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  1. Anyone else hate listening to the oilers broadcast?
  2. If you could get Hall cheap with an extension... and trade Gaudreau... are Hall and Gaudreau equal? Would be a shakeup of the core.
  3. I love Gio but he just doesn’t have it anymore
  4. I don't think this is the answer. As much as we had expectations and it sucks, I think they stay the course, play some of the young guys and use the rest of the season to prepare for next. This offseason with the expansion draft will provide tons of opportunities in the trade market. Making a trade midseason when they are desperate is just asking for trouble. I am not opposed to it, just don't want a redo of the Phanuef trade. Sutter can implement systems, evaluate talent and character and then this offseason is when changes can and will be made.
  5. You've mentioned this Monahan + Hanifin for Dubois many times before... Would you seriously be happy with that value? How much better is Dubois? This trade creates more problems then it fixes.
  6. This. I just don't see a team of guys who want to win. I see a couple guys who do, Lindholm, Mang, Tkatchuk, Lucic, Tanev, Markstrom, Rittich. As a team tho, they are content with a loss. The best players on any team in any sport I've played on are the guys who hate to lose. And the more they are losing the better they play. On this version of the Flames there are not enough guys who hate to lose. Play the game like you hate to lose and if you're being beaten... you'd better make the other team wish they hadn't won.
  7. I think what irritates me the most is it looks like they don’t care their losing. I would expect the third to be gritty, mean and a fight. This team doesn’t hate to lose.
  8. Maybe this will finally be the wake up call. As it sits the Flames have been outplayed for 4 games by the Canucks.... arguably the 2nd weakest team in the division.
  9. How do we know Monahan + Hanifin was not enough?
  10. Buffalo looks bad again. 0 shots in the third period yesterday. Sitting last in their division. Remember because of the shortened season we are now a quarter of the way through, so I wouldn't say "its still early", so how long before they start to sell? I think we have the assets. Eichel For Monahan, Ryan, 2022 1st, 2nd 2023, (Pettersen, Ruzicka, Philips, Zav) For obvious reasons. We would have IMO the best center depth in the North. Gaudreau Eichel Bennett Tkatchuk Lindholm Mang Lucic Backlund Dube OR Olofsson For Bennett, 3rd 2023, (Pettersen, Ruzicka, Philips, Zav) Get that RW for Monahan and Gaudreau. Gaudreau Monahan Olofsson Tkatchuk Lindholm Mang Lucic Backlund Dube Just fun to see. Does this make the team better.... I donno.
  11. Unbelievable... its 5 on 5 with an empty net holy smoke. I hate this game plan. Absolutely hate it.
  12. Yup absolutely brutal. I’d like to know what exactly they are trying to accomplish.
  13. You’d hope after 8 periods of hockey where Van is sending in two forecheckers the coach could make an adjustment to the breakouts.... its been slow to adjust.
  14. I wonder how close a Bennett for Patrick swap is?
  15. It’s true, but at least make it hard. I don’t like passive hockey. If you’re losing fine, but finish your checks, forecheck hard and at least clear the zone with some authority.
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