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  1. Suter/Parise signings send shockwaves through the nw div. Hope the Flames can keep up!

  2. what a boring post game celebration by the flames

  3. Cammys back, now to bring back Bertuzzi, Lombardi and Phaneuf. Dispose of Jbo and Stajan

    1. RedHeadFlameFan


      YES! Bring back Phaneuf!

      Does anyone happen to know where the teams stays when they play the Wild?

  4. "we need to play a full 60min" anyone else sick of hearing this comment after every game?

  5. flames should trade for sean avery. that should get the battle of alberta reignited!

    1. boman


      I will forgive you for saying this. (it was 2:37 AM!...not at time for a flame fan to attempt to try to be smart)) Oiler fans would probably agree cause they wouldn't have to wait till next year to kick that cowards apple! Try sleeping rockstar!

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