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  1. Hmm really? Recent years goalies taken in round 1 2020 - Askarov 11th 2019 - Knight 13th 2018 - None 2017 - Jake Oetteinger 26th 2016 - None 2015 - Samsonov 22nd 2014 - None 2013 - None 2012 - Vasilevskey 19th Subban 24th 2011 - None 2010 - Campbell 11th 2009 - none 2008 - Pickard 18th 2007 - none 2006 - Bernier 2005 - Price 5th 2004 - Montoya 6th 2003 - Fleury 1st 2002 - Lehoten 2nd 2001 - Leclaire 8th 2000 - DiPietro 1st 3 goalies won Stanley cups in that list and Bernier did not play a game as a back up to Quick. Of the 15 goalies listed Elite Fleury Vasilevsky Price Good Lehoten Okay Bernier Campbell Meh DiPietro Leclarie Montoya Pickard Subban Too early Knight Askarov Oettinger Samsonov 3 eltie goalies taken in the 1st round in the last 21 years!! The other 29 teams are obviously doing something just as wrong as the Flames are.
  2. we didn't lose Gio for nothing. We just saved 6.75 of our cap and BT stopped spending a 1st and a 3rd. In a flatcap world trying to move Gio's at the deadline was probably not a viable option for any team. And how are we yo know if he was being shopped or not. What I have got out of this is what a class player, gentleman and team leader to the end Gio is. I wish him every sucess I would not be averse us taking him back in 12 motnhs time on a smaller contract.
  3. Not Tkachuk - I hope to god no. No obvious candidate but my vote would be Tanev for at least an A. Mangiapne for an A Backlund for the other A I would take the A away from Tkachuk and Monahan On the hockey side we should probably go with no 'C' for a while but I think owners will want a figurehead for the community/marekting side. So it would not suprise me to see Backlund get it.
  4. Ok so we know JJ wants to take a goalie!! Of the 2 I could get behind a Wallstedt pick but Cossa looks a big round 1 gamble to me. Afterall our past successes with goalies in the first round is not very impressive. Kidd 11th Krahn 9th Irving 26th Muzzatti 21st Just some names:- Brodeur 20th overall Hasek 199th overall Roy 51st overall Price 5th overall Fleury 1st overall Kiprusoff 116th overall Joseph - undrafted Recent years goalies taken in round 1 2020 - Askarov 11th 2019 - Knight 13th 2018 - None 2017 - Jake Oetteinger 26th 2016 - None 2015 - Samsonov 22nd 2014 - None 2013 - None 2012 - Vasilevskey 19th Subban 24th 2011 - None So in the last 10 years only 6 goalies have gone in round 1. Vasileveskey arguably the best goalie in the league right now but Subban taken 5 picks later is a backup at best. Jury is still out Askarov Spencer Knight looks like he will be a solid goaltender and Oetteinger has played 26 games for Dallas So is Cossa more Subban or Vasilevsky? Is Wallestedt the next Fleury? Or is there a Domink Hasek sonewhere in the later rounds? There is no guarantee taking one of these top 2 goaile prospects is a recipe for success. Taking a goalie in round 1 is a huge gamble. I think I would be in the camp of making a safer pick in round 1. If Wallstedt falls to 12 then.....
  5. Might have been a no brainer but BT got the exposure list correct. I am hopeful he doesn't make a last minute move and waste any picks on protecting players.
  6. Nesterov going back to the KHL
  7. hmm thought this was the Mangipane thread..................
  8. So we're down to 4. If I got to pick a team I would like to win then I'll favour the Isles. But Tampa v Vegas final appears to be the realsitic SCF.
  9. But are you selling high? I would argue not.
  10. So Kirk Muller in as Associate coach and Cail Maclean prmoted to the big club. Edwards and Gelinas moving to player development roles. confirmation
  11. Love the video with Mangeipane showing off his Medal and MVP award. Guy cannot stop smiling! Any thoughts that Managipane would make a good A or C on the Flames?
  12. Canadiens proving BT/Owners get inthe playoffs and anything can happen approach.....
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