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  1. The playoffs every year is always the plan but the Flames have never had the right plan on how to build a playoff team. It’s been a yo yo of indecision for the Flames. They wanted to be big and hard hitting, then they had to adopt the faster, smaller more skilled approach. Next they went defence 1st and traded away a bunch of futures , that didn’t work so they strived for a mix..they wanted to be “hard to play against”. All while churning through coaches almost annually with the team not progressing at all. Barely playing at a playoff worthy level for years now.
  2. FLA got a 4th overall pick (highest in Flames history), proven NHLer and playoff performer and gave up very litlle in doing so. Bennett has been lights out, I knew he’d succeed under Quenville, good on him for it! Here the Flames are left with nothing but hope with their return. It should almost sound off alarms within the organization..why didn’t Bennett blossom here...it was an obvious fail in player development here. For the Flames, it’s a nice kick in the balls!
  3. I can’t recall a time when I was this down on the Flames. Been through some embarrassing 1st rd exists for years but this season has almost been unbearable to watch. Like many of you, there’s no enjoyment in watching this team anymore. That’s a huge hit to the Flames “brand”...whatever that is exactly. It’s at a point where I don’t even want them to make the playoffs at this point as we all know they’d lose in that 1st rd anyway. Too much middling success with this franchise. Everything about us is so average if not below average.
  4. I think it’s pretty clear how bad the Flames messed up their highest draft pick in Bennett. He’s going to come back to haunt with his current line mates and coach. Flames struggles are real! I see you too Adam Fox!
  5. So what’s the verdict at this point? Was hiring Sutter the right move?
  6. Can you still be a fan if you’ve lost full confidence in your team? 😬
  7. Just would have rather bled out the rest of the season with Ward and did the full autopsy in the offseason. Same $hit different toilet with this team 😖
  8. I’ll give BT 1 more season as GM before he’s axed. We should almost start scouting new management to really get a fresh start in this organization.
  9. The problem is even our prospects are projecting as no more than 3rd and 4th liners. We MIGHT have some 2nd liners in Pelletier, Zary and maybe Phillips down the road. We can inject all the youth we want right now and I believe we’d still be a middling team. Somehow the Flames need to acquire some studs to turn the fortunes of this franchise around. I just don’t see our current pool of prospects as saviours by any means.
  10. I don’t see it happening, I’d be all for it but Brady is likely the future captain of the Sens. Monny has zero leadership qualities so Melnyk would be giving up too important a piece of his franchise.
  11. Rogers...the most reliable network. Oh wait....
  12. He’s not ready just yet. He’s got NHL caliber but he’s taken a pretty significant step back this year. This kid needs consistency, Flames aren’t the model of consistency other than being inconsistent. I think the AHL would help him get his game back, the kids still recovering from a major injury. He’s already made 2 brutal give aways just in the 1st period. You think that kind of play will be rewarded by Sutter??
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