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    I'm good with how it has panned out so far. I view the Flames a little differently than others I think. Had we have rolled out the dough for a top RW and LD, that's where I would have been annoyed. The whole, "Brett Ritchie's cheap and fine for the 4th line" mentality is clearly not mine. No he isn't. The biggest problem I have with the Flames is the bottom 6 and lack of G prospects and prospects in general. 2 big names aren't making the base of the problem go away, which imo is not icing a full roster of NHL-quality players. Prospects end up making this team because the roster is so bad. Or worse, camp invites of guys who almost made the NHL. Having a great penthouse view in this league means nothing when your kitchen and living room are a disaster. I'm all for cleaning up the messes first, then move on to improving the view. So I like the Pitlick, Coleman and Lewis additions, because all 3 bring work ethic. Something this team sorely lacks. I'm fine with Zad the Impaler being added on D. Good. Destroy some people. Get ready to see teams always throw the puck to his side because they fear getting hit by him. Long time since we've seen that. 2 young G prospects...gotta walk before you can run. And be patient, because there's a lot more ailing this team than making giant trades and signings imho. The compete level was in the toilet, that HAS to be addressed.
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    Could be but i'm not as concerned. I think what has to be understood about Coleman, and why he is different than other FA targets the Flames have signed, is how well rounded he is. This is not a player who can only score goals (Brouwer, Neal) and he isn't a player like Lucic, who even in his prime was not fleet of foot. Coleman has speed and is a very good skater, impacts the game in all 3 zones, can play special teams (more pk than PP) and still is a good shooter. I think this is a player that even if his offense starts to dry up in 3-4 years you will still likely like because of how intelligent he is, he can still impact the other parts of the game at a very high level even if he is not scoring. In terms of his scoring he is a very consistent 5 on 5 player. Whether or not he can be a 45+ point guy likely would come down to PP time and utilization but his scoring rates at 5 on 5 and very similar to Backlund and over the last 3 seasons his goal scoring rate at 5on 5 would put him 70th in the league. I get the counter argument that you are betting against father time and father time is mostly undefeated. However, at the AAV they gave him I feel it's a really reasonable bet for the Flames even at the term they gave him because of how solid a player Coleman is.
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    Without question. Coleman's a terrific player. Helluva forechecker and boards player. $4.9 is what it is in the current market. We want to be harder to play, he certainly helps with that.
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    I would say you don't have a very good handle on who Coleman is as a player if you are going to argue that he is not much of a step up from Lucic. This is a significant step up from Lucic
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    Lol. Surely you jest. He has Huberdeau on one side of him, at worst Owen Tippett on the other side, sound dmen and good goalie behind him... You're forgetting he doesn't play for the Flames anymore, he's skating with players that aren't stuck in mud and can easily keep up. It's an entirely different world. It isn't small sample size, it's what happens when a good player goes to a team that isn't deathly lazy.
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    Even with Giordano taken in the expansion draft, the Flames only have 18.625 million in projected cap space with only 14 players signed. When you consider that there is a need for at least 20 contracts, most teams carry 22 or 23, the Flames need to use a good portion of the space just to ice enough players. RFAs Dube 1 mil +. Say 1.5 Gawdin 800k Valimaki (over 1 mil) say 1.5 Kylington 900k Mackey 950k Leaves about 13 mil cap space That gives the Flames Gaudreau Monahan?? Tkachuk Lindholm Mangiapane Dube Backlund Pitlick Lucic Gawdin Ritchie Froese Hanifin Andersson Valimaki Tanev Kylington ?? Mackey Markstrom ?? So to ice a team, Flames have 13 mil for a top 6 RW, Bottom pair RD and a backup G. Should be easy enough to do. G and D could be fairly easy holes to fill signing UFAs, but not really a top 6 RW. Palmieri and Armia are likely best options, but both are more middle 6. This team doesn’t scream improved to me, more like downgraded. Ryan > Gawdin Giordano > Kylington Unknown top RW and Backup G Not really filling top RW Unless Treliving finds the perfect RW for Gaudreau and Monahan, I just don’t see the Flames even competing for a playoff spot, let alone the cup. A combination of Nemeth and Montour would improve the D significantly but that will eat up likely around 7 or 8 mil of the cap. Palmieri likely in the 4 - 5 range and Armia in the 3 - 4 range. If we really want to improve, we need to trade out a good player (not a high cap, low output player) in order to get a high end RW in exchange. This likely means one of Gaudreau or Tkachuk needs to be moved. Monahan would be preferred but I think the return for him with injury history means his value is less. I don’t know which RW to target as it depends who is traded, but I just don’t see the Flames improving enough without trading something of quality. Gaudreau Lindholm RW Mangiapane Backlund Palmieri? Dube Zacha Armia Lucic Ruzicka Pitlick Hanifin Tanev Nemeth Andersson Valimaki Montour Mackey Markstrom G This lineup is much stronger on the back end, improves the bottom 6, allows for more cap to afford trading in the 2 top 6 RW that could be had in trading Tkachuk and Monahan. Monahan would likely get Zacha+, at 2.25 and even signing all of Palmieri, Armia, Nemeth and Montour to upper end numbers (17 mil), subtract Tkachuk (traded for RW) and Monahan (13.375 combined) and the difference is 6 million more spent on 5 players than 2. Dropping Gawdin and Kylington contracts means the Flames would have about 9 mil for the top RW and backup G which is very reasonable to achieve. Just my opinion but the second lineup looks much stronger and more balanced while still giving at least 1 young guy a shot. If out of playoffs at TDL, can always trade Gaudreau as a rental if he hasn’t signed extension and bring up a young guy like Pelletier to finish the season. Some ideas to consider anyways.
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    Starting goalies with a SC since the cap was introduced, draft position included: Vasilevskiy (19) Binnington (88) Holtby (93) Fleury (1) Murray (83) Crawford (52) Quick (72) Thomas (217) Niemi (Undrafted) Osgood (54) Giguere (13) Ward (25) A third of them are first round picks, with half of them selected in the first two rounds. Drafting a goalie in the first or second round certainly helps, but it isn't essential. More notable to me is that nearly every goalie on the list was drafted and developed by the team they won the cup on.
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    I don't think it's accurate that only Nashville has been successful developing goalies. If my memory serves, you have to go back to Tim Thomas in Boston as the last time the starting goalie for the Stanley Cup champions wasn't drafted by the winning team. I agree that the Flames are not the only team that struggles in this area. I also agree that great goalies have been found outside of the draft. But I do think great teams often have goalies that came through their system. That all said, I don't think it's all about the Flames failure to develop goalies. Injuries have impacted some of best prospects (Gilles, Parsons), some just didn't pan out (Irving), and we haven't been stacked enough in the prospect pool to draft goalies higher up in the draft. The Flames going in on players like Rittich, Berra, etc is a reaction to not having NHL ready goalie prospects, not the cause.
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    Maybe I am old school, but I still think your best bet to building a winning team is a superstar C, a strong top 4, a legitimate starter, crash and bang wingers, and a few scorers / skill players scattered across the line up. I also think you generally need to be a fast team from top to bottom, be committed to 2 way play, and have depth. I think the above is especially true if you have D Sutter as your coach. The Flames have made moves over the past three seasons to address much of the above. But we remain weak down the middle. Other teams have McDavid, Mathews, MacKinnon, Crosby, etc. We have Monahan/Lindholm. Eichel is a risk due to his injury, contract, and cost of acquisition. But he is still the best bet to solve the C issue. Elite centres aren't usually available outside of the top 3 draft spots. If it costs us some picks, prospects, and one of Monahan or Tkachuk its a no brainer Imo. We are deep on left wing (the easiest slot to fill) and even an injured Eichal is an upgrade on Monahan.
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    Go for it. If not because we haven’t had a bonified #1 C since Nieuwy, do it because clearly this team isn’t rebuilding given the recent acquisitions. So go for it. Push all your chips in. Screw these half-measures that only make us a middling team in the league. If we ain’t rebuilding, we going for it.
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    I was never a Parsons fan and had the eye test enough watching the Knights. Whoever spotted Rittich should be our main goalie scout. Even if Rittich fell off the earth, at least you could see the solid attributes. Never saw much in Parsons. Just that he was cocky because of the all-star team in front of him.
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    In all honesty I hope neither end up in a Flames uni. Both are too big a risk for the asking price.
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    Welcome to Calgary, Blake Coleman! Like the signing or not, he has the most term of any Flame player, probably deserving of his own thread. I think Flames fans will really enjoy his game.
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    Wouldn't mind Stone back tbh. He looked pretty good in the limited viewings this past season and still has a cannon.
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    When Darryl Sutter won his second cup in LA one of his backups was Martin Jones. Jones had no previous NHL experience but was excellent in playing 19 games for the Kings. 12-6 with a 934 save % Unproven doesn’t mean bad.
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    We don't want Ceci at all. He's going to be a trainwreck on the Oilers backend. I'm thankful they signed him and paid him as much as they did.
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    By the looks of it, they wanna stop being soft and lazy, finally.
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    He was at a near 50 point pace pro-rated this year playing on a 3rd line. It's 600K and one year less than Hyman who benefits from playing with superstars. Not a great deal, but for someone who complains about speed and effort, this is your guy.
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    I agree, but I think that it’s the previous years not getting D in last year’s draft or enough in others to make up for “the now” that we are in need of today. It’s no different than when we lost Iginla and Kipper. There has been no succession plans. I am happy Giordano was taken in the Expansion Draft. Glad we got a bit for Bennett. But we now have a big hole or two in the top2D. We have a hole in bottom pair RD if we use Tanev or Andersson in the top pair… Bottom pair is easier to fill, but then we’d typically like that spot for a young up and comer D to gain experience (maybe). Then RHS wingers or forwards, no plans there either, nor one for a #1C. we can say all we want that Monahan would be that, i always saw him as a 2C and only got the 1C for playing with Johnny and Hudler. He’s a 45-50 point guy without them, sort of a better scorer than Langkow, without langkow’s two-way game. He’d have gotten there if he’d shut things down once injured… so I agree with the lack of planning…
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    I just don't get NHL contracts period lol. But I'm happy for him. He has the potential to make this look like a steal. Whether he does or doesn't fulfill that this is imho a learning for the Flames. I would hope
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    I'm in the camp that if the Flames can't acquire Eichel then they should just rebuild (argument is still there that they should rebuild anyway but I don't suspect that's on the table). They need a franchise player and they need more stars to be able to contend so if they can get Eichel then I think perhaps they could build a contender but without I just don't see it. I personally didn't see any value in trading for Reinhart, your going to give up a first rounder for a complimentary player who isn't going to move the needle? That's how middle of the pack teams stay middle of the pack. I get everyone is antsy for moves but if you want moves for the sake of moves then I present to your Chuck Fletcher's Philly Flyers. He's made a ton of moves and it's very debatable to say the team is better (i'd argue they are not).
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    Virtanen has had a rough career so far. Called out for lack of focus on the game over the past few years, coming into training camp out of shape. That alone is a reason that his buyout makes sense and why he should be avoided. Initially he was being sued for sexual assault in May but is now being investigated by police for criminal charges. While not in court yet, it is a red flag. If he was at the level of a P. Kane, might be worth a look, but not with the combination of factors currently against him. Once his legal situation clears courts, he is likely headed overseas, even if found not guilty. Either that or heading to a small market, not hockey focused team like Arizona.
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    Yikes! Maybe a good way to keep Johnny here to have a #1C to play with. Just so worried about the price. likely next years 2022 1st rounder and I would bet it wouldn’t be Lotto protected. Then we lose out and win the lotto we are screwed! I just can’t see it being worth it.
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    I love the one payer we got Cameron Whynot well Whynot
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    I like a lot of what the Flames did in the draft. Only thing I'd have liked to see would have been more RHS. Only 1 of 8 selections shoots right. The reason the Flames have had to pay a premium for Hamilton and Hamonic is because they just haven't drafted enough RHD in the past decade. It also leads to the team having to pay big money to Tanev. Right now the RHD depth beyond the NHL roster is Kinnvall and a project in Jake Boltmann. It's not quite as dire in the forward ranks, but far from ideal. Gawdin/Phillips/Tuulola/Philp/Zavgorodny as well as the newly signed Duehr in Stockton. Coronato and another project in Josh Nodler playing college hockey. Ryan Francis in the Q. Again, I do like how the Flames have drafted under BT and I totally get that the reality is more players shoot left than right, but when you hardly draft righties, you end up having to pay a premium to acquire them.
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    Hmm really? Recent years goalies taken in round 1 2020 - Askarov 11th 2019 - Knight 13th 2018 - None 2017 - Jake Oetteinger 26th 2016 - None 2015 - Samsonov 22nd 2014 - None 2013 - None 2012 - Vasilevskey 19th Subban 24th 2011 - None 2010 - Campbell 11th 2009 - none 2008 - Pickard 18th 2007 - none 2006 - Bernier 2005 - Price 5th 2004 - Montoya 6th 2003 - Fleury 1st 2002 - Lehoten 2nd 2001 - Leclaire 8th 2000 - DiPietro 1st 3 goalies won Stanley cups in that list and Bernier did not play a game as a back up to Quick. Of the 15 goalies listed Elite Fleury Vasilevsky Price Good Lehoten Okay Bernier Campbell Meh DiPietro Leclarie Montoya Pickard Subban Too early Knight Askarov Oettinger Samsonov 3 eltie goalies taken in the 1st round in the last 21 years!! The other 29 teams are obviously doing something just as wrong as the Flames are.
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    I agree. Some point to Monahan's Southern Ontario connection, but I don't see it. I can't see him wanting to head to Buffalo. If the Flames were to do this, I think the play has to be sending Monahan elsewhere. It's well known that Buffalo doesn't want NHL players, they want futures. I have no clue what Monahan's value is, but say you get a 2nd and a 3rd (Arvidsson deal). Probably underwhelming given what Monahan has meant to the franchise, but it frees up the cap space to get an Eichel deal done and it also gives you some extra capital. I'd imagine BT's offer consists of a 1st and two 2nd's (Hamonic and Hamilton deals) + whatever futures it takes to push the deal across the finish line. The Flames have decided they should go for it. Look at their UFA signings the past two seasons. Right now they are "half pregnant". If they are indeed serious about this, they should pay up and land Eichel. Even if he misses 20 games, you still have 4 full seasons of him under contract.
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    here's the thing about risk. BT and Sutter both have 2 years left on their contract. I've said before I've liked may of BT's moves , but truth is truth ,, he hasn't moved this team ahead in this whole time. Some things weren't his fault (Peters, Kadri, Zucker).. but some things were ( not getting stone due to refusal to include Valimaki) It's chips in time.. no more playing safe ..... if it fails , he's fired.. if he plays it safe and we are still the team with questions in 2 years .. he's fired This team has a 2 year window before it gets blown up , or gets over the hump .. gotta go for it
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    Welcome to the Dallas of the North!!
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    Don't love the pick (and after today the Flames have no 3rd rounders left in next year's draft) but he does look legit. He's been one of the best goalies in the AHL over the past few seasons so there is something there. And as we've seen today even the backup goalie market has exploded. Feels like a high price to pay but if you get even a good backup goalie for only 750K that's about 1 mill to 1.5 mill below market value.
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    I think you can make some comparisons between Vladar and Markstrom. Similar size and athletic ability. I think this is a solid gamble.
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    Would've rather not had to give the pick, but would rather roll the dice on a younger guy with some promise than the veterans that were left on the market
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    hard for me to comment as I have no idea on the medical situation he is in and I don't think many actually do. Unless there is a long term fear injury fear or risk I think the Flames should be aggressive on Eichel and if it costs futures so be it. I'd rather get a player like Eichel and actually give this roster a real shot than continue on this path and keep bouncing in and out of the playoffs for the next 2-3 years and just hoping they can go on a run.
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    More importantly, why take him in the 1st round? Clearly he'd have been available later.
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    Apparently Rittich is going to the preds Halak to VAN
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    I thought he was was a bit of everywhere in NJ but mostly on the wing. Looks that way when I look at his line combinations. Some time at center, but mostly on the wing.
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    If we sign gudbranson, I may puke. Just in the middle of my day, not knowing anything has happened, I may just vomit spontaneously as the ink is drying on the paper before the announcement is even made.
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    He was also slow af already. I wasn't one that got excited about that signing at all. I used my excitement up on Brouwer, only to realize guys that can't skate are dead to me.lol
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    same with Landeskog. He stayed on the cheap! Good situation. This is how I think some players have to think, leave a touch on the table to be a competitive team? Maybe.
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    Starting to see players staying in good situations rather than try and test for more money. Taylor Hall,Mike Reilly and Montour all could have maybe made more money I think they all made good choices to stay. I like Coleman as a player but unless they have some big moves in mind he doesn’t make a lot of sense and the 5X5 he’s being rumored at.
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    I'd be interested in guys like Coleman and Danault, just not a 5mil price tag for 3mil players.
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    yup, and like Lou said up top there, that usage could be a big thing with this team and to further your point about the lack of PP success. I wonder what the goal rate is when they set up Lindholm in the shooter position on the left of the slot for a one timer in comparison to him playing the right side same spot? It seems he got 2-3 goals from that spot alone and set up there maybe 6 or 7 times throughout the year. I am no mathematician but that’s about 35-40% success rate. But teams would adjust… but still, having that danger could open space. we need to have players that can play there…
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    i guess that it’s mostly to fill the void we have in Stockton in hopes of them being more than that?
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    He got it correct, not considering that he had a couple years to plan and adjust for it without losing a core player for nothing. So from a now perspective, did he get it right? 100%. From a planning perspective? Far from it
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    Nice post. This is certainly a big season for the Flames. I know many want a rebuild, but I don’t necessarily think BT is in a position to do that. Sure, he could deal Gaudreau for futures, but those futures would be used by the next GM. I think it’s very likely that if the Flames fail to make the playoffs, a GM change is coming. Also, like you said the Flames could be forced into a rebuild, especially if they struggle in this upcoming season. Gaudreau would be a pending UFA, Tkachuk would be unlikely to sign long term. There’s a reality where things get pretty dark in Calgary in the next 9-10 months
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    Yes but Eichel is not getting the team further…far too costly both in $ and in player assets and it’s a huge gamble with his injury
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