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  1. Oh yes. Brand damaged. Certainly they may have to fire Adams to restore faith from the players.
  2. Yups 100%. Biggest problem is BUF is NOT trying to win this year so the longer this Eichel thing drags out, it is ironically better for them. They get no assets to help them win immediately. They also get this dark cloud hanging over them to begin the season to help them lose harder. All players demotivated and demoralized. It's exactly what they want.
  3. No for sure. What I meant was, so much of the game is played away from the puck that highlight packages showing only goals means you can't see "franchise level skills" away from the puck. I agree you want as much unteachable talent as possible because those can't be developed over time. The "go to where the puck will be and not where it is right now" on both offense and defense is critical. You can train muscles, endurance, conditioning, skating, and I think a lot of that relates to each other. Stronger body means stronger shot, etc. But between the head. The kid either has it or he doesn't.
  4. The_People1

    UFA 2021

    With an offensively challenged Blueline and bottom six forwards, I mean, were going to want about 82(games) X 3(goals per game) = 246 goals. Our top 6 is going to have to score over 200-goals. That's 34-goals per top 6 player. Looks like we have to try and win 2-1 every game.
  5. Also, why should Eichel help BUF rape the new team he's going to? If he's coming to the Flames, then he's going to want the Flames to have more talent around the lineup. This statement basically says Eichel's camp kept their word and BUF didn't. So no more MrNiceguy.
  6. I agree. Go all the way. Don't stop and preserve a 1st round pick... Or worse, use it on TDL just to try to get into the playoffs. At least Eichel is signed for 5 more years. If we treat him here better than BUF then he may want to stay the rest of his career.
  7. The_People1

    UFA 2021

    We are going to need at least one 45-point Dman to keep pace with the rest of the league. It's not asking for a lot but even that's a challenge for us. We were at our best when Giordano, Brodie, and Hamilton were capable of 45-points. Now, we might not even have one.
  8. The_People1

    UFA 2021

    For sures. Rasmus Andersson is the obvious pick to receive more PP time due to Giordano's departure but I have doubts that he can crack 45-points. 5-on-5, Andersson's offense is limited. We already know Hanifin and Tanev are no wizards in the offensive zone so... we're talking like 12 to 20-points for each of them. Zadorov is good for 5 to 10-points. Valimaki has the highest ceiling but we already know Sutter will not play Valimaki so he's probably looking at 20-points max. Kylington and Mackey may share starts all season. I mean, ya, the Flames blueline isn't going to chip in much offensively which means the forward lines are not getting any help. Depth scoring was one of our biggest problems last season and our D struggling to score is going to amplify this problem.
  9. Hey welcome back. Long time. I agree with everything here. All of our LWs should be on the table for Eichel and if we are truly committed to go all in the next 2 or 3 years, then go all in. Don't stop 1 player short (the most important position to fill). Get Eichel at pretty much all costs. Tkachuk, Mangiapane, doesn't matter. LW is easily replaced, if not already. Dube can move to top 6 LW. Pelletier might be ready if not also included in the trade. Zary can move to LW if not included in the trade. Emil Heineman is a LHS RW that we got from the Bennett trade who might be NHL ready to move to LW if not also included in the trade.
  10. Who would ever want to play in BUF in the future with allegations like this? No way anyone waives their NTC/NMC to go there. If the Flames are going to trade anyone to BUF, then Tkachuk is the only big name without a NTC, so it's got to be him. Not Gaudreau, Monahan, etc.
  11. The_People1

    UFA 2021

    If anyone wants Lucic then we have to offload him. Brett Ritchie is 90% the fighter at 17% the cap hit. If we ever need the toughness then we've got it covered. We can then use $2-mil to sign Nick Ritchie to replace Lucic's offense and style. It's an all around win, needless to say.
  12. Firstly, both teams are going to regret this signing in about 4 years. It's just too much money for too long for a 29-year-old mid-tier player. That said, Coleman has never enjoyed the luxury of playing with an Auston Matthews level of Center and still put up very similar numbers to Hyman who did. Luckily for Hyman, he will get a chance to play with McDavid and/or Draisaitl so Hyman's numbers could be further ballooned for a few more years. That doesn't mean he's better by any stretch. Coleman and Hyman are pretty similar so for the Flames to get Coleman for $600k cheaper and 1-year less of a nightmare, I think the Flames win here. Lastly, I like both players. Just don't like the cap hit. These are the type of cap hits you must avoid and the Flames have fallen into a Fear Of Missing Out and so panic signed Coleman.
  13. Wow this play-by-play guy... "GrRRRRrrrrrRRRrr" Generally though, I hate highlight packages like this. It's almost completely "he shoots he scores" and every player looks good in this type of highlight package. Hunter Shinkaruk looked like he'd be a "for sure 40-goal scorer" in the NHL in these... anyways, you can't really see how the kid can hockey when he's not scoring, which is like 99% of the minutes on the ice. He's not big so he seems to skate smooth He needs to build more leg muscles to improve explosiveness A few clips showed his ability to stealth into the danger areas without the puck and then finish when he gets the pass A few goals were snipes from well beyond the faceoff circles and the Flames need outside shooting threat Being a RHS LW, he seems to cut through the train tracks a lot so I wonder if he'll be able to survive the hard hitting NHL I've seen harder shots but maybe none as accurate Doesn't show if he has grit or any level of sand paper/hitting Doesn't show his passing and play making abilities. He seems like purely a "carry the puck all the way by himself and shoot" kind of guy. Very "Sam Bennett" for better or for worse So many easy tap-in goals and so many goals scored wide open in the slot... very suspect level of competition behind his USHL leading 48-goals again, can't tell his two-way game and his ability to play defense All in all, this feels like not the typical Calgary Flames pick (which is a breath of fresh air). It does feel like the team reached for a RHS and went with the best pure scorer aka highest risk highest reward. His overall game may need years to develop (based on this limited highlight package) but if he can round out his game then he could become a 40-goal guy in the NHL.
  14. The_People1

    UFA 2021

    Should we sign Nick Ritchie and unite the Ritchie brothers? And for how much?
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