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    If I am Trevling I am looking to take advantage of Buffalo. There are two options to do this IMO. 1) Buffalo is willing to trade Eichel - If Buffalo wants to stay competitive - Then we offer Monahan, Hanifin, Dube - I don't think many teams can offer a package of players that can keep Buffalo competitive and have value. - If Buffalo wants futures - Then we offer Monahan, Valimaki, and our first(19 overall) - Again I think this is fair value, and I wouldn't mind parting with this for a player like Eichel in return. Gaudreau Eichel Lindholm Tkachuk Backlund Mangiapane Lucic Bennett Dube/Philips Gawdin Ryan Reider Gio Brodie Hanifin/Valimaki Andersson Makay Yelesin 2) Buffalo wants to win now - We offer them Gaudreau for Cozens and 8th - We then sign Hall Hall Monahan Lindholm Tkachuk Backlund Mangiapane Bennett Cozens Dube Gawdin Ryan Lucic Gio Brodie Hanifin Andersson Valimaki Yelesin
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    Can’t believe the SC was awarded in Edmonton Roger’s Place this evening. Another significant step for the Oilers organization.😂
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    Since Brodie has come this far, he will explore the UFA market. I'd like him back, but I doubt that he is. He was very publicly almost traded last year and I wonder how he feels about that. He will likely get more than the Flames are willing to offer. Strong case to be made he's the 3rd best UFA D, behind Pietro and Krug.
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    Ceci has had some pretty terrible numbers on some pretty terrible line ups, kinda hard to tell what to expect from him. I still like the idea of having a D-man with some grit and snarl in the line up.
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