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    Gentlemen ( ladies if there are any here). Last night was a turning point for me, it will be my final watched game. The aggitaiton frustration, emotional lows for years will now end. Have I been hard on this club, negative yes, but it has been justifiable. Been a Flames fan longer than some of you have been alive, but its time. For the past god for as I can remember I would schedele my nights around watching this team play, if there was a game on i watched it. When the forum was down for me was a hard adjustment. I read posts from eveyone that like me is a die hard fan of the Flames. It was a great day when it came back on line, didn't realize how much I missed the comments and individauls who wrote them. I just wanted for what its worth, to thank those who have taken the time, effort and energy for these forums. The conversations comments and readings have been a huge part of my daily routine. I am a competive person and watching this is extremely frustrating to me. When I am more agitated than the players and staff, its time. This organization is a shell of what it once was, I truely hope that one day it finds it self again. As the sabres fan stated so perfectly, If I had a cardboard cut out in the stands I would remove it to not make them suffer watching this. This is a hard chapter to close, been a routne for years this forum has meant alot to me. I truely and sincerely wish everyone nothing but the best and once again thank everyone for their efforts.
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    Lets try and move onto something more positive. I think there are some (gasp) reasons for optimism right now. For a few reasons. Almost every team is bad at drafting and developing goalies I looked at each NHL teams drafted goalies from 2005 through 2014 drafts. This covers ten drafts over the cap era without getting into guys who are still developing. I considered any goalie with at least 100 NHL starts as a success. 207 goalies were drafted over those 10 years. 16% of them played 100 games or more. Remove the career back-ups and your at 11%. Remove the guys who broke out with another team and you are at 9%. A third of the league went 10 drafts without getting an NHL goalie, just like Calgary (though Brossoit will likely break the 100 game mark, just not with Calgary). The point is, Calgary isn't unique in our lack of finding NHL goalies in the draft, and our struggles don't translate to a permanent curse. Tampa drafted and developed the best goalie in the NHL. They have drafted 28 goalies over the entire franchise and that was their only hit to date. We have a number of prospects worth paying attention to We have had prospects to get excited about in the past. I get the 'fool me once' tone, but its been a bit since we have had two AAA prospects and prospects across multiple levels. (NHL) Vlader was only moved due to to congestion in Boston's crease (sound familiar) and was moved versus losing him on waivers. He looked great 4 of the 5 NHL games he started for last season (and 5 was a throw away). His pro numbers are really good, and its tough to find many in the know who don't think this guy has NHL upside. A lot of Boston fans are really upset they lost him. (AHL/Junior) Wolf's numbers are insane. The Hockey Writers have him ranked as the 4 best goalie prospect in the NHL (one spot behind the guy who caused Vlader to be traded to Calgary), and that is pretty consistent across the league. Most prospect rankings have Wolf as our fourth best prospect, behind our three first round picks. If he wasn't a bit on the short side (for a goalie) he would be ranked higher. I know that height is an issue, but he isn't that short. Saros, Halak, Quick, Grubaur, etc are all similar height. (Others) Lets face it, the best goalies are often the ones we didn't expect. Sergeyev is a great dark horse prospect. He has passed every test handed to him, he just needs some tougher tests. Chechelev has put up some good numbers in Russia and is making his way to NA. Parsons was highly touted as a prospect before injury, but he rebounded well in the ECHL last season. I keep hearing good things about Werner even though his resume doesn't really scream future NHLer. I get that every team has these types of prospects, and most won't work out. But the Flames have a lot of bullets in this gun significantly improving the chance at a hit. The point is we will have valid prospects at the NHL level, AHL level, and one representing each of the last three drafts. Two of those prospects are highly ranked, with one of them listed as one of the best goalie prospects in the NHL. Meanwhile, we have no need to rush any of them as we have a legitimate NHL starter in net. Don't worry, be happy .... I know enough not to overplay the goalie hand. Its possible none of the guys above work out. But I can't remember the last time Calgary was this flush in legitimate NHL players and prospect at the G position. The history is a concern, but as I said above, that isn't unique to Calgary and some of the best goalies in the league were drafted and developed by teams who historically struggle doing that. I think goal tending prospects is an area of strength for the organization right now. It certainly isn't inline with the general tone of this thread.
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    A list of players drafted 24 since Backlund: Mattias Tedenby/Marcus Johansson/Kevin Hayes/Matt Puempel/Malcolm Subban/Hunter Shinkaruk/Jared McCann/Travis Konecny/Max Jones/Kristian Vesalainen/Filip Johansson. Getting a 45 point C who is one of the better defensive players in the league at 24th is exceptional. Even take away his defensive ability and the situations he plays in. Getting a 45 point C late in the 1st is a win. But add that stuff back in and its a home run. Backlund has started in the defensive zone more often then any other Flames regular C over the past 5 seasons, its often against the other teams top lines, and he has still has the best possession numbers among Calgary Cs. He has often done it with limited line mates, and the line mates have all produced at a higher rate on his line then off. That includes recent guys like Tkachuk and Mangiapane. But it also includes guys like Bouma and Colborne that had career seasons playing next to him. The "Backlund Bump" is real. Over the last 5 seasons Backlund had 164 points even strength. Monahan had 195. To put that in perspective, every 11 games Monahan averaged 1 more point. That is with Backlund tasked with the defensive zone assignments and Monahan getting the offensive assignments. Funny enough, Backlund had 13 SH points over that time further narrowing the gap. Don't get me wrong, Monahan is the better offensive player. I also know, like every player, Backlund has his flaws. But he is disappointing because he isn't Patrice Bergeron? The Flames "killed all potential offensive output"? The guy has played almost 750 regular season games as a Flame, played the toughest minutes of any Flames forward, and he has done very well over that time. I have no idea why so many Flames fans crap on the guy.
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    7GP - 4G - 6A - 10P (+7) 19 PIM which was mostly a fight when he stuck up for his teammate Averaging just over 18 Minutes a night, and is on the 1st PP unit I am overjoyed for Benny, and exhaustingly frustrated that we weren’t able to realize his potential. I hope this is an eye opener for people calling for chuckys head. Players need to be put in a position to succeed, just look at Benny.
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    Other guys on the team don't have daughters who were hospitalized and almost passed from a respiratory illness a year prior. I am fine with not wanting him on the team from an on ice stand point, but him opting out of the bubble was 100% legit and shouldn't be held against him.
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    Just want to take this Moment to Give a Big helping hand and Thank to Jtech for all the Signing And trade updates on friday it was a huge help to all of us
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    ffs why do people have to be so freaking negative all the time. Opinions are fine but he constant bashing of the Flames and thier scouts. I came looking for some good info on our draft choices and found a bunch of wannabe GMs and Scouts who are basically clueless whether this kids will pan out or not.
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    Go for it. If you follow other teams for as long as you've followed the Flames you'll find the exact same thing unless you jump from ship to ship. You make it sound like this is a Flames specific problem. I'm almost 40, teams I've never seen win the cup: Maple Leafs, Senators, Canucks, Sabres, Sharks, Jets/Coyotes, Thrashers/Jets, Wild, Panthers, Bluejackets, Predators, Flyers. 5 of those I've never seen in the finals. Then are teams that have existed before me that have only won 1 cup in my life, Blues, Capitals, Rangers, Stars, Whalers/Hurricanes, Bruins. Add in the Rangers have only won one cup in both mine and my dad's life despite never struggling to attract top free agents. Any team that has had success has had periods of being dreadful. Wings had a 40 year drought, Blackhawks 39 years, Kings 40+, Penguins probably wouldn't even exist if not for a couple generational players. This is sports, as bad as you think you have it there are plenty of fans just as depressed as you are.
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    Didn't want to bury this in other threads. Mangiapane is becoming one of the best play drivers in the league and one of the most important pieces the Flames have. What a career this guys is starting to carve out for himself after being over looked in a draft and then taken in the 6th round. one of the better Flames draft picks in the last decade. I'm not sure his point total will ever get him enough credit for some fans, but he is turning into one of the Flames best all around players. He should be viewed as part of the the core moving forward.
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    Also being able to talk to Barkov can't hurt. Only a year older, but Barkov is likely the best 2 way C in the game today. Add in the coaching, and Tre definitely have Sam the best opportunity out there. That can't be overlooked either. He really did what was best for team and player.
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    Scratched again....Wardo's favorite whipping boy. For gods sake BT, trade the young man already......this is getting beyond ridiculous and making the organization look extremely bad in my opinion.
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    So picking on a goalie's stats, which were incredible up until his last 2 games, and performance in said 2 games may have been altered because of injury,. Not at all surprised, when you have it out for him to begin with.
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    Seems like a lot of disappointment already from many on the board. I liked how BT maneuvered and gained the extra 3rd round picks. I’m not Sam Constantino nor do I want his handlebar moustache but at this point these are just names to most of us. I’m trusting the scouts at this point to make the right call. No franchise goes into a draft trying to make themselves a worse team so there has to be some real upside to some of these picks. It’s wait and see before i can grade our 2020 draft haul. Nothing sexy about any of our picks but pretty sure Rasmus and Mangiapane weren’t thrilling any of us when we heard their names called. Let’s atleast give the kids a chance before we write them off. For all we know this could turn out to be one of best draft years down the road. Give it time
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    Not pointing anyone out here, but it's a little silly to get too worked up over these picks. I get that we all have our preferred players, but most of us haven't watched majority of these players play, we are going off their eliteprospects page or a couple of highlight videos on YouTube. Basically we all have really uneducated guesses at these players. The Flames scouting staff has earned the benefit of the doubt at this point.
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    i take it you did not listen to his press conference then. He literally said all these things. People.. the off season hasn’t even started yet. I get he’s burned the faith of some and that’s fine but the amount of anger and frustration that is backed up by no actual facts or logic is crazy to me.
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    Nope, this team needs to stay away from 30+ players
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    Larry FF52 you would have loved last nights game. Jets with the sweep of the Oilers. 3 OT games and a 3OT in game 4 for the Jets to get it done.
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    The biggest difference I see in the coaching with Benny is that even though he has had the two calls, Coach Q throws him right back out there. In Calgary he’s benched and then he’s reeled in and can’t play his game.
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    One thing I see is that the Flames are no where near these team’s play. there’s a huge difference in how the teams are built in comparison to the Flames.
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    😁👍🏻🔥🔥🔥 10 games with FLA. 6 goals, 9 apples, 15pts, +11 and kicking Hash Rate with 29 hits. Love it!
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    Some food for thought. This GM assembled a team that also came in 2nd overall in the league a few years ago, and even in that year it was the PLAYERS that took their foot off the gas and got steam-rolled by COL. BT may be heading for the chopping block, but this rests on the players more than anyone else. I'd rather have a less talented player that goes balls-out than a talented player who's effort is half-assed. What we have are many players with character flaws and a poor mindset.
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    Mainly Alex Wennberg, occasionally Noel Acciari. I'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall between Zito and Treliving. I don't rain fire and brimstone on the Flames for this move. It clearly wasn't working. Treliving gave him a great spot with an org that I believe clearly wanted Bennett badly. This was excellent TDL mgmt for Florida imho. Don't over-spend, get pieces you're missing. Both Bennett and Montour were excellent adds. It bolsters their already dangerous lineup with the right kinds of pieces. Again, Treliving did excellent by BOTH the player and the org. That had to have been the easiest, "I've traded you" exit interview he's ever had. "I've talked to Bill, and they're really excited about getting you". All a player needs to hear, and he's surrounded by great players. Watch Florida games. Bennett looks great. He's such a great skater. 2 games ago vs Chicago, he was hashmarks to the net with the 2 dmen literally draping him on each side. Remarkably, he made it look like a breakaway. If he'd have scored, you would never see the end of that clip. He's doing well, mainly, because he's such a great skater and he's been great on reads, on both D & O. Just watch their games, tell me if I'm wrong. He's exactly what the Panthers needed, a 200' game center with a physical game for all situations.
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    Sure, and you should! For me, I'm a hockey fan that happens to love the Flames. I don't mind watching them lose if I got to watch a great game, or a great series. This year it has been very frustrating because it has been no fun at all to watch them lose. It has only been marginally better watching them win. That said, they're my boys, and my team! I'll always pull for them, but it's good to be an honest fan. Love.
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    Small, soft, perimeter player, who only plays when it's easy. I mean he would fit right in here.
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    I've been lurking around but not responding, knowing all that I have is venom. I can only use an analogy to stay away from being downright nasty. The Flames are a batch of chili with no spices. Bland and evokes nothing when you taste it. No garlic, no jalapeno, no cayenne, no smoked paprika, no brown sugar, not even a hint of worcestershire, no chili powder, no oregano, no basil, no salt, no pepper. Fix goaltending, done, you've added more beans. Tkachuk tries to be chili powder, gets told to tone it down. We need to be blander than vanilla. So you sit down to a nice, hearty, comforting bowl of chili. The first mouthful you say, "wtf is this? Did you rinse the fat flavour off of the beef too"? That is the flames in a nutshell. Tomato, ground beef and beans, call it chili. So if you don't understand my analogy, at least I told you how to make chili, you decide how much of what. But use stewing beef, not ground.lol And don't forget the onions and sweet and hot peppers and beef stock. You're welcome.
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    Hey guys, my opinion may differ from yours but that’s what debate on these forums are for. It would be a pretty boring place if we all shared the exact same opinion. In fact, that’s exactly what happened here not too long ago when we were almost all on the same page regarding the team and the way Wardo was coaching/scratching players. I sure as H-E-double-hockey-sticks don’t have all the answers, and quite frankly it’s usually posts that have an opposing opinion to mine that remind me of things I’ve forgotten or hadn’t considered along the way. The back and forth is not only informative but entertaining as well. I can say quite candidly that robrob and I have very similar views and ideas, but we also debate our differences of opinion here as well. I also have a lot of respect for JJ here because he’s very firm on his belief as to what this team needs - despite the opposition he receives (even from me) here - he sticks to his guns and makes some valid points and arguments. Quite frankly, we’ve got a lot of passionate flames fans here and I love reading everything from everyone here. I know how most of you feel about my Eichel obsession lately because you’ve responded - good or bad, agree or disagree, it’s all good. This is our team. This is our common ground. We all want this team to win a cup and we all have our opinions about how to get there. It’s all good folks - please keep contributing because I want to hear what you have to say. 🍻
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    if nothing else, we should enjoy the heck out of this
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    Wow i'm surprised I had just honestly assumed it had been closed down. But happy to hear it's back. I was missing it.
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    It takes young lesser developed players time to grow into solid minds and bodies. Some guys develop faster. That's ok. Sometimes young guys find a way to get the job done. Having an Eichel would be a plus no doubt. The point I like the best is that Sutter will try to tighten up the neutral zone. That will improve any team defence. Like conundrumed said in not so many words, defence is the whole team. I think small market teams need to build differently than large market ones. A large physical gritty defensive team can still win a cup in today's game; there are already too many finesse teams in an already too large league (IMHO). Montreal lost the cup last season because of a handful of poor defensive plays (IMHO). (Whatever happened to taking 'good penalties'?... but that is a side discussion). I want to see the tiny and floating players traded for bigger hungrier ones. Sutter knows what needs to be done to win; Treliving, I'm not so sure. Another thing I like about conundrumed is his optimism. You don't get far when negativity sets in; you don't win shifts... you don't win games. We have all been there; we all know that. It's good to hear from you all again. I miss Flyersfan too.
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    I just thought the post was funny but mostly because I'm not a fan of Will Nault so I thought it was a funny response. He's honestly made the fan shows almost unlistenable for me because he's just trying to be the contrarians in the discussion bur rarely does he actually have much to back up his opinion. I wasn't sure where Nault stood on Dube so I didn't in anyway way try to bring Kehatch into it. I respect his opinion too.
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    I would suggest that Flames drafting has been a strength under Treliving. Its tough to rate the last three drafts, but there are some interesting names outside of the first two rounds including Wolf, Poirier, and Francis. 2018 is also tough to judge since they didn't pick until the 4 round But Pospisil and Pettersen both have potential and have shown pretty well at the AHL level. But the other three full drafts until Treliving were strong. He got Andersson, Kylington, and Mangipane in 2015 despite not having a first and only picking 5 times. Getting a top 6 forward and at least one top 4 D in that scenario is great drafting. Tkachuk was a no brainer in 2016, but they also picked a Norris winner in the third. Dube was also drafted this year, and Phillips still has a chance to make the NHL (I think he is a long shot, but I guess we will see). Two NHL stars in one draft is a big win, though there are a few unfortunate misses in there as well. 2017 is interesting. The jury is still out on Valimaki. Pretty sure he will be an every day NHLer, but I could see him anywhere from a top pairing to bottom pairing guy. Other then that they only picked 4 more times, and it wasn't until the fourth. Compare that to before Treliving got here (I include 2014 since he had just arrived). Excluding our top 6 picks (Bennett and Monahan), we only hit once in the first round since the 05 lockout (Backlund in 2007). Our non first round picks were pretty underwhelming as well wiht the exception of Brodie and Gaudreau. There are a few depth guys scattered here and there, but otherwise that's it. To be fair, Ferland could have been good if not for injury, and some people like Kulak. But no matter how you slice it, we had more success in Trelivings first three drafts then we had in the previous eleven, and things look reasonably positive for the last three (again, excluding top 6 picks).
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    I think you two are expecting too much. Backlund was never projected to be a P/PG type player. He is a top 50 point produce in the NHL (among Cs) and for a guy picked late in the first round that's a win. In terms of his draft, he is 13 overall in points. The only 3 Cs with more points were all top 10 picks, and of them only Couture is a guy anyone would take over Backlund. Backlund is a huge success offensively and defensively given where he was drafted. The term "killed all offensive output" isn't accurate.
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    I believe regardless of all else, the Flames will be better under Sutter. The NHL was an aberration last year and a half to the point where I really wish that I didn't bother with it. There are no kid gloves with Sutter. I get the argument that he's not here for a rebuild. I think what he's here for is to see what this team actually is if they'd show any sign of consistency every game. I know he'll accomplish that one way or the other. I think the Sutter hire is the last, end of the rope hiring. Mgmt believes it's a good roster, but it needs a constant kick in the aphids. Sutter is the kick. If it's more of the same, I believe it will be a full on rebuild. I trust Sutter won't let happen what we've all been seeing. He saw a better roster than the product on the ice, or why would he bother? So I have to have faith in that. I just hope Ruzicka can be our 4C rather than Gawdin. I don't see NHL upside in Gawdin, just too slow. I also believe Dube will be attached at the hip with Mony, and Mangia will be Backlund's LW for more balance. The bottom 6 should be fairly improved for chipping in. D is D. You don't need the class of the NHL D when you drill into the fwds the right way to play responsible hockey. Many call it boring, I disagree. Play the right way, be accountable or have a seat.
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    I would say you don't have a very good handle on who Coleman is as a player if you are going to argue that he is not much of a step up from Lucic. This is a significant step up from Lucic
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    I would say that I a think Lindholm and Backlund are Sutter type centre’s. They are defensively responsible and can transition to support offence. Ryan also, though less in the o zone. I honestly think a big issue the past few years has been that Lindholm and Backlund both play in all situations including usually top 2 lines. They get over used having to defend on PK, on 5v5 they are to be more defensive minded and also chip in some (or a lot) of points. If the Flames could get a third line C that would not get much PP time, with slightly less 5v5 but could pick up more PK, that would give more rest for Backlund and Lindholm to be able to do more 5v5 and PP. It’s a reason I keep coming back to guys like Zacha though other options work too.
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    Nice. Been watching them since they got him. He's winning battles, putting up points, sticking up for teammates and being a responsible C. He's had some good d zone play and separating guys from the puck. He's playing really well. His goals are straight down main Street and Huberdeau and Duclair find him. 2nd PP net presence.
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    So I was Talking to a Friend of mine that is Good Friends with Martin Gelina's, Now From what she Said to me the Problems With the Flames start with Johhny Gudreau He refuses to listen to Coaches He is the reason during his tenure on this team the coaches have been fired.. Now the Main Reason Brad treliving is Still the Gm of this Team after All the coaches at this time is Cause Himself Jim Bean(part-owner) Craig Conroy And Martin Gelina's Are Concerned for Johnny That he is literally Gonna Be serious injured out there and Cause he refuses to listen That is Why Darryl Sutter Was hired Cause from What Gelinas Told her he is a Cancer in the locker room Now something Has to give here and i think that With Jim Bean Involved in all of this that is probably why Brad Still has a Job cause with a situation like this Firing the Gm isnt gonna Fix it And Right Now as a Organization With Darryl Sutter there trying to see if they can ship up Johnny if Not Bye Bye..Now myself i cant fully understand Johhny can Be a Perfectly Awsome player when he puts his mind to it but he needs to start listening or it really doesnt matter what team he is apart of.. Now i asked her about Monahan and she said Gelly said he is the nicest Guy Around one of the Main Reason that He has had a Major Crap season is alot of times Sean plays injured cause he hates being out of the line up and he has alot of injuries he is going through right now.... Welll that is what i was told now i beileve it and my friend wouldnt lie and she knows Gelly i dont lol
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    I think the discussion really has to be had of sending Dube and Valimaki down to the AHL. It's not warranted by their play, at least it isn't for me, but with how things are going around here I don't think i'd want them around. Get them in a better environment, give them a few things to work on and let them have some fun.
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    Sutter is a master motivator.. He will define each players role with their ability and within the system. There will be no more floaters or inconsistant efforts. At the end of this season managemrnt will know pretty much what this team and players are capable of. there will no longer be a blender of lines looking for chemistry.
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    I get why they are going with Markstrom tonight. I just think they have to do a better job of managing his workload. 13/15 for Markstrom after tonight. It's too heavy a workload and Rittich can't be feeling too comfy in net, they'll need him. I would just hate to see the organization make the same mistake they made with Kipper, overplaying the #1.
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    Just trade the guy already. At this point I don't really care what the return is, I just feel bad for the way Bennett has been jerked around since he got here. It's time for Treliving to do the right thing and move Bennett.
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    Personally I wouldn't touch the Hanifin-Tanev pairing, they might be the best pairing in hockey to start the season. I would look at these combos: Hanifin-Tanev Valimaki-Andersson Giordano-Nesterov I would play them all pretty evenly 5v5.
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    I am kind of on the fence about identity these days. I’d like a team that cares about one another, that plays for each other. Hitting? I like hitting and we aren’t a hitting team, we will hit, but not punish guys. I think it’s more a mirage to say we aren’t small pushovers. Skilled, good skill but apparently easy to stop. I would like game breakers, but the team seems outcoached and has a lack of using the skill we do have properly. it is tough! I’d really just like a team show up most nights for 60...
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    I have been as frustrated as any of the fans lately. I put a lot of blame on coaching staff for mismanagement of line combinations and the lack of willingness to adjust, promote, demote and coaching gaffes in the game. Before the game I caught part of Wards interview and he said something like (paraphrased) “we don’t want to dip our toe in the pool to start the game, we want to jump in. And IF we do that and IF we’re ready we will be good”. He said he THINKS that this team will be mentally ready to go. I also caught a snippet of Juliens interview and it sounded like this (paraphrased) “we know that they just lost two good games and are going to come out hungry. we will be aggressive and we will be ready”. The difference is in the message, Ward doesn’t take responsibility for the teams mental preparedness or for that matter game planning for a specific team, he says if our team is ready we will do good. Compared to Julien who says we know who we’re playing and WE WILL BE READY. That being said I also feel like this problem then does fall onto the leadership group of the team who have been subpar this year. That in my mind is Backlund, Giordano, and Monahan. Monahan has been the best of the three, but not great. And I think it came to a head the other night when Tkachuk had the puck flipped at him, and no one came to his rescue, he was willing to take the whole team on and no one really did anything. Then as he is leaving the ice having a meltdown Gio is standing behind him calm and relaxed (which is his personality, I understand that), but in that moment I want him to turn around to the rest of the team and lay into them to say to Tkachuk we got your back and this is no longer acceptable, we are a team. Leaders know when to step up and be vocal and when not to, and Gio has lost it IMO. I’m sorry this is such a long post, I’ve been trying to figure out how to voice my displeasure to the only people who sort of listen, lol. The. I saw this clip on sportsnet this morning: 11 years ago when everyone called him Sid the Kid and he was whiny and soft. When his teammate, his Robin to his Batman got levelled. He stepped up and answered the bell. That team went on top win the Stanley cup that year and then two more times, IMO not because they had the best players but because they had the best team with great leadership (which didn’t start with the coaches).
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    To me there is a quick easy fix for next game: Tkachuk-Lindholm-Dube This line was very good last night keep it intact. Gaudreau-Monahan-Simon Simon looked great on this line in the scrimmage. Bennett-Backlund-Mangiapane Looked great in the 3rd period. Lucic-Ryan-Leivo This line won't get hurried in their own zone. I think those lines allow you to roll 4 lines pretty effectively.
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    Pelletier has been great at the WJC. He reminds me a lot of Dube. He is quick, he is all over the puck, he is good defensively. He is just relentless in his puck pursuit.
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    Can we please keep politics out of this? This website is one of the few places left where I can go and get into meaningless arguments about things like contracts and hockey trades without worrying about culture wars and what idiots are going to run the world after the next election.
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    Gaudreau being 193rd on the Central North American list puts him around 250 on the combined list. So while he is on the list, CSS deemed him not good enough to even be a surefire 7th rounder. That's pretty off the board, and if I remember correctly the reviews were mixed on this very forum, with the general feel being that "let's wait and see". Gio was playing in the 00s equivalent of the OJHL, which is a high level Jr. A league and gets guys drafted directly from said league (Edit: went back and checked. Future NHLers playing in Gio's original draft year include names like Rob Schremp, Ryan Callahan, Wojtek Wolski, Tom Kostopoulos, and Dan LaCosta, among others. Gio would have had every opportunity to catch eyes). From what I hear it was a better league back then (but my friends out there are the kind of old guys who think today's kids are soft 😅). That's not obscure, that's well within the wheelhouse. Again, my argument isn't that the Flames are perfect, but the reality is every team is looking for the same thing and Canadian fans in particular have this tendency to lock into names and faces they like. At this point I honestly feel that bigger guys with potential are undervalued because they don't show the puck skills that most people see on YouTube. There's more to this game than flash and dash, and that's coming from a guy whose ideal team build and system is speed and skill. So for me, I don't understand writing off kids who are playing in some of the best youth leagues, doing very well, but because they don't fit this perfect box of expectations we're going to trash them and say they have no potential before ever seeing a shift in the pros. We literally just watched Jamie Oleksiak play a top 4 role on a finals team and we're just going to write off any big player because they don't dangle the puck through the neutral zone? Why limit ourselves in our drafting when we can just focus on "is this kid talented enough and mentally capable of becoming an NHL player?" If the answer is yes, I don't care if he's 5'7" or 6'9", you gotta shoot your shot. It's not like anyone remaining is any sort of guaranteed superstar. Same edit: I was just thinking about this when looking at my 2011 notes, but we talk up Gaudreau as a great example of reaching for skill paying off big (which is true). But I had a number of other guys, all small pure skill guys with "high upside", ranked on my own lists. Names like Rocco Grimaldi, Tomas Jurco, and Kyle Rau among others. I remember being very confident that at least one of those guys who dropped to the 2nd, 7th, whatever rounds would turn out to be a steal. I remember Baertschi being very skilled in juniors and feeling pretty excited he was a Flame. Yet here we are and Jamie goddang Oleksiak is the one with the best NHL career of that entire group. The reality is there no surefire recipe for NHL success. Every Gaudreau includes 9 Rocco Grimaldis, every Oleksiak brings 9 Mark McNeills. If you think he's Gaudreau take him, if you think he's Parayko or Brodin or Adam Fox, take him.
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