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  1. It was a perfect year for that 2nd pick, I would have loved that too.
  2. Is Potato the new name? I think we should be more worried about G and D, a lot of teams have centers and proceed to be aweful teams. But yes we need C too. I will concede, if there is a statistical tie-breaker between Jarvis and Coronato, it's that Coronato was drafted 10 months older. But I wouldn't call this or anything else definitive, they both have incredibly high ceilings. I don't know that the goalie debate is over yet though. Wallstedt really dropped, Cossa didn't exactly rank out-rank either. At least one of those two I feel may be the highlight of this draft a few years from now. For a later discussion.
  3. Agreed, that is a really great question as they share a lot of qualities. Especially for a stats fiend like myself. It's likely too early to say what position they will end up in.
  4. A moment of silence for Xavier Gourgault, who's promising hockey career was cut short far too soon when the Oilers drafted him 22nd overall.
  5. He got it correct, not considering that he had a couple years to plan and adjust for it without losing a core player for nothing. So from a now perspective, did he get it right? 100%. From a planning perspective? Far from it
  6. I just don't get NHL contracts period lol. But I'm happy for him. He has the potential to make this look like a steal. Whether he does or doesn't fulfill that this is imho a learning for the Flames. I would hope
  7. I actually like Coronato, I think you're aware but just for clarity. I expect him to be the single positive of this draft actually. I liked him, and I thought our 7th round pick was good. How we got him, and what we could have had, is a different story. I will point out that those players who were easy to argue against, led to very heated debates even at that time, which is why I'm not going to compare them to Jack Beck, or Lucas Ciona for instance....players that the Flames knew were ultra low-ceiling that they drafted anyway. Now maybe one of them makes the NHL. Is that a success? IMHO not unless they are better than what's freely available on the market each year. Anyway... It wasn't the worst draft I've ever seen for the Flames, I will give you that.
  8. After a few days for things to settle in I'm going to make what I will Attempt to be me final and more level headed comments on what was a disappointing draft to me, and why. I have no issues with Terry and his assessment. What I have issues with, is when Terry says "this is not a skill guy", and the Flames are like "well we're only trusting players evaluated by Terry so let's take him" Which is literally what happened. I will also do my best to support said players as a fan, and I have no issues with them. I didn't dislike anyone they drafted, and that's good. They also didn't draft off the board, and that's good. But, they didn't draft BPA, not anywhere close and this will hurt them. It was clear from who they picked, that they did not have an entire list of the draft. Which imho, you need in 2021, because things Never go as planned. They drafted in a way that suggests they had a small short-list of players ranked roughly around each their picks. Which means they can never upgrade, because they don't have rankings above those picks. They can only downgrade, when enough players on their short list remain available. That would all be fine, if drafts went like the book. They don't. Multiple times, Highly talented players dropped below their rankings to the Flames. Every single time (except in the 7th round), the Flames passed on said players. Because they never ranked them, I believe. The 7th round is the Only round where they just went by national rankings and took the BPA. And Button said as much after the draft, that they only considered national rankings in the 7th round. Again I have no issues with these scouts, but I do have an issue that the Flames draft as if it were 1980 and elite NHL compatible hockey players could only be found from a few select locations in the world. Canada, Sweden, and...well, that's it outside of the first round. And preferably specific areas in Canada and Sweden. It's unfortunate because after the international experience of the Calgary Olympics the Flames were really ground breakers in taking players from other parts of the world. But it was an unfinished experiment that they abandoned. Anyway, in 2021 it is hurting them in a bad bad way and also how I see the world it's not very Canadian of us. We lost on some incredible talent because we did not have a network of scouts capable of reporting on them. And Button's comments confirm this, half they players they drafted they did so because one way or another they happened to see the player a couple times. Multiple teams (such as Tampa, and before them the Red Wings) have evolved past this kind of drafting. Teams that can't, are being hurt. I was happy with their 7th round pick, but the draft is by definition a gamble. When you pick safe players with low ceilings, you are the first to lose that gamble. This is not a consolation prize based sport. Goaltending is the most important position in the game, and at the draft we treat it like the least important. The results are evident in our goaltending on the Flames. Anyway, more of my thoughts on positional drafting below: I need to learn my manners like you lol. Start off with a compliment. End with a compliment. Facts...in the middle. lol. I'll need some practice but I'll get there. So, Goaltending is a part of this too. Defence is a part of it. RHS is a part of it. Let's just call it positional value. The Flames drafted almost entirely at the lowest positional value in hockey (LW). Yes, part of it is that there are more of them, but if you have your valuations adjusted appropriately, then there shouldn't be. The Flames have not adjusted appropriately. This is a contentious issue for me because I am a huge believer in BPA. Which means if you think a LW is even slightly more valuable than a RW or RHS D, technically, you take the LW. But, this ONLY works if you have some adjustment factor in there. A RW is always going to be ~25% more valuable than an equivalent LW. As an example. A RHSD, maybe 30%. A goalie, maybe 35%, but also maybe 20% more risk. The Flames aren't doing any of that. They came into this draft with box-like thinking and drafts aren't kind to box thinkers. They had no intentions of drafting a goalie until the 7th round. This is a really bad idea because drafting by position makes BPA impossible. And sure enough we missed out on Wallstedt and Cossa and others. Is it because we didn't like Wallstedt? I highly doubt it. My guess is we decided he wasn't available and never even interviewed him. Ok, so we're not the only team with this issue. I've come to terms with that. But that doesn't change my expectations for the Flames. I don't think they intended to draft LHS and LW as much as they did. IMHO that goes back to two issues: 1. Highly limited regional drafting, as discussed above 2. Incorrectly adjusted positional valuations Simply put, if you watched how the Flames drafted it would seem like LHS and LW was the most valuable in the game. This is a direct function of them drafting from an artificially limited sample size, and then not adjusting properly for positional values. Had they put the effort into ranking all the players, and sure maybe with a Very small reject list, then they would always have the ability to choose between very similarly skilled LHS and RHS players, D, etc. But we limited ourselves to the shallow end and we got the leftovers of that small pool.
  9. My only issue with Gaudreau being C is how he is (or isn't) in the playoffs. But then that may not matter for a while...
  10. Monahan is an interesting choice. 5 years ago we would have all automatically assumed Monahan. The potential is there, here's hoping his hip surgery is successful.
  11. Lol how can you hate Backlund. I do actually hate how he was developed. I absolutely do prefer this forum and find most of the others quite honestly full of drivel. Mostly negative drivel but the positive stuff is usually drivel too. When we rebuild, when we actually start drafting good prospects and planning for the future, I will defend them to the death. I've done it before and I'll do it again lol. Just at the rate we're going it could be death due to old age.
  12. Yeah they didn't go off the board. And, for the most part, I admit that is a good improvement. But we can't pretend it was BPA, or even remotely close to BPA, and I don't think they would claim that either. It was one of those drafts where crazy talent sometimes dropped quite far, and I don't think it was because of knowledge, more likely lack of knowledge that caused this. Some teams, like Minnesota and Winnipeg, capitalized on this. Other teams refused to take risks which were clearly good risks to take. He said "Trust in Terri" or similar a lot, btw....and there are entire leagues they just refuse to touch. Looking at the results of this draft, and Tod's comments, I don't believe they had all the players ranked. They had a small subset picklist, only of players that worked through their scouting process. You do that, and you fail. Unless you just happen to have scouts in the right city at the right time. They literally admitted to picking low skill guys strictly out of trust for one scout. They passed over guys with franchise-altering potential to adhere to that process. Changes are needed.
  13. It was the whiskey I am sorry. But to be fair, my negativity gets drowned out by the negativity on other flames forums. I was just genuinely disappointed today. But I'll move on.
  14. The consentual video, I would imagine. Legally he is not allowed to consent to a sex tape at the age of 17, and her agreeing to this with him is legally viewed as exploitative. No sex tapes for 17 year olds, basically, as I understand it. So yeah it's a fair point I hadn't really thought about.
  15. Sorry and thank you. Basically the picks that upset me the most (other than Wallstedt) were the many many times he mentioned "area scouts". Translation: We ignored central scouting and the general consensus among most professional scouts and picked players because we happened to have one of our scouts nearby and that was just a lot less work than actually having a read on most of the players in the draft. Because taking a guy twice as talented who had dropped from an upper round or hadn't been seen by "our guys" was far too risky. Some classic lines from the breakdown, the kind you would expect from a team relying on "area scouts": "skilled right winger" - Tod on Coronato. Who's going to break it to him? "he can skate in straight lines" "he's a guy that we were able to track early" "He's a kid." "Again, trust in Terry" 'what he's going to do is go to the net, create space for the skill guys" (who our competitors drafted)
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