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  1. For sure. I would shut down all our regulars. This is an opportunity to see what some of these kids can do. For example, let's see if Mackey has improved enough to bring him back next season.
  2. It was a home game for us so... I know no fans in the seats but still. I suspect the Canucks will go with a competitive roster for both of their home games. Then Flames may bring back their veterans for the final home game in Calgary.
  3. Can't blame him. Even during the playoffs, that Lucic - Bennett - Dube line was on fire. But can't have that. Must break them up to get Gaudreau going.
  4. But exactly the argument I'm trying to make. Name the RW, RHS's, RD, C's at pick #10/11/12. It's not there. Take a goalie now so we don't need to take one in the next two years where the drafts are stacked with better RHS options.
  5. Generally speaking yes. That's why you see so few goalies taken in the first round. Goalies are a gamble. For me, the lack of strength in this draft plus our goaltending depth is why I feel we should go with a goalie this draft. If Wolf doesnt pan out and Markstrom declines due to age, then we are scrambling to add goalies via UFA or trade. It's hard to get a good one that way. Cossa and Wallstedt do not look as good as Askarov last year and both have reasons they will bust. Still, we should. I don't think we are in range to draft Wallstedt so it's Cossa.
  6. Yups. We will likely pass them. I'm hoping we drop one game against the Canucks so we don't also pass Chicago.
  7. Cossa should be a very good prospect. Compared to Wallstedt, I see Wallstedt is quicker and more agile and thus, more highlight reel saves. Cossa is more boring but he's 6'-6" and understands how to play big and take up space. My main knock on Cossa is he's too skinny and needs to bulk up. He seems to get up too slowly after going down to make a save. He doesn't bounce back to his feet and reset immediately like Wallstedt does. That said, I think more muscles in his legs will help take care of that and generally help him move around the crease quicker. Building muscles is he easiest thing to develop so the Flames can't possibly screw that up. Based on highlights alone, I would actually say Cossa has better vision and awareness. He looks around more and surveys his surroundings better. Wallstedt sorta has tunnel vision only focusing on the shooter. But Wallstedt is a good rebound controller. Anyways, the gap is not as big as the rankings suggest. It's highly possible Cossa develops into a starter while Wallstedt only becomes a back-up.
  8. It's actually the right thing to do if they want to win a Cup. If they just want to rush to mediocrity to ease some pain then ya, take all our Flames players.
  9. Oh no, I meant like they sound more inclined to trade Eichel, Reinhart, and Risto for picks and prospects as opposed to players in their primes. So they not going to consider Tkachuk, Gaudreau, Monahan, etc.
  10. Some suggest Buffalo wants to do a total rebuild and go very young. So Eichel, Reinhart, and Ristolainen for prospects and picks. This means Cozens, Mittlestadt, Dahlin, etc are off the table. And they need to hit the cap floor so Skinner and Okposo can stay rather than be added to trades and lower the return for those big 3. And honestly, that's the right move. I know there's pressure to win but I think they should do the right thing and not rush another retool. They should draft Power this year. Then tank for the next two and draft Wright and Bedard. With Power and Dahlin, and Cozens... this team should be heading in the right direction.
  11. Yup true. Especially in this draft where many prospect were not available for scouting and the ones that played more may have seen their stock get inflated. Maybe 2 or 3 prospects we thought should be ranked 20th get taken in spot #5 or #6... bumping guys back for us. And well, maybe we are targeting someone ranked 20th.
  12. Ya if the gap is NOT big, then go with the RHS RW/RD. If the gap is big and BPA is a LHS LW, then you just have to take it. If Eklund is on the board at pick #10, then that's a no brainer.
  13. I want to see what we have in Zagidulin. Give him the next 4 games. Markstrom is too tired anyways.
  14. We are probably going to get 5-points in the remaining 4-games. This puts us at 10th pick (because Arizona loses their 1st round pick). It's hard to skip over Chicago for 11th... we pretty much have to win out. And no, I don't think anyone is going to flip us because we have too many games in hand. Most likely outcome is pick #10... with a very very small chance of #11 (if we win out or if CHI, DAL, PHI, NYR, win the lottery). Really unfortunate for us because it looks like there's about 8 or 9 good players and then a small cliff to the next group.
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