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  1. i think we are seeing the effects of the same thing but in different times by that I mean .. wed have good seasons , but when the games turned to tight checking playoff hockey , we dropped Johnny and Mony too easily shut down meaning its left to the goalies and depth players to carry the load Now that Sutter is pushing for playoff style play , same thing happens in 04, in those close 2-1, 1-0, low scoring games.. id bet if you went back and looked .. Iggy shows up a lot in the goals we did score Iggy was our best forward .. Regehr our Best Dman .. Kipper our best goalie right now and in playoffs past .. Johnny , Mony , Gio are/ were NOT our best players . the only constant is our goalie has carried more than his weight .. from Ramo, to Smith , to Talbot .. our goalies were stars in the playoffs ( Elliot the exception ) In 03.. we had the core .. Sutter fixed the depth for 04 ... now we have the depth , BT needs to fix the core I get why hasn't until now .. you expect progression , growth etc.. but we're past wondering what they can be .. we can clearly see what they are
  2. as bad as the contract is .. and the relief would be nice .. Lucuc isnt going anywhere , unless he retires, or somehow gets taken by Seattle .. plus i get the feeling Sutter will want to keep him cant buy him out and nobody is trading for that contract ** had another look.. must have softened as , I guess if you were really super desperate for a little bit of space it could be done .. but you dont gain much SEASON INITIAL BASE SALARY INITIAL CAP HIT SIGNING BONUS BUYOUT COST POST-BUYOUT EARNINGS SAVINGS CAP HIT (CGY) CAP HIT (EDM) 2021-22 $2,500,000 $6,000,000 $2,500,000 $583,333 $3,083,333 $1,916,667 $3,572,917 $510,417 2022-23 $1,000,000 $6,000,000 $3,000,000 $583,333 $3,583,333 $416,667 $4,885,417 $697,917 2023-24 $0 $0 $0 $583,333 $583,333 -$583,333 $510,417 $72,917 2024-25 $0 $0 $0 $583,333 $583,333 -$583,333 $510,417 $72,917
  3. Interestingly enough, if you compare Daryl's first starting roster in Dec 2002, vs the one that started the 2004 playoffs, there wasn't a super major overhaul outside of trading Drury for Warrener.. no big names left or got added except Kipper Now, granted it was a different time, different era.. but .. just saying he adjusted the fringes of a tire fire and created a much more ready team some players in the core need adjustment yes .. but the blow it up need may be unnecessary ..and im certain when this season is over sooner or later .. Daryl wil have a huge input into who stays comes or goes SAME Andrew Ference Chris Clark Craig Conroy Denis Gauthier Jarome Iginla Jordan Leopold Martin Gelinas Oleg Saprykin Robyn Regehr Toni Lydman Roman Turek Stephane Yelle Steve Montador GONE Blake Sloan Bob Boughner Chris Drury Craig Berube Jamie Wright Mathias Johansson Steve Begin NEW Chris Simon Chuck Kobasew Krzysztof Oliwa Marcus Nilson Matthew Lombardi Miikka Kiprusoff Rhett Warrener Shean Donovan Ville Nieminen
  4. I agree ..there is no untouchable now .maybe Markstrom . I still say TDL is when u can move Gio and Bennett for best return .. the rest will be offseason I would use now to take a look at some players that could be close .. let's give Ruzicka and Phillips a look ..
  5. I agree ..this one is a mystery to me . The sudden change after the puck incident is too hard to call a coincidence. But when Sutter came on board you would have thought he's the perfect one to play his game and thrive .. He's not playing like chucky. Maybe he has an issue getting in that zone against his brother . Dunno .. either way this team needs Chucky mode and for some reason he's MIA
  6. Here's the strange thing about Sutter tho.. These coaches we compare him to.. Babcock, Hartley..Peter's ... All were great at motivating , and had some good success stories But you'll have an extremely hard time finding the ex players if theirs that have good things to say about them... Sutter , you have difficulty finding any that have anything bad to say . His players don't quit on him..they just eventually have nothing left to give The players now can be certain of one thing ..this is the last coach many of them will ever have in Calgary.. unless he doesn't extend by his own choice at the end of the 3 years
  7. What youre seeing unfold is an exposure of what's been our acchilles heel for the longest time ..since Sutter left actually. When it gets tight ..they crumble .. Sutter is making them play the way they'll need to play in the playoffs to win .so now they're disappearing in the regukar season ..and exposing who can do it and who can't
  8. Don't call me 100% but I'm pretty sure from last time you can count and expose an RFA so long as you qualified him? Just like Seattle gets an early exclusive window to sign a UFA and if they do, that's their pick ( aka Engelland ) Trade wise .. if we want to trade Gio..and we should .. his best return imo is the TDL.. he would be seen as a premier rental to a team that needs depth.. Johnny and Mony should wait til offseason ..you're not Gettijg any good roster player off a contender and both of them warrant that in a return And it was mentioned elsewhere, but getting Hall at the deadline makes a ton of sense You get to see him in the system..and vice versa .. he will not command a huge return .. buffalo has to know he's not going back
  9. Only issue , and I've seen this a few times in a few places suggested .. Hall would not play with Johnny except maybe on the powerplay. Both are pure LW, and bringing in a higher priced player and asking one to now play the off wing is how we get into messed like this .. if we somehow kept both, they'd be 1,2 LW
  10. I wish I could have screen shot it.. i saw a play tonight, near the front of the net, Johnny watched a puck go by him that he could have reached for , but it would have meant getting into a bit of traffic
  11. Nico Hischier had his best season as a rookie playing with Hall in goals, assists and points. Dipped the next season when Hall was injured I believe Hall will no longer break the bank to resign. With the flat cap and his recent years his show me deal in buffalo has hurt his price Hall with Lindholm would be more deadly IMO than Monahan and johnny You could almost make the argument Johnny has too, if they can actually resign him to a decent deal then id say he'd be better served as a 2nd line LW.. but I do believe this is his last season here I'm not calling him a defensive wizard, but he does do what Johnny wont .. he plays in the tough areas,. Will throw a check.. can assist as well as finish. I say Johnny wont instead of can't , because he's close to Mangiapanes size and should be capable of playing the same way
  12. I'd have to disagree... Buffalo is a tire fire.. even Eichel sucks there I think Hall could be exactly what Sutter wants.. He can play in close , he throws body checks ..he digs in corners ..he can give and receive in the offense .. he can create plays . Sutter literally is probabaly exactly what he needs Johnny is trying to play what Sutter wants..he's just not capable And the good news is thanks to the tire fire Sabres, and the flat cap..his price is not what it would have been
  13. You still want to maximize return .. Johnny and Mony Need to be exposed to the entire league not just the handful of contenders .. I say trade for Hall cheap now cuz you get a bigger window to resign him Gio .will be most valuable to a team that's headed on a run ..you're not getting players back for him so you go for the late first and eat half his salary to get maybe a second pick and a b prospect ..also helps with your expansion dilemma With Johnny Mony and Gio off the books you can go after players like Hoffman too Depending on the Eichel situation , you can take a serious run but not sure we have what they want
  14. I'm at a loss . I don't expect miracles after 7 games , but it's painfully apparent our top is not our top. I know he scored a goal tonight but we already knew Johnny can't thrive when tightly checked ..now we see he can barely function on a tight checking team The 2 week wait for a trade isn't really an issue cuz would we really be worse off with Johnny and Monahan out of the lineup? Would we notice ? I say save the big moves for the offseason.. make a deal to bring in Hall on a cheap trade.. don't even have to protect him, he's a UFA so we just gotta hope they don't just sign him on the kraken Try to add some kind of firepower .. if all is lost by April 12, move Gio for picks to a contender Move Johnny and Mony in the offseason..you don't need stars back..build the team around Hall Tkachuk and Lindholm
  15. I 100% agree the accountability is on the players.. I liked Ward but last night's Sutter presser was a great example of what sets him apart. Every player he was asked about, he praised but also stated he wants more .. Killington was solid but needs to work with his partner more , Elias was great but he has another gear we need to find, ditto Hanifin. Nearly all the previous coaches would have called that a complete game..a team effort.. Sutter praised what they did but made it clear it still wasn't good enough.. He doesn't let you get high on yourself .. I had forgotten what a master he is of button pushing. He doesn't push you, he gets you into a " oh yeah, watch this " mentality.. he doesn't push them so much as he makes them push themselves There will be a stinker in the future ..every team has one .. that should be interesting. That being said.. it's only been 3 games , but is anybody else surprised the almost invisible one in this system has been Tkachuk?? He should be a standout in this system
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