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  1. Internet gone, working a huge amount.. life is alright. Time for a smoke.

  2. See ya guys in 3 weeks. Arctic Norway / Russia here we go!

    1. DirtyDeeds


      I saw something about Chernobyl being a hot destination, power travelling or something.

  3. I'm pretty sure I just saw a mummy in the hallway O_O

  4. The roommate that never sleeps. Ever. Well okay.. this roommate sleeps like 2-5 hours.. but it's always at the most awkward times and the sleep is always broken up. Do I feel compassion? NO. I'm pissed. -_-

  5. Hey dude, welcome to the boards.. have fun and go Flames go!!

  6. That awkward moment when you realize you actually enjoyed a Bieber track. Oh jesus no. -_-

    1. Anie8706


      You traitor!!!!

    2. Anie8706


      Burn him!!!! Burn him!!!!! He's a Beaver fan!!!! Errr Beiber!!!!

    3. gsp393


      I live beaver...and im not talking about the animal!

  7. lulz AK46 and Rad got suspended Xd

    1. Wreckening


      LOL how long before Radulov bolts back to the K

    2. Lil_Reaper


      haha didn't see your reply, yeah I'm wondering if he runs home after the playoffs. I don't think Nashville lasts after this next one.. they done. >:F

  8. Love doesn't need a reason. ^^

  9. *copious amounts of smoke* ...So, how about them.. ugh, I can't even pretend. >.< Gonna hide in a hole till next season.

  10. And before we know it summer will be over. I want a new season of hockey. >.<

  11. Put up or shut up for this entire team.

  12. Holy watermeloning strawberry... why does TSN hate us so damn much? O_O

  13. What disgusting crap did I watch tonight.. jesus.

  14. Thinking about grabbing a small custom tattoo.. (perhaps turned into full sleeve, in time) any suggestions on a good shop?

    1. Anie8706


      Sleeve tattoo's are just overused now, lol

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