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  1. like Darryl said my perception is the flames sucks and well perception is reality
  2. Your right big changes do need to happen problems is them happening is difficult with the flat salary cap etc etc so if calgary can do some major trades im sure they will but i wont hold my breath cause teams are being alot tighter with there money due to the cap
  3. I think the problem here lies is that most teams are in a win now situation they dont have the player for the positions that are required so because of it they use rookies to cover the holes way to early in there career and that is just cause they owners want there money from the team winning etc so they always jump the gun to get good faster then they should
  4. And they were saying that there not sure really if you see alot of gut wrenching moves with the tight salary cap they said you might see the trades like you did at the trade dead line cause most teams have to watch there caps with it not going up
  5. Bluejays are playing better then the flames
  6. didnt want to start a new thread for a couple posts travel
  7. i doubt that cause even if the beat peg and oil they struggle big time with the laffs they lost last night against them so they could lose against them monday
  8. Great Period by the boys they need to play just aswell in the Third
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