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    7GP - 4G - 6A - 10P (+7) 19 PIM which was mostly a fight when he stuck up for his teammate Averaging just over 18 Minutes a night, and is on the 1st PP unit I am overjoyed for Benny, and exhaustingly frustrated that we weren’t able to realize his potential. I hope this is an eye opener for people calling for chuckys head. Players need to be put in a position to succeed, just look at Benny.
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    NEWS And not Flames related but congratulations to Patrick Marleau on surpassing Gordie Howe's most games played.
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    Also being able to talk to Barkov can't hurt. Only a year older, but Barkov is likely the best 2 way C in the game today. Add in the coaching, and Tre definitely have Sam the best opportunity out there. That can't be overlooked either. He really did what was best for team and player.
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    😁👍🏻🔥🔥🔥 10 games with FLA. 6 goals, 9 apples, 15pts, +11 and kicking Hash Rate with 29 hits. Love it!
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    Some food for thought. This GM assembled a team that also came in 2nd overall in the league a few years ago, and even in that year it was the PLAYERS that took their foot off the gas and got steam-rolled by COL. BT may be heading for the chopping block, but this rests on the players more than anyone else. I'd rather have a less talented player that goes balls-out than a talented player who's effort is half-assed. What we have are many players with character flaws and a poor mindset.
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    Mainly Alex Wennberg, occasionally Noel Acciari. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall between Zito and Treliving. I don't rain fire and brimstone on the Flames for this move. It clearly wasn't working. Treliving gave him a great spot with an org that I believe clearly wanted Bennett badly. This was excellent TDL mgmt for Florida imho. Don't over-spend, get pieces you're missing. Both Bennett and Montour were excellent adds. It bolsters their already dangerous lineup with the right kinds of pieces. Again, Treliving did excellent by BOTH the player and the org. That had to have been the easiest, "I've traded you" exit interview he's ever had. "I've talked to Bill, and they're really excited about getting you". All a player needs to hear, and he's surrounded by great players. Watch Florida games. Bennett looks great. He's such a great skater. 2 games ago vs Chicago, he was hashmarks to the net with the 2 dmen literally draping him on each side. Remarkably, he made it look like a breakaway. If he'd have scored, you would never see the end of that clip. He's doing well, mainly, because he's such a great skater and he's been great on reads, on both D & O. Just watch their games, tell me if I'm wrong. He's exactly what the Panthers needed, a 200' game center with a physical game for all situations.
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    Sure, and you should! For me, I'm a hockey fan that happens to love the Flames. I don't mind watching them lose if I got to watch a great game, or a great series. This year it has been very frustrating because it has been no fun at all to watch them lose. It has only been marginally better watching them win. That said, they're my boys, and my team! I'll always pull for them, but it's good to be an honest fan. Love.
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    This post is hilarious. I'm not sure that there was/is an attitude problem with a lot of the players that you mentioned. Nary an ill word has been spoken of Milan Lucic, or Travis Hamonic as pertained to their attitude or dedication. Arguably, Lucic has been the leader of the team this season, and if you wanted to take that further - is one of very few players that deserve to be protected from the expansion draft. I know that he shouldn't be, and that he won't be - but if he wasn't being paid so handsomely, I don't think that any of us would have much to complain about. It can be safely argued that most of those players were not worth the cost of acquisition, but that's a different problem. As for Dougie, well, to be honest with you, I'd rather go to a museum than get Satoshi Nakamoto canned with the boys, too. That probably gets old pretty quickly, and he seems to be fitting in pretty well on a very good team these days. Maybe he wasn't the problem after all. Love.
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    the problem is, they wouldn’t play him with Huberdeau or Duclair if they were here, because they would play Backlund, Monahan or Ryan with them. he would play a good period and then if he didn’t score they would take him off the line, or if he’d get a penalty they would sit him, if he made a mistake they’d sit him. That’s no confidence in the player and then the player plays to fail. Everyone says he was last on the C list here but no one ever gave him a chance to center those kinds of players. They didn’t try him with Johnny, nor Tkachuk. I get that you say that they were players that wouldn’t mesh with him, but we won’t ever know until they tried it and they never did. They were too busy coddling all of the other players and not thinking about what was best for him. This is the difference between coaches. It’s why Quinville is the best in the business.
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    LINES Smith Starts and Russel in for Jones.
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    Nice. Been watching them since they got him. He's winning battles, putting up points, sticking up for teammates and being a responsible C. He's had some good d zone play and separating guys from the puck. He's playing really well. His goals are straight down main Street and Huberdeau and Duclair find him. 2nd PP net presence.
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    Thanks for this, I am happy for him as well and I’m glad he’s showing everyone what his potential is. It is heart breaking that he was never going to get a fair shake here, that doesn’t point to a kid failing his team, that points to a team failing their prospect. I hope someone has to answer why that happened, and figure out how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
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    So Benny playing with real line mates is good for him? Hmmmm, who would’ve thought that? I remember a time when I said last year he needs to take Backlunds spot with Chucky and Mang, but no, he doesn’t have the skill to play up in the lineup. Then last playoffs came and he lit it up with Looch and Dube, as a “grinder line” who kept producing. What have Looch and Dube done this year without Benny? I heard an interview on NHL network (Sirius) with Bill Lindsay whose close with the panthers. And when he was talking about Sam, he said he was shocked that he couldn’t get it going in Calgary. He said after the first two games he said Sam was pushing the pace on a team that he feels is a very fast up tempo play already. Then he said that he didn’t know he was so physical, “he hits everything”. He said thank you to the flames for their new second line Center. It was heartbreaking to listen to.
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    My frustration is equal, but I'm okay with Sutter. Peter's left the Canes and they became likely the most disciplined team in the league. Sutter has credibility, our coaches since his last departure don't. In Bennett's Instagram interview he said he liked Sutter and thinks he's similar to Quenneville. The blaming coach game ends here. Sutter's job, for me, is just teach these guys to compete at the NHL level. But he's hardly going to accomplish it overnight, lots to fix.
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    If we are going to go on a run here, we better make the playoffs. I really don't want to end up drafting 14th.
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    Possible. Sadly more likely, we win 8 of them, miss the playoffs, and put ourselves out of lottery contention. Love.
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    Wait till Benny comes really alive in the playoffs, I fully expect him to be put in a roll to shut down stammer and kuch, and be hard on them. I feel like I’m jumping on the Rats Bandwagon, go get ‘em Benny.
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    I’m with ya Conundrumed! I’m pulling for FLA for the cup this year!
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    Absolutely RD. I can only guess what's going on, based on my own experiences. As a teacher, there's a saying "all it takes is one bad apple" to alter the dynamic in a classroom, and I'd venture a guess the same holds true for a dressing room / team. In my position, however, you recognize that that "bad apple" is in need of more help and attention in order to get the best out of them. Point is, I've been saying for years now that JH's body language is telling me he's not comfortable or happy here. True or not, it also falls in line with what Snowbear shared with us. He's the talent on the team, there's a lot of pressure that comes with that, and perhaps he's the apple that has soured the group. Then again, it's rarely ever a single entity that is responsible for so much, and for as much as the leadership has done for the team and community, I think a new voice is required in that regard. Earlier in the year, I endorsed Chucky - but given how it's gone for him since the Muzzin incident, I rescind that vote. I don't know if he's fallen "in line" with the current group, or if he's just biding his time waiting for a change in regime, but no matter how you look at it - it was a quiet and ugly year for him. Here's hoping he turns it around, or lands us someone in a trade that can instill some of those bonified leadership qualities this team sorely lacks. Aside from the talent, I like Eichel because he calls it like it is. If he's unhappy, he voices it. Crosby does the same, albeit in a softer way, but still isn't afraid to call out the effort of the team including himself. Chucky tried to put it on himself earlier this season, but it's obvious something happened there. The room is divided.
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    They all need to be removed. Your players just didnt arrive here with a piss poor attitude,culture and work ethic it was allowed to happen. Whats embarrasing how this orgainization is run, it like average is the pinnacle of succcess. If its the owners micro managing not sure. However, the accountablity starts from the top. This is a Trevling built club period and its beyond terrible with talent and attitude. When your vision and goal os simple just get into the playoffs your gooing to fail. This club for years has and is still light years away from being a contender, simply put we are just as poorly run as Buffalo! If the oweres are the ones dragging this club down than sell it to someone else who has more pride in ownership and larger vision of success.
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    Man oh man... Benny is on fire in FLA! 😁👍🏻 And this thread is the hottest one on the forum!! Ha! Go Benny Go! You know who I’m routing for south of the border! Always knew the kid had it in him, and here’s hoping this organization does a collective “WTF!” And straightens each other out - top to bottom. Makes you really wonder when armchair GMs at home have more insight into player personnel than the organization.
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    The difference between Bennett and Tkachuk is that Bennett was always on a revolving line mates basis with revolving roles and mostly being tasked with energy/defensive play in the bottom 6 with limited PP time. Tkachuk has consistently been in the top 6, regularly on top PP and until a few weeks ago had consistently played with Backlund. Recently moved to play with Lindholm which hasn’t seemed to work. So the situations for the 2 players are very different. Tkachuk has been given every opportunity to play with high skilled players in an offensive role. Something Bennett never got here. The reason people are now suggesting the need to move Tkachuk has nothing to do with his skill or lack thereof, but because there appears to be a disconnect between him and the rest of the team. He used to try and drag the team into games emotionally, and it just isn’t there recently. Moving Tkachuk and others would indicate a need for a full culture change, and hopefully the current culture has not been engrained yet in players like Hanifin, Valimaki, Dube, Mangiapane etc. It would also allow Tkachuk a change of scenery where he can get his game back while providing the Flames with a big return.
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    I think that the TDL was a good example of how Treliving is being expected to approach the season. The team needs to be expected to be playing for getting into the playoffs until they are officially eliminated. I am sure even then ownership will want the team to show that they “just missed” by playing as hard as they can. I don’t agree with this or think it should be this way, just what I feel ownership expects to see. Otherwise we would have seen more action at the TDL. Just my thoughts.
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    League is a joke on head injuries. I don't think they actually care they just had to put some stuff in place to satisfy lawsuits and try to prevent more. They've proven time and time again they don't see it as a priority. I feel for Khaira. Career might be ruined because of it.
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    Big difference is that he's playing with that talent along with being the center. He never really got that shot in CGY with someone like Gaudreau on one wing and a Dube or Lindy on the other. Hes also getting consistent PP time in FLA.
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    they literally developed him to be a 3/4 liner. Which he never was in his life. He adapted but it was never natural. Just happened to fit their immediate needs at that time which were apparently more important than the needs of the oraganization over the next 10 years.
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    I think that we can see the mandate when it comes to skilled players. They target a lot of skilled players that are good at a few things, yet not extraordinary at them. They make it to the NHL, but they're not game-breakers. We have a hard time finding players that are the same, but that have size. We love the bite and energy from Dube and Mangiapane, but imagine if they were a few inches taller, and how many pounds does that add? Right now, if the team were a boat, they'd tip to the left side because all of the mid6 are lefties. Imagine if they Dube and Mangiapane were righties? It would be great if Mang was because he's playing at a 2nd liner level (while I think he's the perfect 3rd liner). I am like you, they should have developed Bennett as a C. They could have played him there instead of Jankowski.
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    I completely agree, my only query, really, was he always the first to be demoted quickly, rather than guide him through making mistakes? Where others get constant passes. He got stifled quickly when he made mistakes was always my perception. Not allowed to make mistakes.
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    I think the Flames have reached the point where no one is untouchable. They need to consider any and all options on any player prospect etc. Obviously prices will, and should, vary dependent on who you are talking about but they would be wrong to limit their options in turning this around.
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    to each his own. I think playing big minutes in every situation will help him a lot. It’ll allow him to continue to develop his pure skill and get more reps doing it.
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    If there was a year to trade back in the draft, this would be the year, especially if we aren't drafting in the top 10. After the top 10 this draft is all over the place, I would drop back and pick up as many picks as I could, like they did last year. With the lack of games played and the lack of in person scouting there is bound to be some nice hidden gems in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. May as well get as many lottery tickets as you can. Matthew Coronato and Zachary L'Heureux are two guys later in the 1st round that I would have my eyes on.
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