WJC. The question with Coronato going forward will most likely be when. Recent history has most 1st rounders going no more than 2 years. With the NHL and AHL seasons going into late April it isn't out of the question that he is playing in the organization by the end of the season, but I think a good season at Harvard will be needed to do that. I will do my best at updating the stats as the season goes. Overall I get the list isn't going to generate a lot of excitement, Coronato will get the buzz but Nodler and Boltmann are definitely intriguing prospects to pay attention to this year, and what do you know all 3 shoot right.
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    Well the good news is Bennett got a hat trick tonight!!! ……oh….
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    Zac Rinaldo also won't vaccinate, so Columbus won't allow him in camp. Duncan Keith probably had a change of heart once he found out Alberta is paying $100, and Mike Smith we all know just doesn't handle shots well.
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    Well, Sir, I will keep my eyes open for you. I don't mind shipping something out to you if there's a deal to be had! Love.
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    Hey @rocketdoctor - today I got a smokin' deal at a local shop in Calgary. It's not a hoodie, but I wasn't looking for one... I strolled into a Sport Chek, and this was 50% off the yellow tag price, so it was $30! I wasn't in the market, but it was too good a deal to leave behind. I did a quick Canada Post search for a shipping rate based on a package that was 30x30x10, and weighed 1kg. There are seven options, with International Surface being the least expensive. It might take awhile to get to England, but the lowest rate was $28. I don't know if you'd be interested in something like that, but if you are, I don't mind picking one up and sending it your way. Also, I posted it here in case anyone local is looking for a good deal on a jersey. They have some blanks, and some Johnnys. Love.
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    Bit late on this, but wanted a central place to discuss things related to the Heat. Stockton so far is 1-1 on the season but their first lost was a 1-0 OT loss. Once they get Zary back this look to me to be the best collection of talent the Flames farm team has had in some time, probably since 16-17. I'm intrigued with what Mitch Love could do with this club. Certainly been some time since they had a goalie as promising as Wolf. Roster as of opening day. Ryan Francis signed an PTO with the Heat. Can last up to 25 games and he is still eligible for Junior this year. GOALIES 31 – Andrew Shortridge 32 – Dustin Wolf 35 – Adam Werner 40 – Matt Greenfield 50 – Daniil Chechelev DEFENSEMEN 2 – Connor Mackey 3 – Greg Moro 4 – Kevin Gravel 5 – Colton Poolman 6 – Ilya Solovyov 7 – Nick DeSimone 10 – Alec McRea 37 – Yan Kuznetsov 45 – Andy Welinski FORWARDS 9 – Ryan Olsen 11 – Matthew Phillips 16 – Mark Simpson 17 – Dmitry Zavgorodniy 18 – Byron Froese 20 – Alex Gallant 23 – Justin Kirkland 24 – Martin Pospisil 25 – Eetu Tuulola 26 – Reid Perepeluk 27 – Ryan Francis 29 – Adam Ruzicka 34 – Walker Duehr 39 – Luke Philp 46 – Emilio Pettersen 49 – Jakob Pelletier
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    Going to our home opener first home opener ever for me
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    For what it’s worth I was listening to NHL Radio on Sirius, and the host had someone game Jason Fraser on (I think from elite prospects). They were talking about prospects to watch this year, but at the end of the interview, he was asked where he thought Eichel would end up, and without hesitation he said, “the flames”. It kind of took the host by surprise, but he had no reservations on his words. I don’t know if it’s personal opinion or based off of insider information. I tried all day to find the clip but I couldn’t, so I apologize for that, but it was definitely interesting. He was then asked what they would have to give up and he bailed our and said, some salary and some first round draft picks. Like I said, take it for what it’s worth, but combine that with Friedman saying Calgary tried very hard this summer, smells like a lot of smoke.
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    Hindsight is boring. Move on.
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    There isn't a right or wrong way to be a fan. If you want to cheer for an individual player or players, go for it. If you are more interested in team success good on you. If its a bit of both for you and you want to see your favorite players on your favorite teams, there is nothing wrong with that. I do think fans can be a bit fickle. The threshold between untouchable and 'get them the heck of my team' can be a bit small at times. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting a Giordano trade due to the draft expansion, his age, and his cap. There is absolutely nothing wrong with suggesting the Flames make changes to the current core given the past track record, and that includes trading core player like Gaudreau or Tkachuk. I really like Gaudreau. I have a signed heritage jersey from his rookie season. I also get he is a pending UFA and the Flames haven't done a lot of winning the last number of seasons. Tkachuk might be my favorite player in the NHL. But I get he is a pending RFA, the Flames will be capped out at LW, and that his entire family is on record bragging about being difficult come negotiation time. I don't feel the slightest bit guilty for any suggestion I might make about moving one of those two guys.
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    The trade X top player from the Flames for something suggestions aren’t about turning on the players. In the salary cap era, especially with flat or almost flat cap, and the fact that Calgary needs to re-sign Tkachuk, Gaudreau, Mangiapane, Zadorov plus at least 4 other forwards and 1 other D with 5.25 million to cover all raises. Maybe an extra 400 k if you can replace 800 and 900 k contracts with 750 k contracts, but that is still not much. Tkachuk already makes 7 million and is supporting the idea that Brady holds out to get the money he wants. Likely Matt will look at holding out too unless he is getting 9+. If JG gets an extra 2 mil, and Mangiapane gets 2 mil extra, that eats all the cap and then some with nothing to sign the other 5 needed contracts. So it has nothing to do with a lack of loyalty but being realistic about the fact that the team will not be able to keep everyone, regardless of what they want, so you need to make trades. In 2 seasons we will be able to save on the Lucic contract when Monahan needs a new contract, but that is a year too late. In order to trade Lucic, you will need to retain salary or bring back an equally bad contract so that is not helpful. The Flames were losing someone in the expansion draft regardless. Your choices would have been turning your back on Giordano, Hanifin, Andersson or Tanev. So you lose a big D piece regardless. The only way to stop that would have been to mortgage the future by trading significant picks. So loyalty to Giordano for a couple of years while gutting the team in a few years once Giordano retired. Loyalty and emotional decisions are great to have, but you will end up getting angry later. So yes let’s be loyal to all our players, cheer for them hard this season and watch 1 or more walk away for nothing next summer because there simply isn’t enough cap space to sign them all. Or we can choose to trade at least 1 player to improve the team now and in the future. That is a loyalty to the team rather than individual players.
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    First game of the exhibition season. 7pm at the Dome Two Flames I'm most interested in tonight are Vladar and Pelletier.
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    God yeah. I'm not on the fence, there is no fence.lol Let's talk about reffing! Want a tear down and rebuild? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Want Eichel? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. Want a 1st Rd draft goalie? Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. We aren't working in absolutes here. It's easy to be a contrarian to any stance, because there is never a right way. But for me, I like what we've done. My #1 complaint last year was a lousy bottom 6. A lousy mix of low IQ, go-thru-the-motions players. No identity. Which team do we get today? They couldn't deal with any adversity, just stayed the course of doubting themselves, it seemed. Adding Pitlick, Richardson, Lewis, Coleman, for me, are important adds. 4 guys that won't float around with their thumb up their Hash Rate wondering what to do. I think that's important. I literally gave up watching last year's pathetic mess of a roster. I like this roster A LOT better. It doesn't make me right, but I can get behind it. Question for everyone. What did you want our offseason changes to be?
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    it was entirely George Canyons fault for putting the team to sleep with his rendition of the anthems
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    Good people here. Very good people here. Just another example of it. Kudos Heartmelter.
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    The season is only 2 games in and the sky is falling already?
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    While I wouldn't say I disagree I think one of the biggest issues with this team for the last several seasons is a lack of accountability, in particular on their bigger name players. While I would say not there were egregious mistakes in the game there were multiple situations where I think players should know better. I think raising the bar in terms of accountability is a good thing for this group.
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    Typical response again, cannot finish, cannot hold a lead, cannot fight to win. Eichel has my vote, need to make something happen. Still not a Sutter fan either, don't hate me its just an opinion. So sick of this team already BT where are you?
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    Sitting 5th in pts - 8 4th in goals - 5 Through 5 games.
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    yup! I don’t get the complacency. I want to win every game!
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    I agree! It doesn’t make sense to me, especially with a great passer like Gaudreau! He should be setting up those passes for either Monahan or lindholm.
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    The PK looked ok to me actually. The first McDavid PP goal was a lucky deflection that happened to land on his tape for a wide open cage. The 2nd McDavid PP goal was us forgetting where 97 was on the ice, and a beautiful one-timer setup. In fact, I find it extremely odd that we continue to keep players on their strong stick side on our PP. that Gaudreau to Lindholm pass would have been buried in the net if Lindholm was left-handed. But, we’ll just keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The Derek Ryan goal was good hand-eye on Ryan’s part, and poor body coverage on ours. We were inside on Ryan and somehow allowed him to get a whack at it 🤷🏻‍♂️. Gudbranson skated better than I anticipated, but he is a 100% reactionary player. 0% anticipation or hockey smarts. His play is as follows: 1) Ignore the play in the defensive zone 2) only focus on being physical with the opponent in front of the net 3) Allow the opponent to get 3 or 4 whacks at the puck and goalie in front of the net 4) punch or cross check him from behind after the fact. 5) repeat. As for the offense, I don’t care what the shot clock reads. It’s the same old 1 and done flames. No one in front of the net. Not for a deflection, a pass, nor a rebound - it blows my mind how we create a pentagon in the offensive zone and everybody is within 5ft of the boards. Of course we can’t score. 100 shots from the perimeter might net you 1 or 2 I guess. But, Mangiapane… for all of you who put him in trade proposals I don’t get it. The one guy that BRINGS the puck to the net. HOUNDS the puck in the offensive zone. I mean, name me another player on the flames that looks like he’s trying to score every shift? Im sorry, but I can’t. Im not knocking Chucky’s net front presence, nor Johnny’s penchant for setting up his teammates in the Ozone, but every shift Mangiapane looks like he’s trying to score. I don’t see that from anyone else. Go ahead and tell me it’s only game 1, and I’ll ask you what you’ve been watching the last 4-5 years. There were some bright spots, but not in the areas we need it the most.
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    Hat trick for Poirier last night. pretty good shot for a dman.
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    I want to rock and roll all night and part of every day! Love.
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    let’s go 7-2-1 to start the season! we going seven game stints? then 4-2-1 might do! KISS!!! (Keep It Simple Stupid)
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    I have conflicting thoughts when it comes to Tkachuk. I don’t know if I can totally nail down all the reasons, but it is enough for me to say that he is not on my untouchable list and is actually higher on my trade list. The conflict comes from the fact that I like how he is very talented, not afraid to mix it up, plays with emotion and mainly works hard. These are all traits you want in a player. What I don’t like is that he is already at 7 mil cap hit and will likely be looking at a contract in the 9-10 range next season. When he is on his game and being effective, he is a pest, drawing penalties and frustrating teams. This puts a target on his back and his body will take a lot of abuse, likely meaning a shorter career. When he is not playing his game, he is less effective and just tries to be overly fancy. So while I appreciate his abilities and emotions, there are other factors at play. Personally I would not do Eichel for Tkachuk 1-1 right now as the neck injury risk is too high. Gaudreau is likely a non-starter for Buffalo, same with Monahan as the Sabres are looking for youth. I would prefer to keep Mangiapane over Tkachuk because he has the skill, emotion and work ethic without the pest which protects his body more. If Eichel can be had for non-roster players then I would be ok with it except that salary needs to go the other way. Not sure who would go.
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    I don't know where scouts got it wrong with Chychrun because when I watched the under 18s I saw a number one dman. I thought he was fantatic at that tournament and should have eased concerns about his stock, but it seemed to fall. To have guys like Jake Bean and Juolevi go ahead of him didn't make sense at the time and makes less sense today. Seems to me to be a case of over analysis on his game, which I find can happen when guys are pegged at number 1 for such a long length of time. Miss by a lot of scouts though IMO. Take this for what it's worth, but post draft Burke has stated a few times that they had Juolevi and Tkachuk tied. Perhaps someone else was ahead of them but given their love for Tkachuk that would appear doubtful.
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    Also the 3rd times the charm for that franchise '90's Niedermayer, Jovo '00's Weiss, JBo and Horton + an absolute robbery of the Islanders.
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    1. Will the Flames make the playoffs? Yes 2. Pacific Division Standings Predictions? 1.Vegas 2. Calgary 3. Seattle 4. Edmonton 5. LA 6. SJ 7. Vancouver 8. Anaheim 3. Flames Top Three Scorers? 1. Tkachuk 2. Gaudreau 3. Lindholm 4. Eichel 4. Will Gaudreau be traded this season or sign an extension? Signed
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    Right now, I think the absolute best case scenario would be Eichel returns after the olympic break. Maybe he's able to play in the Olympics, not sure if he would be healthy in time though. The longer this goes, the better the chances for the Flames. I would imagine BT hasn't stopped calling the Sabres. It's becoming clear that the Sabres aren't going to get anywhere near their original asking price. I still really believe that they won't trade him to an Eastern Conference team.
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    I would rather see what Ottawa would give up for Matt
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    but generally you are right and we should keep our expectations about individual performances low.
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    Speaking of which, I just hung this 7' poster in the pain cave... if this isn't motivating, it's never going to happen for me. Love.
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    I don’t usually like quoting you, as it seems like your mind is made up on most things, and you cleverly disguise your feelings in a way that is not demeaning but passive aggressively pushing your narrative. That being said, whether you agree with the direction of the team or not, I believe the team does have a direction. I also think that BT has been trying to move this team in a different direction for awhile, and with any thing we do in life, when striving for greatness, there will always be missteps. The only difference between me and you, and an NHL GM is every mistake is magnified by Mainstream Media, hundreds of thousands of fans, social media, etc.... I also know that the overwhelming LS LW is a thorn in your side, but I believe that the character of the people he has been drafting and trading for is an attempt to create a culture shift. Last draft I thought Braden Schneider would’ve been a better pick than Zary, but I don’t think that Schneider moved the needle as far as the character traits they wanted. This is one example I can think of to show you what they’re thinking and how they’re trying to change the attitude, the character, and the culture of the team. And I know you’re going to post other examples of they’re failures, what I’m hoping as a true Flames Fan, support the players that fire you up and tolerate the ones that infuriate you. Rant done 😉
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    That isn't actually true. JG, Mony, Lindholm, Tkachuk, Backlund, Hanifin, Tanev, Markstrom? Mangia, Dube, Andersson, Valimaki coming along. Decent prospect pool behind them. Not getting the panic. That's a good mix of players. Can we end the doom and gloom already? Do we need another "Real Fan" thread?lol Let's stop pretending every player we have will be the worst version of themselves. We aren't bad with a really good coach/teacher. If you just wanna Satoshi Nakamoto on every player we have, please spare us. We get it, Can we end the "sky is falling" crap? It's not. Nothing is ever as bad as it can be made out to be. Not telling everyone to be a cheerleader, but jfc, stop being anti-Flames. Thousands of fans think they know better. Great. Geniuses. Detroit's my other team. They aren't good. But I'm a fan, I don't Satoshi Nakamoto all over them. Our roster isn't as bad a recipe as gets depicted. It's a good roster, lest you guys wanna lace 'em up and show me the errors of my ways. When you stop complaining about it, you may see a pretty competitive team.
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    Did you watch his presser? Very forthcoming. "I put on the equipment and went out there, so I'm not making excuses". Was it his call or the team's? Fighting for a playoff spot so he kept trying. His biggest weapon is his shot, so it's sad that's what was affected the most. I'm not a fan of trading him. Injuries have hampered him. And it's not like he doesn't know that it's been disappointing. Hip, shoulder, wrist. Hopefully he's now fully healthy and learned from those injuries. We talk about players wanting to be here. He's one that does. Hopefully him and Johnny get back to ham and cheese. Mony's injuries affect Johnny too. More Moneyhands, goodbye injuries.
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    I just enjoy teasing in good fun. JJ's been waxing me lately in this forum's hockey pool, so I have to get my shots in out of spite.lol But yeah, if someone responds to me angrily when I tease, I'll put a like on their post that I'm not being nasty, just keeping it fun. But at the end of the day, when we know we don't actually NEED Ritchie on the roster, we're a better team. I like that we're fixing our bottom 6 first. Now our whole roster are NHL players, outside of Gudbranson, but I'll have to trust Sutter on that one. Maybe he can teach him how to play D effectively. Richardson, Lewis and Pitlick. I may be on an island thinking how important a 6-8min/gm 4th line is, but I do. Was never a Ryan fan, at any price. I like it now. Pitlick's going to love playing with Backlund. Our 3rd and 4th lines are fixed now imho. That helps the top 6 a lot. Now Sutter has really solid matchup options. He won't need to lean on any 1 line, he can roll out Backlund's line against 1st lines if he wants to get good matchups for our top 6. I like what I see. What I really can't wait for is a healthy Monahan to remind us that he's a really good player. Even with the bad hip, he didn't lose many PP draws. His injuries haven't been recurring same injury. He's a slot guy with a great shot, so he's been targeted. But we're deeper now. He'll have a big yr. We didn't have big changes to the core so everyone's angry. But we had really good changes to the support cast. Personally, that's what I wanted. Stars can't be stars without a solid support cast. No star in this league does it alone. Except Kucherov and Panarin.lol
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    if Peeps, JJ, TMac, and I are popular… ok, There might be a few more… maybe we are the cool kids in here? I just want a competitive team. It’s hard watching a team play for a few minutes then suddenly look like they’ve forgotten how to play, or look like they don’t know how and then suddenly when behind the eight ball they now know they need to play. Games are not fun to watch when there isn’t an honest effort, or big gaffes occur too often. I can watch a bad team play if they actually try. I’m a Flames fan, that’s true to all of us. After the Cup win, and the slow death of that team and moving on, seeing them at least try was good enough for me. Did I want them to win? Yes, but I was proud that they never said die… I know I said that game 7 of Tampa was my favourite game, not for the first 40, but how they fought and tried for that last 20, I was nearly in tears with how they attacked. Wished they did that earlier, but if not for the Khabiboulin it might have been a different outcome.
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    Matches what I think of Dube. Last guy I'd wanna trade. He'll be wearing an "A" in this league, at minimum. Against what many see, I think Sutter loves Dube and Valimaki. He's very good with young players, people just don't like his tactics. Dube is an excellent player, ready to breakout imho.
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