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  1. Can anyone send me the link to that chatroom we had up for the Flames Mock Draft GM Game? I've just completely lost it. Lol.

  2. Thanks Vancouver. Just continue to make our country look bad.

  3. Iggy up for the King Clancy. Lets go Iggy!

  4. Sharks and Blues are awful. Blues played Conklin, and Sharks played Nittymakii who hasn't started in 3 months. WTF. Lol.

    1. tachaudh


      I remember Don Cherry making this same argument when the Isles vs. Devils game decided whether the Leafs would make the playoffs or the Islanders a few yrs back. The Islanders won in a shootout against a backup. But Cherry was dead serious. Teams don't owe anything to anyone but themselves. Sharks have already clinched the division. And the Blues are way out of the playoff picture. Their decisions make perfect sense.

    2. Louis23


      what a bunch of retards. I know the blues need to lose if they want to get the conditionnal 1st rounder of Colorado or something like that, but that's BS! And the sharks.. wow.. the guy hasn't played in months yet he's thrown in against a team who's in a playoff race.. that's depressing.

  5. It'll be great to see Lanks back out there tonight! Welcome back, and make those Blues pay! GFG!

  6. Welcome to North America Joni Ortio! Good luck in your stint here for the remainder of the season!

    1. Crzydrvr


      3 quality goalies in the system in karlsson, irving and ortio. that's not bad at all :)

  7. Welcome to North America Joni Ortio! Good luck in your stint here for the remainder of the season!

  8. Two points out of the playoffs? Where are the doubters now.

    1. Chant


      Kip has found his groove again!!

    2. FlmsFnWindsor


      You have about 30 more games to sit through to see doubters. ;) In the meantime, GFG!

    3. FlmsFnWindsor


      Label me how you will... I am capable of thinking outside of the box, Catboy. ;)

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  9. Thats great. If Feaster f***s it up, I'll have your heads!

    1. Flame111


      Uhhhh - the word I think you missed was "interim" GM. Feaster is filling in at the moment.

    2. littlereddevil


      Count to 10. Everything's going to be alright.

    3. bigchief
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  10. Flames starting to turn this around. GFG!

  11. The point is we shouldn't be losing 3-4 games in a row, especially at home.

    1. Anar_Sajoo


      That is the sad part. Although the players had anticipated that home games create more anxiety than away games; the opposite is quite true.

  12. Now I feel like facebook. As long as the Flames are winning.

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