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  1. cross16

    UFA 2021

    I’m thinking less than what he got last year, which was 1 year 3mill AAV.
  2. Zary, Valimaki, and Coronato are what show up as potential starts in that model and drive the Flames higher. They also have a lot of depth that again show up well as expected NHLers I’m that model. 6 is high for me too, that’s just a model that looks at projecting probabilities for nhlers based on their production in different leagues. However I do think the Flames are in the top half of the league with their prospect pool. It’s much deeper than fans give them credit for imo
  3. cross16

    UFA 2021

    I wonder if the Flames would take a look at Erik Gustafsson again. He was a good fit here and their PP was dynamite with him. I know they didn’t re sign him last year but it didn’t really make sense to with the makeup of their d. Makes a lot more sense this year.
  4. cross16

    UFA 2021

    PP is for sure a concern of mine. Even with Gio here they didn’t really have a PP QB and while I think Anderson’s shot can be a weapon on the PP he really isn’t a QB. It would be a good role to work Valkmaki into and help him grow some confidence. Was very successful at it in junior. Hanifin looked decent at it but if Hanifin is going to play a lot of PP then so kills penalties? Hanifin-Tanev likely going to be their top 5on5 pair so I’m not sure you can rely on Hanifin for both special teams. I personally don’t see him as a 24-25 min a night dman. Even at 5on 5 I’m concerned around their ability to transition . At the same time I think a lot of this depend on Rasmus. If he bounces back, as 2 years ago he was looking like one of the best transition defenders on the league, it won’t be as bad but if he struggles they are really in rough shape pending what they do with the 3rd pairing. Sutters system also depends on a lot of point shots so having 2 dmen in your top 6 who offer nothing there will likely be leading to some missed opportunities. Creating a role for Valimaki I think could ease some of these concerns so hopefully that’s part of the plan.
  5. cross16

    UFA 2021

    Ritchie to the Leafs.
  6. I agree with the camp that the Flames should be aggressive on Eichel and be willing to pay up to do it. If it costs you multiple futures like Zary, Pelletier; a first it’s well worth it IMO. Obviously they’ll get the opinion of their own doctors but I don’t see the surgery and medical thing as much of a risk as some.
  7. crazy. Quite a stand-off here. Don’t blame the Sabres for waiting though and trying to get their best deal
  8. cross16

    UFA 2021

    Ya IMO Zadorov is not a top 4 dman so I don't have a problem with them looking at the spot. I would just run Valimaki myself but that's not what they are going to do so I understand why they are looking at the blueline. I'm not a huge fan of Murray unless you get an affordable deal. Big injury risk. Flames D is going to be really starved for offence, which I think is a bigger problem than they think. Guess we'll see.
  9. cross16

    UFA 2021

    Could be possible as I think he'd likely be a piece the Sabres want but I don't think that's a direct link. I think the issue is more they lost their number 1 dman from last season (based on ice time) and so far have not really come close to replacing him. Based on some analysts and quotes from Treliving I think the Flames see the blueline as needing some help.
  10. For what it's worth, Ryan Pike of Flames nation says he has seen the inside renderings and he was impressed. I agree, the outside doesn't' really matter much.
  11. cross16

    UFA 2021

    I'm fine with Lucic on that line, he's very good in his own zone and he and Dube get along well. Have had success. While it would be great to use Lucic on the 4th line I think we need to be honest and say that just isn't going to happen. I'm highly skeptical that Lucic will be traded and don't really buy that rumor.
  12. Agreed. Highlight videos are a big trap, you won't really get an accurate picture. Some people on YouTube will do shift by shift videos which are nice and worth a look. Still don't necessarily get to see his play away from the puck necessarily but at least you can get a wider array of skills and not just the highlights.
  13. cross16


    Until Parsons can stay healthy I'm not sure it maters too much if he is in the E or the A. I would see him playing in both leagues but it doesn't really matter if he can't get healthy and stay healthy. I feel for him, it's been a tough road. Was never a big Parsons fan and didn't like the pick, but I really want to pull for the kid to at least get a shot. Flames have done some nice work at this spot the last 2 off seasons. Flames have some nice depth at the goalie spot now and a few different options that could potentially turn into something.
  14. cross16

    UFA 2021

    Agreed, felt the same way. I've always like Stephens as a player so I would have made that deal. That being said, they could be ready to give Gawdin the job and while I don't love Gawdin I would understand that decision but would still prefer Stephens.
  15. cross16

    UFA 2021

    I'd have some interest in Ritchie but it would need to be 2.5mill or less as he's a bottom 6 guy only and honestly not a huge pressing need for this club. The problem more is where do you fit him? Gaudreau - Lindholm - Tkachuk Mang - Monahan - Coleman Lucic - Backlund - Dube ?? - Lewis - Pitlick I like the player, but unless Lucic goes to the 4th line I don't see it being worth pursuing.
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