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  1. I get the rationale, and it makes sense if you don't have the most talented team, but still want to be competitive. I think that's where my issue is, instead of addressing the roster, whether through or rebuild or not, they are trying to pick a style that will bring success without a complete roster overhaul. I just am not sure that the roster is good enough to play a really tight checking style.of game.
  2. I guess I only worry, that maybe this coaching staff is too geared towards defense, but that is working for Trots and the Islanders, so it could work here too.
  3. Yeah I am much higher on McTavish, than you, I am not sure if he will be as good as O'Reilly, but for me he does have that well rounded game all ready, I said Bo Horvat earlier, who IMO is a O'Reilly lite. I like Sillinger and think he can very good offensively he does have a few glaring holes. I agree, at 12 he is a good pick.
  4. Michigan Mock: Button has Power to Sabres; Beniers to Seattle, Johnson a Canuck - TSN.ca Button's mock draft from yesterday has us taking Cole Sillinger at 12, McTavish going to Ottawa at 10 and Chaz Lucius going to the Rangers at 15. He has Sillinger's comparable as Logan Couture. McTavish's comparable is Ryan O'Reilly and Lucius's comparable is Brock Nelson. I mean I don't think he is that far off with those comparable.
  5. See I think Horvat and McTavish are significantly better skaters than Monahan. Monahan does a lot of things well, skating isn't one of them, I think he is near the bottom of the league in terms of his skating. McTavish is closer to middle of the pack as far as skating.
  6. From everything I have read and seen, skating is the issue for all 3, but all 3 have improved this year, it's hard to tell exactly how much as none of them have played a ton. From I saw of McTavish at the U18's skating wasn't an issue. All 3 are known for their ability to score, I think Lucius might have the best arsenal as far goal scoring goes. For me McTavish is far and away the most well rounded, Sillinger is most offensively gifted and Lucius is more of a wild card. I would take McTavish over the other two, but I would be happy getting any of them. McTavish reminds me of a bigger Bo Horvat.
  7. https://nhlentrydraft.com/mock-draft/57994 I just did a mock draft, the link above are my results. 13.Mason McTavish 45.Vincent Iorio 77.Olivier Nadeau 86.Red Savage 141.Tristan Lennox 173.Chase Stillman 205.Francesco Arcuri
  8. I am a bigger fan of trading back when you are outside of the top 10 than trying to trade into the top 10. This draft is no exception. I just don't see enough elite talent in this top 10 that would warrant paying the price to move up. I also think there is going to be plenty of good player available outside the top 10 that I would rather trade back, pick up some lottery tickets for the 2nd or 3rd round and take my chances on finding some hidden gems in those rounds. With the lack of games and scouting I think there is bound to be a few hits in the 2nd or 3rd rounds that should have gone much higher.
  9. https://ottawasun.com/sports/hockey/nhl/ottawa-senators/garrioch-if-the-ottawa-senators-want-a-centre-the-market-through-trade-or-free-agency-is-limited Garrioch saying that the Flames are listening to offers for Monahan. Not all that surprising. I think the offers would be underwhelming, considering his production has fallen off the last two seasons, and he is constantly injured.
  10. I got Kent Johnson and Stanislav Svozil in the first two rounds as well. 3rd Round: Benjamin Gaudreau G 3rd Round: Josh Doan C 5th Round: Peter Reynolds C 6th Round: Francesco Arcuri C 7th Round: Ethan Cardwell C Went a little overboard on forwards. Figured we needed a goalie so Gaudreau seemed like a solid choice in the 3rd. Doan put up really good numbers in the USHL, and you know he has the work ethic with those bloodlines. Reynolds is skilled player, and plays with fellow Flames prospects in Poirier and Francis. The last two picks are OHL guys who went over seas to get playing time. I think both Arcuri and Cardwell would be gone way before this had they been able to play in the OHL.
  11. For me I think Beniers has very good vision and strong two way ability, I think what he lacks is that dynamic ability to take over a game, and I am not sure that player exists in this draft. For me Beniers is very good across the board I just don't know that he is elite in any category, as far forwards go though he is the most well rounded in this draft IMO.
  12. The NHL does a terrible job of protecting it's star players. Panarin is one of the most skilled and exciting players in the league playing in the biggest market in the league, they should be promoting and selling him as such, having out for the rest of the season because Tom Wilson bounced his face off the ice, is counter productive for a league trying to grow it's brand. This league will never be taken seriously anywhere outside of Canada, if this is the way the star players are treated. Don't get me wrong I love physical hockey and I think fighting should be a part of the game, but what Wilson did has no place in the game of hockey.
  13. Yeah Edvinsson is really falling down my list, I love the size and the skating ability, but I am starting to really question his ability to think the game. I am starting to wonder if he is another Cam Barker, big guy that can skate, but doesn't think the game that well and doesn't have the extra gear intensity wise. That being said the physical tools are really intriguing. Clarke is a guy who didn't jump out at me at first, but watching him a bit more I get a bit of a Adam Fox vibe from him. Maybe not the best skater, but thinks the game well and has that low heart rate, no panic in his game. It's funny you mention Jeff Carter, because that has been my comparison for Mason McTavish. I have Cole Sillinger, Chaz Lucius and McTavish all really close on my really early list. I haven't dug into this draft class a whole lot yet, those are three guys that I like in that 10-12 range I think we will be picking in.
  14. I would be surprised if either was available when we draft, unless we win the lottery or something drastic happens in the last few games. I think we will end up just outside the top 10 in this draft. As of today we are sitting at number 10. I think Beniers, Guenther, Power, Clarke will all be gone by our pick. I could possibly see Edvinsson fall. Kent Johnson is another name that I could see being available. I am a little higher on Mason McTavish than some, and he falls just outside the top 10 for me.
  15. Especially Bedard, what he is doing as a 15 year old is pretty impressive, like almost comparable to what another Connor was doing at 15. In this draft Mason McTavish is having a strong U18 and is ranked close to where Calgary will be picking. He would be a solid pick for us. Good compete level, great shot, just seems to know how to put the puck in the net, good size, plays center. He checks a lot boxes for this organization, especially the goal scoring ability.
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