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  1. "Every Game Matters"...........it really seems that way Flames..

  2. I just want to see Iginla score some goals!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for a season as soon as possible!

  4. The only thing that keeps me happy is that the Flames future is looking bright except I have my doubts for overrated draft picks (example: Mikael Backlund)

    1. Lucid_Flame91


      Well if hes going to centre Sven baertschi, next season is his chance to step up

  5. Baertschi got his first NHL point/goal today and I called it!! #SVENSATIONAL

  6. Baertschi for his first NHL point today!!

    1. Lucid_Flame91


      It would be nice to see him score a goal

  7. Sven Baertschi is called up! Let the future of the Flames begin!

  8. Bye Brent Sutter, you need to leave Calgary and teach your son Brandon how to play hockey!!

  9. I'm not expecting big changes for the Flames by the trade deadline, but expect the unexpected

  10. Happy to hear Scott Hannan is a Flame, I believe he'll be on the D line with JayBo

  11. It's August the season is getting closer

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    2. yukonwolf


      oh....68 days and counting :P

    3. h0k3y944


      I know I can't wait, I like summer but come let's start hockey already!

    4. Lil_Reaper


      Screw summer lol.. I want my hockey! :P

  12. Shea Weber to Calgary for Jay Bouwmeester to Nashville would be awesome but very doubtful but there's hope

    1. the_hanson_brothers


      Maybe try watching cricket...

    2. h0k3y944


      get out of here there's always hope but I doubt it

  13. Can't wait for the game tonight!

  14. You can tell Burrows is frustrated when Thomas slashed him and Burrows threw punches at him

    1. Anie8706


      Saw some highlights of it, Burrows tried to chop Thomas' stick out of his hands and Thomas went for the slash, lol.

    2. h0k3y944


      That was classic

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