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  1. Hyman is a solid maybe. RNH not a fing chance do sign him..... Stay with monahan
  2. Monhan for Patrick is out of the question, Philly wins that hands down. Chucky Zary and our 1st for Eichel is another huge over payment. Chucky and a prospect i could see for Eichel. Reinhart could be a solid choice, monahan straight across maybe a small add. We need to actually get better defense, i would look to rid us of Gio, but dont see that happening. Would be a blessing if Seattle took Lucic give then a propect as a bonus. We need 4-6 players to make an impact 2 d and 4 forwards. All of which need to be top nine and dman of 2-4 calber.
  3. Yet nothing has changed. Sutter granted favours vets so has every other coach. We have to face facts the piss poor development was and still is very previlant to this day. Facts are Trevling has been given full autonomy of the club and Trevling has us in just as bad a spot or worse than Sutter , so he isnt much better as a GM. Sutter is a good coach terrible GM we can all agree on that. Our prospect pool and development have been dog crap for years, pre sutter, during sutter and post sutter era. Looking back at this and pointing blame of the current situation on Sutter is outlandish. This organization has defenitly shown its the definition of dysfuntional
  4. See ans I disagree with you on this. Sutter is right , Val and Dube are good players and many of have indicated entilement went on here for far to long. The problem with this is everyone wznts the truth but no one can handle the truth. Valimaki has been Satoshi Nakamoto all year, Dube is hit and miss. Sutter call JG out and poof he answered the bell. This is a coach that demands more frankly i think he is spot on with the assesment. Which goes right up the top of the organization, its been run like a country club for to long
  5. We better not draft a goalie in the 1st round. Trevling should be let go already but a goalie in the 1st round is crazy
  6. So would your saying a Hubbereau/ Barkov are equal to a Gaudreau/ Lucic how about Dry saddle/ Mc Jesus vs Mags/ Lucic, or Mckinnion/Landeskog Or we can go Point/ Kucherov vs Mags/Dube, it all symantics. The facts are we are slightly above average height adn weight and have below average play. Trying to justify anything other than this club is been poorly constructred and ran is just a switch and bait game.
  7. What is mind blowing is you keep a GM just because. The guy has failed to create a contending team period, ship him out along with his training staff and scouts. We have a roster that has to many smaller players that can't play a style that wins championships. I am not saying there is no room for smaller players but we have 4 forwards thats 2-3 to many. As for being a terrible destination to come to we are not Edmonton. However players will sign to play with Mc Jesus and Dry Saddle, becasue you have players to build around. I remember Florda, San Jose, Dallas, LA were destinations that players belived were crap places to play, now they are sought after. Perceptions can change, create a place or destination of desire and players will beg to get here. Calgary is much like Buffalo a team no one wants to belong to. The dysfuntional states of this organization is just mind bending. You have billioaires who have made billions and think owning a team but are not smart enough to hire the correct individuals to move you in the right direction. Simply goes to show that being succussful in one area doesnt translate to success in another based on your net worth. This maybe speculation but if the owners are micro managers as indicated than this falls on there shoulders. If they ran their companiesa as insufficiently as this, they would not be where they are today. For me Sutter is a good coach, but this club is not a Sutter club, Vegas, Florida, Tampa, Avalance, St Louis are Sutter clubs large fast and gritty. When you compare our club to the top teams in the league its apparently obvious we are a loooong ways away from contending anything other than a qucik exit or a top 10 draft choice. Flames slogan should be our club is just OK and we are good with that.
  8. Really our fate was in our own hands. So the season is over try out some players now and gauge what you have. Mackey, Phillips, Ruzicka, Gadwin lets see if they push the needle. We know for a fact Stone is back as Sutter has a man crush on him, but to be honest Stone has looked very good in his role. I still wish Kylington would take that next step. has the speed but just makes some bone head decisions. I would like to see Phillips play the last 4 games with Gawdin and Ruzicka as a line, see what they have. Also take out Stone or Gio and bring in Mackey and lets see hwat he can bring. We need to guage if these guys can play Sutter hockey. This has been one of the worst seasons in Flames history. You have to bring in a coach to get them to play at NHL speed and intensity. IMHO Sutter has changed the work ethic but what is transparent is the lack of skill in this hockey club. We have 4-6 good forwards and no super stars and 2 slightly above average dman and a goalie that was good but never stellar. Tons of spots to fill. Trevling and all his minions need to be shown the door along with all management. We than need to do a break down of what the correct step is moving forward. I hate to say rebuild but not sure you can re tool this. We need to get this thing turned in the right direction. The scary part is Sutter loves veterans, that was his downfall as a GM here. The best option would make one last ditch effort in 2022 and tank for 2023? Really if we could get Bedard in 2023 thats a game changer for this club.
  9. Glad it made you laugh. However only players I mentioned had poor attitudes were Brower and Neal. The others were references to head scrathcing deals that transpiered. I agree Hamonic and Lucic are good leaders, but really not a good fit. If we needed better leadership than our captain should have been shipped out years ago. Depite the differnaces in opinion one can agree this club has large dysfuntions at the upper management level, scouting and development. The Hamilton trade is just mind boogling at best He was by far our best Dman and he gets traded because there was not a fit in the room!!!! So if he wasn't a fit in the room was it the palyer himself or the other players. The first sign of a Satoshi Nakamototy club is the affect the player has on the next club. Hamilton and now Bennett seem to not have issues on other clubs. We all knew that Bennett needed better players around him. Trevling thought he was a player that made other players better, another large gaff by scouts and managment. Facts are give JG players around him that open ice for him and Poof he would have the same affect as he did years previous. The issue is the guy responsible for the players on the ice. Trevling and company have failed miserable to provide players to accent the palyers we have.
  10. Do not dissagree, But the highlighted is what rest on the GM and scouts as their roles. Your upper management creates the vision, culture, work ethic and direction of the organization. GM and scouts pick the players to ice for team selection, it appears that Tre has extremely poor judgement as he has failed in this department as well as the coaching department. Hamilton, Hamonic, Brower, Lucic, Neal, Elliott, Peters.... All had red flags on them. The Hamiltion one is the best one of all. You get a stud DMan that was being shopped becasue he didnt fit in Boston to not be able to fit in here becasue he was introverted, would have rather cultured himself than get Satoshi Nakamoto canned with the boys. You can not tell me you couldn't discover that, same issue with Brower and Neal crap attitudes. It your role to bring forth the right people to fit the organization, he failed
  11. They all need to be removed. Your players just didnt arrive here with a piss poor attitude,culture and work ethic it was allowed to happen. Whats embarrasing how this orgainization is run, it like average is the pinnacle of succcess. If its the owners micro managing not sure. However, the accountablity starts from the top. This is a Trevling built club period and its beyond terrible with talent and attitude. When your vision and goal os simple just get into the playoffs your gooing to fail. This club for years has and is still light years away from being a contender, simply put we are just as poorly run as Buffalo! If the oweres are the ones dragging this club down than sell it to someone else who has more pride in ownership and larger vision of success.
  12. Wilson was over board but this is what you get in a league that has turned into a pillow fight league. All you need is the one guy that won't take Satoshi Nakamoto from anyone and he turns on any player. This BS that star players are given a pass on everthing in BS. Facts are this brawl has more hits and views than anything else, because people love violence. Can't tell me a fight in a game or a booming hit doesn't create a buzz in a building. Fact is if Lucic throws a huge hit on Mc Baby or Dry Saddle there is hell to pay. but its ok for Mc baby to butt end Lucic with a cheap shot becasue he knows he can, BS.
  13. FIRE TREVLING, NOW. I will even pay for the Fing billboard ad.... It is a sad day to even admit your a Flames fan with these clowns, and Tre leading the circus.
  14. It was me. My coments were a direct reflection from Tim Hunter, his coach and former flames alumni. Hunter simply said the kid will be a stud in the NHL So you have a local kid playing a province away coached by a former player light up the laegue from 15 on and you miss out on Point thats a huge rec flag for me
  15. So Benny has 10 points in 7 games in Florida. He had 12 points in each of the last 2 seaons here. What is obvious is that he did have the talent but was never provided the opportunity to enhance it, plus it shows how poor a quailty the coaching and players he played with are. This club is like a talent vortex it judt sucks the talent and skill right out of players
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