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  1. zima

    UFA 2021

    I wonder if This Flames team is going to be the ducks of a few yrs back or LA big and mean with skill with the addition of Cole and Zad Patlik and Looooch we have ourselves a pretty scary team in alot of ways plus we have a couple of kids who could be mean as well
  2. Since the price of properties on Vancouver Island are at super crazy prices Im selling my home 1,450.000 a steal at that price soon will go up to 2 mill ok perhaps not but can dream LOL
  3. Do you think that Eich is a better player than MrT due to all his (Eich's) Injuries I notice that alot of Flames Fans have lost there love for MrT I myself think he will just get better. Last yr was a bad yr for the whole team not just Chucky and I think Eick. I also believe losing Gio will be a huge lose more than this Fan base realizes
  4. zima

    Sam Bennett

    Perhaps he will do a Olli Jokinen and play like a demon on final yr of contrasct and get paid big bucks on new contract and play like a puppy
  5. zima

    UFA 2021

    So? where are we what is the consensus win loss Mahhh or do we say maybe next century. I am not happy with what we have done this yr again why can't we do something worth bragging about . This coming up season we are looking at drafting top 5 again and the rest of our pacific rivals will surpass us unless Goal tending stands on there heads and I hope we let Wolf become top player for our franchise and not leave him in the A's or does he stay in the juniors ? I don't want to move MrT lets give him another few yrs to prove himself here lets not give up on him just yet. Now if we are trading for a block buster type trade and pickup a winning group which will bring us closer to the third round in the playoffs I will be good but we all know that's not a BT type of way to go. Please take his pen away
  6. zima

    UFA 2021

    What a joke that's like asking for forgiveness they don't give a flying farckal what any buddy thinks they stole this kid and laughing all the way to the bank as far as I'm concerned
  7. zima

    UFA 2021

    What about the Zadorov signing ok or not? I know nothing about him other than he is big and mean hard hitting
  8. zima

    UFA 2021

    I hate when BT starts the UFA game he always seems to lose I do wonder if it has alot to do with geographic lots of players refuse to play out there
  9. zima

    UFA 2021

    So a little bit of controversy mostly bad signing or so so ?
  10. Well from what FN says we picked 3 C- and 1 C so that's 4 underwhelming players but I guess if you get 4 possible NHLers in 1 yr you can't complain plus you never know one of the C players could surprise we can only hope.
  11. So we have 8 picks this season how would this message board Rate the Chances of any of them making the NHL weather they sign or get signing offers from the Flames ? Also what grade would you give the Flames Management on the picks they gathered in other words what are the chances this Fan base believes any of this kids will surprise use and become NHL regulars. Now I know what I'm asking is in some ppls mind is totally silly but I would like to see if any one has any asperations that some of these kids could become NHLers and what you believe are there attributes that could possibly push them into the NHL . I know nothing about these kids but I'm sure lots of you have followed some of these boys and have some first hand knowledge. So try not to get to upset over these questions if you think they are just to stupid to answer then don't. I am not looking for sarcasm because you think these are silly questions.
  12. I'm sorry can't remember the name of the man sutter grab second round me thinks big body showed promise with the knights i think but didn't do a darn thing in the A
  13. Kulak sure seems like he was in the thick of it in the playoffs
  14. William Strömgren, LW this is what is said about him from SBNation and this is the bottom line not the whole right up This is a pick that should be based on skill and tools and not particularly results — Strömgren’s transition numbers and expected numbers are just straight up bad.
  15. Tottaly agree that is my point that rule is so stupid and should not be in the NHL now I am hearing something about college players getting paid ? Is this true?
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