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  1. Well the season starts today!!! Go Flames Go! cant wait for tommorow.

  2. And... all those stupid trolls can eat their words now. Enjoy a long summer.

  3. This is almost as good as CGY winning. Those B!*&^ needed some bitter defeat. Way too cocky! Take that The_Don............

  4. Wow! Congrats to Jarome Iginla! whatta player and whatta guy. He deserves each of the milestones he set this season. The comment below is something that makes me sick as a flames fan when our star player gave us a victory yesterday. Also nice to see Langkow have a strong return. Good for him to have such a quick recovery.

    1. Canada15


      Take away Iggys stats this year and leadership. You trade that?? Build around him... Trade the likes of Bouwmy, Regehr, Bourque, etc. Guys who havent proven the same consistency as Iginla. We need a few big moves or free agency signings/releases. Trading Iginla would not be productive because we simply dont have anything to fall back on. If Iginla is traded im not watching the next 3 years 13th 14th place hockey. It starts with strengthening our secondary scoring lines and bringing in ...

    2. Bane


      You don't trade Iggy for some unknown. You trade him for our next Franchise player. Someone you can build around for the next 15 years. Giroux, Parise, etc. A guy like that.

  5. thanks for the effort this year flames. Enjoy your extra long summer.

  6. Im done watching this. Breaks my heart. so much time wasted watching this run for these guys to play like this. CYA next yr guys.

  7. Please EDM beat the lame predators today... Just please. No one really wants to watch Geoffrion in the playoffs.

  8. Done deal... Thought it was done last night, KNOW it is done tonight. If they cant win one of these last 2 gms then they dont deserve it. Good run guys. Maybe next year we ll play better.

    1. bigchief


      Or maybe we will get into the playoffs, because it ain't over yet so why give up before it's over?

  9. Im sorry flames but I dont believe anymore for this season. You proved me wrong before so do it again. But at this point I just cant believe in our run. Off season changes need to be made... but still GO FLAMES GO!!! still 8 gms left, but little room for error. nothing to lose now.

  10. does it really have to come down to tonight? GO FLAMES GO!!! More hockey fans cheering for you then anaheim, so make us proud! (and I wouldnt mind a Nashville loss either. Gotta be one day were everything goes right.....)

  11. with out a win tomo, are we done?

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    2. hurtin_albertan


      If we can't beat the 14th place team in the conference, who are 1-8-1 in their last 10, have lost 5 straight, and are on the second game of a back-to-back...we're done.

    3. Baalzamon


      unless I'm mistaken, Colorado only has 1 win in theyz last 20, as well. that's flaming horrible

    4. Canada15


      well 3 1 already... glad our boys came out strong early. a lose will knock us out, but a win will put us back in the race. GFG

  12. I find it hard not to be pessimistic. Another horrible effort from the Flames. As of right now this team doesnt deserve to play in mid april... at all. And Bouwmeester is playing like I used to if I had a loaf of bread before the game. Slow, and little puck control whatsoever. Not a very happy Flames fan right now.

  13. go Flames go!!! Huge game tonight... Hope our boys are rested.

  14. wow Glencross! just wow. lots of effort from that guy...

  15. Flames getting into the playoffs in 8th spot, and beating Vancouver in 7th game (iggy scores in OT) is my dream... Just so you guys know. =)

    1. Pyromancer


      I would actually prefer Chicago vs Vancouver in the 1st Round with Chicago sweeping them. The psychological damge would reverberate for years turning their Stanley Cup into a Sippy Cup.

    2. Canada15


      haha love it! and then we end up sweeping Chicago at some point? =)

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