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  1. This whole the Flames overdraft LWs things is pretty overblown. Under Treliving Flames have drafted 27 forwards: 14 Centers 4 of which were RS 5 RWs 8 LWs 1 Step further.. 12 Dmen 4 RS This is very in line with the breakdown at the NHL level. So while sure you can make the argument the Flames don't prioritize it (which I think is weak personally because it depends on how the board falls) this idea they don't value RS is false. RWs and in particular RS RW is he shallowest position in hockey. I understand the counter argument is if it's shallow then overdraft it but in order to consider that strategy you have to weight that you overall ability to find players in the draft is going to go down. So at the end of he day do you want assets and players out of the draft or do you just want RS? Further more in considering this year's draft the LW depth of the Flames: Gaudreau is 1 year away from UFA Tkachuk is 1 year away from needing a 9 Mill Qualifying offer. Mang just as productive on either wing Dube comfortable on both wings but yet to establish himself as a top 6 Lucic aging and up in 2 years After that: Pelletier Emillio Petterson end of list IMO the Flames need the best available player/Asset (whatever term you want to use) to add to their stable because all positions are of need.
  2. I don't view it that way. While it is cool as a fan to see them, and I think that should be part of this, ultimately I believe its more prudent from a development standpoint. I view it most as put the kids in a pressure situation and see how they react. Let them talk away the speed of the game at the NHL level and the little things that are different between NHL and AHL. Let guys like Valimaki and Dube play 20 mins plus and see how they react. You should not react to small sample sizes and that's not the intention. The intention is put players in situations they have experienced before and see how they react and what they can learn. It just sounds like excuses to me and really outside of Gio why should that matter to anyone on the roster? I don't care if Gio plays a bunch the rest of the way but you can do that and still play more kids.
  3. I don't think it is necessarily just a Sutter/Flames thing but I don't think that matters. It's just not smart IMO. with the Canucks I can understand it because Green is coaching for an extension or a new job. There is no rationale for Calgary to be doing what they are doing. At least it looks like it won't continue
  4. Looking at the ice time from last night, Sutter coached like it was meaningful game. Gio and Tanev over 20 mins Gawdin under 9 mins Dube under 15 Lindholm, Backs, Tkachuk Gaudreau all around 20 mins. Ridiculous. Makes zero sense.
  5. Don't blame him. This was likely the last straw.
  6. Yup I knew this is what you meant and I agree. Perhaps the Sabres shock us and think differently but that's why I've always struggled to see what the Flames keep coming up when it comes to Eichel. They can't really offer what the Sabres should be looking for. I could maybe get behind the idea that you center it around Tkachuk because in 2-3 years he'll still be in his prime but still feels like a reach.
  7. Right.. but kids who can actually make a difference to the team fortunes next year (Dube, Valimaki, Ruzicka, Phillips) we don't really care about?? Approach makes no sense to me.
  8. Don't really know why this just doesn't start tonight.... Don't like that Markstrom is starting either. Really wish the Flames would embrace that these games don't mean anything
  9. I don't think they have a choice personally. Your star player likely wants out, your core (which is in their prime based on age) really isn't as good as you thought and wants out, and outside of Cozens they don't really have any prospects coming. They do have a lot of cap room so I guess you could sell me they can add 2 big pieces via FA but does anyone want to go there? They really need to improve their scouting staff though if that's the route they want to go because they are one of the worse drafting teams in the league IMO. It's why I do think Eichel gets traded because I think he sees what I see, that team isn't turning this around anytime soon. I think your right that they should focus on the next 3 drafts but I also doubt Eichel wants to wait around in Buffalo that long.
  10. It depends on where the Flames wind up and who they get, but I would not agree that whomever they take is going to auto be their number 1 prospect. I would rank Zary ahead of several players I could see them taking at 10-12 if they wind up there. IMO he was a better draft eligible prospect than the likes of Lysell, McTavish and probably even Sillinger. Really depends on how the board falls and where they wind up picking.
  11. Connor Mackey off to the Worlds for Team USA. That's pretty cool.
  12. I'm not a big believer the Flames actually have a shot but to play devils advocate here.... Mangiapane - Eichel - Lindholm would probably be on the of the best line in the league.
  13. Interesting that the Flames have the 5th best odds to acquire Eichel according to betonline.
  14. Looks like Flames are really valuing the wins in these last 4 games. This lineup is just beyond silly at this point. Makes zero sense. If they go into the game with this i'm going to be pissed.
  15. Getting Guenther there would be bananas. However, unless they win the lottery I don't think it's happening. Flames would have to lose all 4 games against the Canucks and hope all of LA, Ott and SJ win their last game. Hoping for a lottery win now
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